Here's To You, Mrs Robinson

This month we're celebrating the experience of the older lover! If you've been bedded by a silver-fox or a cougar, tell us all about it. Did their skill and passion come to the fore? Were you out of your league? What sexy new skills did they teach you? Remember, the best award takes home the cash so don't leave anything out!

September 2020 Submitted Sex Secrets

Overall Winner
Posted: Sep 06, 2020
We met online. She was older and liked to be dominated. We arranged to meet at a prominent Perth hotel, eager to satisfy our lusts. She came out from the bathroom, and got to her knees, knowing her place. She liked it rough, I obliged, tears running down her cheeks from her eyes watering as she willingly gagged on my cock. My first load emptied deep in her throat, and disappeared as she swallowed like a good girl.

She grabbed her restraints, and put her hands behind her back, allowing me to restrain them. Her ass was big and bountiful, and turned nice and red as my big hands repeatedly smacked her as she bent over the bed eagerly awaiting this. My cock rose again, and entered her pre-lubed ass, an agreement we made before we met. She groaned in approval, commenting that she was glad I took her ass... read more
"It was a nice tight fit, and soon she begged me for more, and I obliged..."

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