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This month we want all the couple's stories! We want to hear all about your endeavours as a couple, maybe you picked up a third party to join you, or perhaps you hit the swinging circuit for a ruddy good time?!? Whatever the tale, we want to hear it, the saucier the better. Don't forget, the hottest Sex Secret wins a cash award each and every month, so don't hold back.

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April 2010 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Apr 04, 2010
My hubby (B) had been bugging me to have a threesome so one day, three days before my 32nd birthday I agreed if he could find a suitable guy in time for my big day. And he did!

I had always fantasised being with another guy by the time I’m 30. But alas, have only tasted B all my life.

We met this tall, young (26yo) guy and handsome guy on RHP. Had drinks, dinner, and more drinks. During the course of our drinking I found really getting attracted to P and could feel myself getting hot and wet. I told B that I wanted P…bad. Hubby left us and went to the hotel across the road.

In the room, both B and P started undressing. I was horny but am still nervous about the whole thing. I would have run out if B wasn’t... read more
"I could hardly fit it in my mouth but it tasted so good"
Posted: Apr 04, 2010
My moans of pleasure triggered a chain reaction, B came in my mouth and P came inside me. P kissed me and we swapped B’s cum in our mouth a few times before B joined in our three-way kiss.

I asked B to lick me clean. He did. I could feel him sucking out P’s cum off my now stretched puss. It felt so good, especially thinking that my hubby is now eating another guy’s come…and loving it. While he was doing this, P offered his cock for me to clean. I could taste his juice and mine while I licked and sucked his monster. It was so good.

We rested a bit after, had few more drinks and then I went to the toilet to clean up. While there I could hear moaning and thought that the guys were teasing me. But when... read more
"I could taste his juice and mine while I licked and sucked his monster"
Posted: Apr 17, 2010
The kids were all gone and my Hoochie and I had the weekend alone. I was horny as hell and he wanted to give me some wicked sex. In the room and was talking on the phone to someone. When he came out he said to me “There is someone coming over to visit you in about ½ hour and you have to get into the bedroom.” He wouldn’t tell me who it was. I was a little nervous so I went and had a shower then went into the room. I‘d just gotten dressed when he came in and said, “Get your clothes off and get on the bed.” By now I was getting more nervous but also very horny. He then put a blindfold on me. He went out and I started to play with my wet throbbing pussy and I... read more
"Within minutes I cum on his tongue at least 3 or 4 times"
Overall Winner
Posted: Apr 27, 2010
I have been racking my brain for weeks trying to think of the perfect Valentines Day gift for my man Dave. It’s been a tough year & our relationship suffered. On a girls night out we started telling each other our fantasies. My friends told of their wild desires. 1 friend said she lived out her husbands fantasy of a 3some. I was shocked!

The more I listened, the more turned on I got. 1 said it helped their sex life & brought them closer. This must be the gift for Dave. After thinking, Karen would be the 1 I could trust to share this with. Weve been friends for yrs. I call her, tell her my idea. She was shocked first then after a few mins laughs & says shes in.
At 8pm Karen shows up in a very tight dress that looked hot! We make up a story about her... read more
"I feel her body tighten as she lets her sweet cum go in my mouth"
Posted: Apr 30, 2010
I had already passed my first initiation, hours off pain,humiliation n degradation!My 2 new mistresses were energetic 2 say the least ,2 administrating total domination over me and not allowing anything 2 prevent that?If you think 101 whips of your ass or hot wax on your testicles,or even continuas twisting of your nipples sounds like fun then your mistaken!A cold dark dungeoun sounds great till you are crawling on all fours with a sheath over your head and licking boots and getting kicked in the balls if and when your not totally following every command 2 the letter!but i digress.As i said that was my 1st introduction !I passed?So last night i was summoned .I meet my 2 gorgeous young{27> ,lesbian madames in a surry hills hotel.They were all over each other as usual in a dark corner,i didnt even see them,asking the barmaid if 2... read more
"mistress v grabs my balls roughly n purposefully and twists and turns"

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