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This month we want to hear all about your extra-curricular activities! Whether you went to TAFE, University or any other sort of advanced education institution, if you got laid, then you got a story! Bang that 6" hottie in Biology? Tell us. And definitely tell us about the two mechanics majors who took you behind the workshop and checked under your hood! Remember, the sexiest TRUE hook-up story wins the cash award, so spare no detail!

July 2016 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jul 17, 2016
I used to have a PE and fitness instructor at the Sports College I was enrolled in. He was 40 years old, buffed, good looking and I was 18, feminine tgirl fresh out of high school with big dreams of becoming fitness assistant at a gym. Mr J. wears rugby shorts to every class and without fail you can always see his bulge through his shorts. One day he asked me to help him return all the equipment to the storage room. The room is full of equipment and I had to walk past him to put the equipment away. As I walked past him to put some witches hats on the shelf I accidentally brushed my hand against his bulge. I apologised and he said 'don't worry about it'. I brushed against him again for the second time but this time I felt his cock was a bit harder... read more
"I accidentally brushed my hand against his bulge"
Posted: Jul 23, 2016
Well I went to Tafe as a boily so there wasn't any chicks in our areas but occasionally if u snuck out you could catch the hair dressers and they were fine well one in particular, she was very quiet but had that whole sex nerd down blonde with glasses and fine body she was always sitting studying overtime I mange to get to know her once she let her guard down she was a sick girl and seemed very horny she use to practice cutting my hair more and more she would rub her tits against my face until one day she said meet at the gym toilets finally

, when I got there she was not to be seen I thought she stood me up just as I went to leave she said come in to the girls room she had a pair of tight jeans and just... read more
"We then change up, her doggie, oh I feel her start to cum"

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