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This month it's time to relive the sauciest of saucys: the home made porno. We've all done it, after a few drinks or just a discussion and some careful planning, the camcorders come out and redhot history has been made. So tell it how it went down for you, what was the setting? How was the performance, did you get it down in one take or were there some ‘do-overs? Whatever your story, write in and you'll be in the running to win the monthly Sex Secrets cash award!

October 2010 Submitted Sex Secrets

Part 1

It all started innocently enough.....who am I kidding......the kids were away and my mind went into kink overdrive.
We started the night off with a few drinks and a game of pool or two, which quickly dissolved into a game of strip pool.
After 5 or 6 games, Mrs Rough was left wearing only a very sheer see through white nighty, that left nothing to the imagination, and I was reduced to a pair of jeans
With a few drinks under her belt, as well as a few good wins Mrs Rough was decidedly more brazen than usual.
"OK, lets get serious. If you win the next game, what do you want"?
"OK, if I win the next game, I want to use you as my own little porn slut for the night? What do you want if you should happen to win"!
"I don't know, same thing. I want to be your porn... read more
" I want to be your porn slut for the night!"
I lay down next to her, and started kissing her lips, while massaging her beautiful full breasts with my hands.
Mrs Rough began moaning softly, as I trailed my tongue down her neck, and cupping both breasts together, began licking the nipples. This was guaranteed to get her going.
"Jeeze, I wish we could have some guys watching you on cam, the thought of them pulling their cocks, while watching you become the slutty little porn star I know you to be is such a turn on!"
"OH yeah, do it! I want you to treat me like your slut."
I was shocked. Did I hear right?
"What do you want me to do? I'll do it!"
"What turn the cam on?"
"Yeah, as long as my face isn't on it! Do you want to?"
At this stage all my Christmases had come at once, but I knew I had to tread carefully.
"Yeah I want to, but I... read more
" I trailed my tongue down her neck, and cupping both breasts together, began licking the nipples"
Posted: Oct 28, 2010
I went into town for lunch and to get my boyfriend some new clothes.

While in a department store, a young girl who worked in the shop came up and helped us. She was very attentive and kept popping back to my boyfriend’s changing cubicle to make sure he had the right size. In fact she was so attentive, that we decided to put on a little show for her.

She kept peeping through the crack in the curtain of the cubicle. When we knew she was coming back, he took out his smartphone and put it in video camera and started recordin me.
I dropped to my knees, got his cock out and gave him a long, slow blow-job. I could see her there, watching us and it was a very horny experience.
He turned so that when filming me we could also see her face peeping through the... read more
"I could see her there, watching us and it was a very horny experience."

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