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This month we're all about hook-ups with the same sex! Whether you were experimenting, or you got to play with someone (or someones) who were experimenting, or if playing both sides of the field is just your thing, we want to hear about it. The carnal couplings, the thrilling threesomes, however it went down, we want to read your sex secret! And as always, the best entry takes home the cash, so make it sizzle!

September 2015 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Sep 06, 2015
A number of years ago I was traveling around Thailand on my own.... A friend of mine was teaching in Bangkok at the time...I went to go and stay with her for a few days, and one of our other friends had come over from London also. We went out for drinks and dinner...Came back to my friends tiny flat, with only one queen bed and a single arm chair.... We decided that we had no choice but to all share a bed together.. I ended up falling asleep, only to wake up to the sounds of kissing and sucking, and very gentle sighs and moans! I listened for a moment, getting so totally turned on!! I rolled over and gently started caressing the friend closest to me.... What ensued was the hottest threesome I had ever had in my life, beautiful tits and pussies everywhere! My fingers... read more
"What ensued was the hottest threesome I had ever had in my life"
Posted: Sep 08, 2015
Well success at last :). After plenty of email to and fro, lots of yes, no, maybe, and more yes, no maybe, I managed to connect with a genuine couple for one very hot afternoon... The scene set.... Some email exchanges the obligatory PG viewing, one call and a couple of sms' and we rendezvoused in downtown Melbourne. Them late 30s married, me solo but with my man fwb in tow, me late 40s him a well maintained early 50s. Drinks and chat for an hour or two and then back to my city apartment hotel. We girls adjourned behind closed doors for a short time, some kissing and fondling and changing into our lingerie. The original plan, a little FF to get warmed up before inviting the boys in to watch.... that plan moved along very quickly and before long all 4 of us were on the bed... The... read more
"so much kissing and touching and groping it was uber hot"
Posted: Sep 12, 2015
Hubby has always liked the idea of seeing me with another woman and it's always been something I wanted to try, but we never knew how to approach anyone about it. Then one day when going through profiles on here, we happened to recognise a former co-worker of mine who I was still in touch with and she was also interested in being with a woman. After a few discussions we arranged for her to come over one night and see how things would go. It got off to a nervous start, with a lot of giggling and light touches, but then she just went for it and gave me a very passionate kiss. That instantly got me over my nervousness. As we kissed we slowly undressed each other. Once we were naked, she started to softly suck and nibble on me nipples while her hand made it's way down... read more
"She teased me by slowly running the tip of her finger slowly through my pussy lips"
Posted: Sep 14, 2015
It all started when a new employee started at my workplace and her name was Helle and she was from Denmark. After a few weeks of flirting via email and when she visited the warehouse that I my office in she suggested that I come to her place for a meal. When I arrived there was another couple there (Rob and Kym) I knew Kym from work as she worked for our co-tenants. Like Helle, Kym was MILF and I always desired her. During dinner sex came up as a topic and I was invited by Rob and Helle's husband Claus to fuck their wives as they watched them being fucked by another guy. By this time I was rock hard and ready to go. I let Helle and Kym undress me as their husbands undressed each other. Seeing two supposedly straight guys make out was extemely arousing.... read more
"By this time I was rock hard and ready to go."
Posted: Sep 16, 2015
I had been seeing (we called it serving) Miss Susan and Steve for a while. I'd met them online and quickly become a favourite of theirs. So much so that I would regularly be invited to stay the night, or attend their regular parties. One night over a bottle of red, I found the courage to ask them something i'd been holding off on for fear of offending. Would Steve enjoy a night alone with me?

To my immense relief, Susan's eyes lit up and she instantly blurted how hot that would be! The following weekend it happened. The build up and anticipation was immense. As it had been discussed at length through the week, i knew what to expect. I knocked on the door and turned around, to face away from the door. The door opened and i felt a familiar leather blindfold placed over my head. Steve's hand grabbed... read more
"I remember the moment he entered me. I remember the kiss as he was pumping me."
Posted: Sep 18, 2015
It wasn't long after my new housmate moved in that I was in lust for her. Dreams shattered when I met her bf. Or so I thought.
I was often awoken by their late night rumbles and tumbles in the next room.
One night, I was on my way to bed when I heard their ever familiar moans and groansr. I noticed that their door was ajar. I couldn't help taking a quick glance.
He was on his back with his boner cooling in the air, and she had her thighs either side of his face as he lapped at her with gusto. I had a perfect view of her gorgeous form. As she gently rocked on his face - her eyes closed and biting her lip - I could also see his swaying member behind her.
It's no surprise that I was instantly aroused. As mesmerising as she was, I was equally hypnotised... read more
"She moved down his body so I could fill her with my member. "
Overall Winner
Posted: Sep 25, 2015
A night out with the hubby, drinks at pub after pub ended on a whim at a nightclub specifically for 25+ patrons. Having a great time on the dance floor I caught the eye of an older lady, dancing away on her own. I decided to join her, coz I love to dance!! Some bumping & grinding on the dance floor encouraged my husband to join us. A lot of touchy feely dancing, buying of drinks, got us talking with her & her hubby (both fit as! In their early 50's, us in our mid 30's) all 4 of us horny as got us invited back to their hotel room! A steamy taxi ride had me wet as! As soon as we walked into the room, my hubby stripped both us women naked and straight away we were kissing & fondling. She brought out her vibrator and made me... read more
"A steamy taxi ride had me wet as! As soon as we walked into the room, my hubby stripped us"

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