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March 2010 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Mar 02, 2010
She was married and i had played with them as a couple before. He was away with work and she called asking me to meet her. I met her at the shops and jumped into her car. we headed about 5km's out of town and stopped on the side of the road. we were already all over each other by this point and only just managed to negotiate our way through a barbed wire fence and into the shade of a tree before both of our clothes were strewn on the grass. She lay down on top of our crumpled clothes and i spread her legs and ran my tongue up the inside of her thigh. she moaned as my tongue brushed against her and it wasn't long before she had pulled me on top of her and had slid my manhood deep inside her. It wasn't until we... read more
"she moaned as my tongue brushed against her and it wasn't long before she had pulled me on top"
Posted: Mar 05, 2010
I’d been out with her a few times. We had already had sex on numerous occasions, her body soft against mine, her D cups providing more than a mouthful and her pussy sucking the juices from within me. Her kisses passionate, her smell divine, feeling her all over and hearing her pleasurable moans.
It was a really hot summer day so we decided to go swimming down at the river. She looked so hot in her bikini, her long slick wet hair clinging to her back, nipples erect straining at the fabric of her top driving me wild. I pulled her close and kissed her. She pulled away, “My mother is here”
Her mother, a 40 year old beauty therapist swimming close by in her bikini inhibiting my cock which was straining for attention.
I couldn’t wait and pulled my girlfriend close, I kissed her again and I sat on a rock just... read more
"We had already had sex on numerous occasions, her body soft against mine"
Posted: Mar 06, 2010
I'd been chatting to this girl on RHP for a while, when we decided to meet at the starbucks near the beach I live at. She was keen on a younger lover - Im 7yrs younger than her.

It was a hot day and she turns up in this cute little sundress that drops down over her gorgeous plump breasts. After chatting for a while, we decided to go for a walk as we both like beaches!! As we get to the beach it starts raining, but we decide to carry on. Quickly her dress is wet and hugging her breasts and I can see her nipples getting hard and my shorts are hugging my hardon. We decide to head down to a cove nearby to keep out of the rain.

As soon we get down to the cove, I turn around and kiss her. she... read more
"Quickly her dress is wet and hugging her breasts and I can see her nipples "
Posted: Mar 08, 2010
We had just finnished our last cricket game of the season, and were having some after game drinks at the local pub, after an hour or so an english backpacker named Jules walked over to our group of half a dozen guys and started chatting. After about ten minutes of her chatting and edging closer into me, she leant in close and whispered in my ear "I really want you to fuck me tonight".
I looked at her a little strangely, thinking "she can't have really just said that" but she leaned in again and said "I'm serious, do you want to get out of here?" i said sure but needed to go to the toilet on the way out so i would meet her out the front.
My place was a good 20min taxi ride away, and our cricket club was just around the corner, so i led her there, and... read more
"she instantly dropped to her knees, and in a flash had my pants down"
Overall Winner
Posted: Mar 15, 2010
I met a really sexy older woman on RHP and after chatting online for a week or so we agreed to meet. I needed to deliver a packaGe into the city with my work so agreed to meet her for a coffee.
While sipping on my coffee and chatting her hand crept onto my lap stroking my crotch until the bulge in my trousers was very noticable, she smiled at me licking her shiny red lips. "Fancy a drive she said". Well i needed no further invitation.

We drove off and parked in the car park of a footie oval, she began to kiss me deeply but i held the back of her head and pushed it towards my throbbing cock, she unzipped me and popped out my cock, she worked her tongue up and down my shaft getting it all wet and shiny, and then OH MY GOD she sank... read more
"OH MY GOD she sank all the way down on it, wow a deep throater"
Posted: Mar 15, 2010
A few years ago my friend and I were both getting a bit friendly with a bartender at one of our local haunts. It had it's perks, we'd get free drinks and he'd get the attention of two girls throughout his shift.

One night under the influence of a few two many my friend and I were seductively ordering the most dirty drinks we could think of, Slow Screws, Quick Fucks and so on. Realising we were already a bit tipsy, he had the audacity to refuse us service, but offered us a lift home at the end of his shift.

We both continued to dance the night away, until our bartender collected us and drove us home. After half an hour or so of driving we arrived at our destination, which was neither of our houses, but to our surprise, the local rockpool I used to go to as a kid.

We... read more
"We followed him down to the rockpool where he stripped down along the way"
Posted: Mar 15, 2010
Feeling bold, I swam closer to our bartender and brushed my hands up against his arse, then moving around the front to his cock. I then wrapped myself around his front and let my increasingly aroused pussy rub firmly against his hardening cock. To my surprise, my friend came up behind him, and started sensually kissing his neck. As I made eye contact with her, my pussy began to ache. I reached around to her huge, sensual breasts sitting above the water and ran my hands over them, squeezing her nipples between my fingers. As I was doing so, our bartender was sucking sensually on my nipples. As soon as I knew it, we were all hands, tongues and legs wrapping around each other, all moaning in pleasure.

We began to move closer and closer towards the shore, until eventually we were in shallow waters. We dragged ourselves onto the sand... read more
"I lay my gorgeous friend on her back, licking and sucking on her salty nipples"
Posted: Mar 16, 2010
I'd been seeing this guy for a couple of months when we went to the beach one day. It was hot so there was quite a few people in the water and sunbathing on the shore. A couple were topless so me and my fella got a few ideas. We flirted a little on the sand while taking our clothes off. Underneath I had on a black bikini and he had some nice loose boardies.

We ran into the water and played for a while all the time teasing and flirting till finally I grabbed him my the shorts and straddled him, all the while kissing him till we were both hot and heavy. He pulled down his shorts and moved aside my bikini bottoms and slammed himself deep into me making me come then and there. Like I said there were alot of people around but that just made me... read more
"He pulled down his shorts and moved aside my bikini bottoms and slammed himself deep into me"
Posted: Mar 17, 2010
well i get very turned on by truck drivers and they do by me i am sure as i lift my skirt higher as i drive by them and reveal no knickers to them.......
One early morning at about 2am on the way home from a frustrating play date... i was listening to sexy music and was feeling frisky....
A bread delivery truck was driving on the road a head of me i zoomed past him and then decided to slow up and have a little tease... dropping back to his mirror spot turning on my interior light so he could see me take off my top and lift my skirt for him to see all...
The chase was on but.....much to my dispair he turned off argggghhh i was driving slowly 60 km on a 110 zone hoping he would rejoin the freeway and yeah he did joy oh joy... he... read more
""can i give you a blow job" i said, " i am feeling very horney""
Posted: Mar 18, 2010
last friday was a gangbang in charlotte st cbd......was shit scared when i walked into a hotel room full of nakid men (what am i doing her i thought).....anyway a lass i meet at couples international could see the colour draining from my face and she grabbed my hand a cruiser and took me to the balcony for fresh air............

a few followed and just started chatting (they were still nakid tho) lol
me scared ha well i was very unsure how this could go.... shaking and packin it lol
by the 3rd cruiser in a row i was a bit more comfortable and went in to look at things happening in bed room1...
while i was watching i felt many hands on hair bum under skirt in pussi on breast and that was it on for 1 and all...... i lay on the matteress set up on the floor and let my self... read more
"i had one in each hand 1 in my mouth, one under my foot being rubbed"

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