Spontaneous Sexual Combustion!

This month, we want to hear all about the shags that came outta nowhere! Those spontaneous sex sessions. Maybe you'd just popped home for a quick bite for lunch when the missus jumped you, or maybe you're fella dragged you into the toilets at your favourite nightclub for a hot 'n heavy quickie! What ever the scenario, we want to hear about it, and remember, the sexiest entry takes home the cash award!

September 2016 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Sep 02, 2016
I had been dating a guy for a couple of years, I was eager to experience being with another woman, we had spoken about the possibility of perhaps going to a swingers party or meeting another couple. We were on RHP for a little while and communicated with a lot of couples, but nothing ever eventuated from the chats. One night we were out in Northbridge having a few drinks and enjoying a live band. It was very late into the night and we headed home, walking along Aberdeen Street to our car, parked on the side of the road was a kombi van, there was a couple standing close by having a cigarette. We got chatting about various things, but I wasn't listening as I was so focused on how gorgeous she was, so I got flirty with her and explained a bit about our background to her... read more
"next thing I know I was in the kombi kissing her and feeling her breasts"
Posted: Sep 03, 2016
“Are you having fun, bae?” she prods.

He gnashes his teeth, “Oh, you have no idea. Damn!. I see you as pretty sweet, and dreamy. I would feel almost bad for fucking you here. But,” he pauses briefly, “I would.”

“Would you? Could you,” she asks, softly.

“Can I ask you? Be honest,” he starts.

“Mhmm?” she replies.

“Would you like it, here? Or shall we leave? Want me to take you away from here?” His expression is bland, and he is hoping his eyes are unreadable.

“Are you beginning to unravel?" she teases, and she brushes her thigh over his crotch in answer.

“I'm hard. Like I want to fuck,” he murmurs into their shared space. “We should fuck. Are you afraid?" he searches her eyes, and seeing her pupils dilate, "No? I can see it in your eyes. Fucking minx. I adore you.” He pulls her over to the wall, where it is darker... read more
"She finds her clitoris and starts to rub. She is so deliciously on edge. "
Posted: Sep 03, 2016
She’d be asked to help curate her friends show. Art she could do. Hanging them to bring out their best, not so much.

Standing in a large white room, with pieces littering the floor, and hooks and string hanging from the picture rail. She fiddled with her scarf, trying to fathom it all. She was wearing the wrong outfit for moving artworks about, but she was heading out afterwards, and this wasn't supposed to be taking this long.

Suddenly aware she wasn't alone, she turned to find a man looking over the artwork. She knew him. Well, knew of him.

“Some assistance, perhaps?” he offered.

She nodded and he quickly moved a few pieces about in the space. It didn't seem long before a whole new feeling shone in the room.

“Wow,” she said.

He smiled, “All I needed was some inspiration.” His smile warmed her. His gaze... read more
"Urgent, heated, yet painfully slow movements between them, and her wrists were soon bound"
Overall Winner
Posted: Sep 03, 2016
I was sitting at my computer late one night, a few bourbons under my belt and feeling very horny.I logged onto a sex site and was surprised so many good looking men were doing the same thing as me...sitting at their computers wishing and a-hoping there was someone out there that felt the same as them.It was like Christmas for me...had been celibate long enough and there was some fine bods to play with.
I started messaging the best ones, not expecting a reply at all; it was just a bit of a diversion for me. Unexpectedly I got four replies and now I had a choice of who to have some passionate fun with.
Out of the four lads, the closest to me was the best so decided to ask him over for a drink or 3.
He was very willing, as I knew he would be. He had said on his... read more
"Pushed him back on the bed and tasted him...mmm he was delicious"
Posted: Sep 04, 2016
We had just been to an early dinner & my wife had flirted with me by text all day; by the time I met her at the cafe for dinner we were both so horny & wet it continued through dinner to the point we were totally unaware of anyone else in the cafe

She went to the toilet and came back with the undies in her hand and dropped them on the table in full view of the waiter who just blushed & walked away - they were very wet in places

We couldn't wait any longer so we hurriedly decided to go home to pound each other

But alas we got two streets away and I pulled into a side street right outside a house with its lights off and stopped the car & said I'm go to have you now as my cum was starting to flow in... read more
"We couldn't wait any longer so we hurriedly decided to go home to pound each other"
Posted: Sep 04, 2016
It was a cold rainy winters day. All sport had been cancelled and my wife and I decided to head to Sydney to go shopping. She had also told me that the man she had been chatting to online had told her he was free this day if we happened to be in his area. I asked, "Do you want to meet him?" She replied, "Yes, I'ld like to". So she sent him a message. She told me they had had some hot steamy chats online and he kept bragging about how well hung he was. She was dressed in sexy fuck me boots and a short knitted skirt, a low cut top that was warm but still showed plenty of cleavage. We arrived at the shops and she spotted him walking towards our car. This was the first time she had met him in person. I asked, "What do... read more
"My wife dropped her head, without uttering a word, straight down and took it in her mouth."
Posted: Sep 06, 2016
My ex wife called me too the kids school too meet the principal over our middle sons behaviour.Explaining too the boss I had too Leave early I wasn't looking forward to seeing the principal or the ex, as I entered the office and greeting the principal I noticed my tracy was wearing my favourite short skirt and damn she looked good while the serious conversation was going on my mind was elsewhere wondering if she was wearing underwear the desk gave me enough cover too slide my hand up her inner thigh and under her skirt she let out a surprised sigh and I judged by her dripping pussy that being in trouble was turning her on As well as I slid one finger inside her pulsing pussy and rubbed her clit slowly with the other.Mr Harris rambled for a few minutes but neither one of us heard a... read more
"I put my fingers in her mouth too taste her flowing juices"
Posted: Sep 18, 2016
So I had been chatting to this sexy MILF housewife on here. We chatted for a few days and the conversation was great there was never a dull moment. I had an RDO coming up so I asked if she wanted to meet up to see if we hit things off. She seemed somewhat keen but wanted to chat to her hubby first, hubby was a great guy so told her to just go for it. She was worried about where we should meet up as she did not want anyone to know see her with a much younger guy. She finally picked a spot so I was so keen ready to go the next day and meet up. I got a message from her that morning saying 'I have been thinking and spoke with hubby" shit I thought now she does not want to meet up "and he said... read more
"She pulls down my boxers, gets on her knees"
Posted: Sep 27, 2016
I met Melissa purely by accident. A normal Saturday afternoon out in a small town in the UK shopping and happened to pop into Thorntons Chocolates to buy a few treats.

She was serving behind the counter and as I queued had to opportunity to observe her from a distance.

Melissa was about 30 years of age (10 years my junior), smooth light skin with no age lines, jet black hair and eyebrows that were expertly shaped to a point. She was voluptuous beyond comparison, full lips, full breasts and a come-to-bed look in her eyes that melted me the first time I looked into them.

As I approached the counter I felt the attraction multiply. A magnetism as our eyes met to the point of holding my breath.

There was an instant electricity between us,she was confident in her sexuality and yet possessed an alluring naivety that was irresistible.

I breathlessly made my purchase,... read more
"Melissa was a very sexy, very deep passionate women, she wanted to explore herself"
Posted: Sep 27, 2016
Over the following weeks they communicated constantly and arranged to meet up in 3 weeks time, Melissa asked if I would take her to the meet and support her in this, of course I agreed.

I arranged a suite in a nice hotel in Buxton near Derbyshire. We drove up on Saturday afternoon, Melissa was quiet all the way. We checked in and it was a beautiful hotel, Victorian in décor and very stylish. We spent the afternoon in Buxton town enjoying the scenery, cream teas and a few cheeky splashes of alcohol. Melissa was subdued throughout the while afternoon, I would ask if she was ok and she would just smile at me with those lips and eyes that told me she was.

Christine was due on the 6:30 train from Birmingham, we made our way to the station and waited nervously on the platform. Nervous excited looks were passed back... read more
" I sat on the bed and watched as they took each others clothes off."
Posted: Sep 27, 2016
I sat on the edge of the bed still fully clothed as they slowly undressed each other, kissing and caressing, Christine gently sat Melissa into a high back chair in the bay window and she raised one leg over an arm sitting open legged as Christine knelt in front of her kissing and caressing her. Christine worked her way slowly down until her head was between Melissa's legs and she began to slowly lick her, I will never ever forget that look on Melissa's face, looking at me with a mixed look of gratitude, excitement and pleasure, her dark hair flowing over her shoulders and breasts, her eyes focussed on mine intently, her legs parted, one hand on Christine's head, Christine's slender body moving rhythmically with pert behind pointing in my direction.

I was breathless....

The rest of the evening was a blur, music, alcohol, kissing, flesh, pleasure, they enjoyed each other... read more
"Christine worked her way slowly down until her head was between Melissa's legs "

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