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May 2008 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: May 06, 2008
It was new years 2004, we were at my cousins house drinking and messing around, doing the things we were dreaming of with no adult supervision, I proceeded to walk over to my boyfriend and slowly nuzzled on his neck and hispered in his ear "take me somewhere..." He could not get out of the chair quick enough took me by the hand and led me out into the back yard, he gripped my ass and lifted me onto the trampoline kissing me so passionately I wondered what I had gotten myself into, he proceeded to undress me with everyone not even 10 metres away on the balcony, he unzipped his pants and thrusted his nice hard cock into my throbbing wet pussy, the whole time he kept telling me to keep it down and not scream which gave him the control he wanted. It was the most incredible sex... read more
Posted: May 06, 2008
On a very recent holiday to Thailand my husband and I decided to go on a cruise where we met the most amazing couple whom lucky for us were staying at the same resort, So once we got back had a few drinks by the pool and things started to get a bit heated, while the boys laid back and relaxed us girls decided to get to know each other by what we thought was decreet kissing and touching in one corner of the pool when we were approched by one of the staff asking us to leave, so we did...... back to thier room as soon as we all got through that door all clothes were off before i new it she was going down on me and i was giving her sexy hubby a BJ while she was getting Fucked from behind by mine. we caught... read more
Posted: May 07, 2008
My girlfriend and I were in Bali a couple of years ago. One day we met a fun couple around the resort pool and enjoyed chatting and swimming with them and we decided that we would all go out into Kuta for dinner and some drinks that night. We went out to a restuarant and then on to a bar and after partying, drinking and dancing hard we went back to the resort pool for a 1am skinny dip. Even though the girls were felling very merry from drinking lots they were still a bit shy and went into the pool wearing their bra and knickers, but it wasn't long before us guys had them off under the water. After our swim together we invited the other couple back to our room for more drinks. As the other girl said she was sleepy and wanted to go to bed, only... read more
Posted: May 14, 2008
It was a couple of weeks after I'd turned eighteen, I'd gone out with my friend Amanda for some drinks and dancing. When we were in the club, I saw a group of three American guys standing near the bar. Poor dears were clearly aching to get on to the dance floor and grab some Aussie ass, but were terrified to try at the same time. Having had a few drinks, I walked over to the group, and introduced myself and Amanda. Soon enough my hands were 'accidentally' brushing their thighs and crotches as I talked. Amanda was getting in to the spirit too, 'accidentally' spilling a small amount of water down her top, making her top cling to her hard nipples. Eventually, we couldn't take it any more, and one of the guys suggested we walk back to the hotel where they were... read more
Posted: May 14, 2008
I was staying in a backpacker’s in Brisbane, having some girly time alone and seeing a few shows. I would sit around and have a few drinks with the other people there and noticed one particular hot pom, Ross, who I really clicked with.
In the early hours, Ross and I left the party and walked back to the hostel, on the pretence that I had to get an early night for my flight the next day and he didn’t want me to walk alone through the back streets of Brisbane.
We were approaching the door and I reached out to put in the code when suddenly he cornered me, spun me around and started kissing me. This was full on ‘I want to get in your pants’ snogging, and sent chills down my spine from the shock of it. We were there for I don’t know how long when a taxi... read more
Posted: May 15, 2008
Iv`e recently been chatting with this Gorgess Buxum Lady online here, and after staring at here Profile a Dozen or more times i am drawn to her Sexy Body and Lushess Breasts and with a Cheeky Smile i just had to find out more about this Vixen.We have caught up a few times so far(online) and she`s quite particular and fussy on her choice of Playmates and with a Partner who she adores they place very wise boundries if either are tempted to a little casual fling so i was very flattered to tick most of her boxes and have enjoyed many steamy convos with photos together with me ending up having to masturbate many times thinking of her and me together.
After a few weeks iv`e become a little more braisen and flirt with her the idea of a Sexual Encounter,just her and me exploring each other for... read more
Posted: May 15, 2008
Ahh the forbidden fruit,have my outragous moments and the best by far would have to be sex txtin with married man,to walk past his shop near everyday was torment,if his hands were his eyes Id be in trouble. I continued to pass by until he and I both couldnt handle it anymore,invited me to his shop for an early morning romp out the back,nervous as hell I turned up and let myself through the shop,nice black mini on and a g to slip to the side,dropped his pants and couldnt resist but to drop to my knees for a bit til I just wanted cock,got up and lent over the bench and lifted my skirt and pulled my g to the side,his hands all over me and playin with my wet pussy til I slid his cock inside me and fuck me like hes never fucked before,left the shop with... read more
Posted: May 16, 2008
bali bonkers, 1.
we know this is meant to be only 300o words but it just doesnt fit so there are two parts
It had all been a rush, we had got to the mid part of July and realised we had a week off at the same time coming up and immediately jumped online & booked a cheap package to Bali, 7 days of warmth and fun.
Normally your fairly reserved around others but you had told me this time you were going to “go with the flow and let it all happen”.
After ducking out to buy drinks we were enjoying the pool & immediately met two couples from England in the mid to late 20’s & got chatting. They asked us if we had any plans for the next day and asked if we might like to join them & another couple from the hotel for a days sailing as... read more
Posted: May 16, 2008
bali bonkers 2
the rest of the evening but not the rest of the story.

We threw you on the bed & proceeded to kiss every part of you with your groan rate rising all the time. You had Jims cock in your hand & gasped at how thick it was but asked him if you could suck it for him. He was pretty keen on that too so he stuffed it in your mouth as I ran my tongue up Nina’s crack and arse tasting her wet puss. Your mouth was stuffed with cock but you really wanted it in your puss so you rolled Jim over and proceeded to lower yourself onto his erection. Nina was rubbing her clit, and urging Jim to fuck you harder as I slid my cock into her from behind. You had started to orgasm immediately and I could see your pussy creaming and wetness... read more
Posted: May 19, 2008
The night had arived that we were meeting a couple from rhp for the first time. There car pulled up, and we walked out to greet them. She looked so beautiful and her husband was very hot.
We all sat down with drinks and started chatting about every day things.
The guys were talking about cars and all the guy things, so i said to Sharon (name changed) lets hop into the spa, With a smile she jumped up and followed me to the bed rooms to put our swimmers on. Sharon looked very nice in her two piece swim suit, her DD boobs sat above the water line giving me a very good view and were crying out to me to massage them. Trying to concentrate on what she was saying, all i could think about was getting her out of her swim suit and devour this beautiful body in front... read more
Posted: May 27, 2008
One cold June, back in 2003, i was at a friends house enjoying a drink and a chat with a mixed bag of guests, some friends, others new faces. One the held my attention was a fiery girl, eager to argue, who had gone to my friends high school, anyway, as the night progressed people started to filter out, and by 3 in the morning the party was wrapping up and everyone left was making arrangement to sleep where they fell pretty much. the girl i had been talking/ arguing with most of the night had found a spare foam mattress and had plonked it down in the middle of the living room. as everyone start falling asleep and a last few guests left, I was enticed to come sleep on the mattress, in the middle of the room, surround by passed out, and passing out people on the coach's... read more
Posted: May 27, 2008
2006. Norway the land of the midnight sun. Summer. I was out dancing with some friends at a small cafe bar. I saw him across the room. Blonde, built and hot. My ideal vision of the vikings of the past. I eyed him across the bar and then he spotted me and came over and offered to buy me a drink. I wanted more than a drink!

We danced, we talked, we drank. We left the bar together at about 2am. It was light as the sun had allready risen (I did mention the land of the midnight sun, didn't I?). We got in his car and he said he was going to take me to a special place. We drove through forests and then arrived at a beautiful fresh water fjord. We ran onto the beach and then stripped off all our clothes and ran into the water. It was... read more

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