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This month we're punching above our weight! We want to hear about the hottest talent you've ever bagged, we want the stories about bedding partners that are way out of our leagues! Whether if was the booze or your incredible charm, we want to know what happened and how you did it! As always there'll be some sweet, sweet cash for the winner so get writing.

March 2011 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Mar 01, 2011
I did a tour of NZ a few years and I had never had a female our group leader at all until this one.She (B) was the hottest woman that i had seen in years and as soon as i saw her i wanted to fuck her. She was blonde, trim and was perfect in every way. All the single guys on trip wanted to fuck her. She would wear a tight top so her cup size D would stick out and she would wear either tight pants or shorts so her G-String could be seen. On my last day of the trip (which was halfway through the whole 2 week trip) I found out that she was having the day off as they were staying in Wellington for 2 days. So after dinner we all went back to our hotel and got off on different floors. Ironically B was... read more
"I couldn't believe that I was about to penetrate her closely shaved pussy"
Posted: Mar 11, 2011
well i was talking to this girl off rhp nd she seemed into me and gave me her number and address, we came to meet within a few days. i think I got there too early, but she was good enough to give me a few scotch and colas... lol so eventually she put on some porn. Soon there was a wonderful european lesbian scene... very passionate and we were getting it on... she was amazing barely 2 minutes after staring to lick her 39 yo, gorgeous milf pussy she was squirting delicious cum in my mouth... and with more licks it kept coming !! i soon was hard as a rock and fucked her with my fat 8 incher.. she came multiple times and squirted so much there was a huge yummy cum puddle!i have neva seen a girllike that she squirts likea waterfall amazing xoxo !!!... read more
"2 minutes after staring to lick her 39 yo, gorgeous milf pussy she was squirting"
Posted: Mar 17, 2011
Walking down to alexandra bay nudist beach noosa on a cloudy day, wasnt excepting antone to be down there, and I was right, thought shit, long walk down for nothing, so I sat there for a bit and noticed a couple walk down, I watched them walk up the end of the beach and back, not alot happening, and then they gave me a wave and left, thought bugger this Im out of here, as I started walking up the track I noticed them at the top of the hill, as I walked up I said g'day, they said hi, was bout to keep walking when the guy of the couple said 'pretty quiet day today, oh and by the way, would you be interested in fucking my wife', my eye balls just about popped out as well as my cock, she was 32yrs about 5.5 fake tits and mucsley... read more
"we were both in her mouth at the same time and she was greedy wanting more"
I met this absolute stunner at my mates house on Xmas Day when I was in Qld on holidays.
We ended up in bed that night (most likely because of the booze and I was the only single guy there), but to my surprise and it turns out later to her's I turned her down. No-one believed that I said "No" to this stunner but she confirmed it to my mate later. When my mate asked me why I said I my plan was to nail her before I left to go back to WA for work. I invited her out to dinner and she agreed and after she invited me to her place for a drink when I dropped her off. I told her I couldn't because I had plans early the next morning and so we agreed to meet up at a mutual friend's birthday party 2 days... read more
"The sex was amazing, her pussy tasted so good..."
Posted: Mar 29, 2011
Bagged them both, not at the same time though. Wish i had. One black hair, the other blonde and both ball-breaking beauties. They were different in bed too. Black haired loved to suck cock really slowly, forever, until i blew in her mouth. Never knew i could blow so much. Blondie was a firecracker. I would mount her and she would go off in about 30 seconds. It was like stress relief for her. After she came she would crawl all over me and luvved licking my arse. She luvvd fucking in public too. Best time was in a disabled toilet in a shopping centre. When we finished and walked out there was an old lady in a walking frame and hubby waiting to go in. We laughed, but they kept the sourpuss faces on. Maybe it was all the noise we made. I have used... read more
"I would mount her and she would go off in about 30 seconds..."

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