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This month it's all about the elusive and coveted cougars! Have you been taken by one? Are you one yourself, taking your prey and teaching them the carnal ways of the world? Whichever side of Cougar Town you live on, we want to hear about your sexiest adventures! Don't forget, the hottest Sex Secrets will take home the cash award, so make it sizzle!

August 2013 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Aug 01, 2013
I met this beautiful woman when out for a mates 22nd bday, I had eyes for her but thought she was out of my league due to beauty and her being obviously older. Somehow I managed to strike up a conversation with her which led to her sharing her number with me, as I have an older brother I thought perhaps I could do a good deed for them both. After nearly a week of texting I managed to work my way into her schedule so I could discuss perhaps introducing her to my brother, it turned out our meet up was set to occur after a festival in the city, which she'd gone to with another friend and also taken some pills. She told me she was in no condition to drive and asked if we could leave my ute in the car park and for me to drive... read more
"before I knew it she had my clothes off and she was on top riding me"
Posted: Aug 02, 2013
It all started when I had finished a group tour of the top end and had a few days to myself. I decided to enjoy the nightlife when I was at a bar minding my own business when suddenly I caught the eye of a woman called Karen. Karen approached me and started small talk when her friend Suzie also join us. I started by buying a drink for each of them, when Karen noticed my hard on as she brushed pass me. Karen smiled and winked at Suzie, then whispered in my ear whether or not I would like both of them at the same time. I nervously said yes and proceded to my hotel room. When we got to my room we endulged in a three way kiss before Suzie started making out with Karen in front of me. Both of them told me to strip off my... read more
"Both of them told me to strip off my clothes and did so with out hesitation..."
The private swingers party was in full swing. Some 30 people spread around the 3 bedroom California bungalow in the eastern suburbs. My Husband loves to watch me; especially with girls or being passionate with a male, he or I fancied at such parties.
He had his eye on and indicated a likely candidate. A good looking man in his early 40’s.
Gym fit and already catching the eye of two young single girls in their 30’s.
I knew that I had to catch his attention. So I started to slowly dance to the soft music; playing as background music in the lounge. My sexy Filipino body was of course naturally tanned, my skin was silky soft, my nipples have dark black circles to highlight them.
Black gold my husband calls my body; that he enjoys so much.
I locked my eyes with my choice, smiling and seductively licking my lips. Letting my tongue... read more
"Slowly with trembling hands he ran them up the inside of my legs"
Posted: Aug 03, 2013
My story actually starts with a flirt and a few messages on here to an absolutely stunning cougar. After quite a bit of texting, we eventually managed to organise a day time meet up to see if we clicked. Turns out we really did click, we were meant to meet up for coffee, once I got to our pre arranged meeting spot I anxiously waited for around 5 minutes, I then got this light nibble on my ear and a whisper in my ear telling me to follow her up to her car which was parked in a secluded area at the local shopping centre. Once i turned around and saw those amazing c cup breasts popping out of her skin tight VERY short dress, I couldnt say no. Once at the car she told me to sit in the backseat, which I obliged, before I knew it,... read more
"I then got this light nibble on my ear and a whisper in my ear telling me to follow her"
Posted: Aug 21, 2013
A few years ago i was early 20s dating a 19yr old redheaded chick i met in the city.One afternoon i went to a bbq at her uncles house and when we arrived we found out he had a new girlfriend.He was loaded and an IT guy yet she was a piece of work.After seeing her make eyes at me a few times over the table i was frothing for it but i am not a cheater nor did i think i would get a chance.Fast forward about half an hour and my girl and her uncle are driving to the bottle shop to grab some wine and she makes her move.She had a fresh set of fake boobs and decided she wanted an opinion.When she asked me if i thought they were overdone she could tell i was nervous and it seemed to fuel her so she walked over... read more
"I got instantly hard and she told me she was flattered"
Posted: Aug 27, 2013
After the meal I suggest we go for a drink. The hotel is quiet as we enter and take a couple of seats in the corner. Sitting close I can feel your breath on my cheek as we chat and laugh. The electricity is highly charged. We chat, look and touch each other innocently.

From nowhere your hand touches the front of my trouser and you whisper ‘I want to suck and fuck you soon’. We finish our drinks quickly I take your hand and we head out the door.

I look at you again, not for the first time this evening realising how sexy you look, dressed in a black figure hugging dress. The stirring in my groin tells me all I need to know, I need you soon. Hurrying across the road, you ask ‘where are we going?’

That question is soon answered as I pull you in through the... read more
"I very gently kiss you and you responded passionately, our tongues explore each other"
Overall Winner
Posted: Aug 27, 2013
A few years ago I worked as a travelling snake handler entertaining at various events and functions, such as birthday parties. It was at one party that I met the most intense sexual partner I could ever want. A stunning woman with short blonde hair, she was absolutely, smoking hot. After the show we chatted as she walked me to my car, and having established I was single she gave me her number.
When we met up, she was even more gorgeous than I'd remembered. With a healthy slim figure, the thing I noticed most was how great she looked in skin tight jeans (typical teenage male thinking). After a few drinks and no dinner, we were both feeling quite tipsy and for some reason she suggested we visit a strip club!
After a couple of lap dances, she leaned in close to my ear and whispered "I shouldn't tell you this,... read more
""I shouldn't tell you this, but I'm getting really horny.""

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