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Have you ever tasted forbidden fruit? Have you ridden someone you shouldn't have? Have you stolen passionate moments with a friends partner, bagged an in-law perhaps? Was it hot? The danger, the guilt... the sex... tell us everything... We want to know! the hottest entry will take home the cash award so make it smokin'.

February 2012 Submitted Sex Secrets

Overall Winner
Posted: Feb 01, 2012
Ive always fantisized about the guests who stay at the hotel I work at. For years they have walked past the desk, had a little flirt and the idea of joining them in the room intrigued me. I didnt think it was going to happen and especially now I am the manager.
But one day drinks at the near by bar and who comes and offers to buy me a drink. Mr Lewis, an American being relocated through a high paying company. Sitting, drinking, flirting- his sparkling eyes are those you are entranced by and cant look away from.
Leaning into my ear he whispers in his thick accent "are you a dirty girl?"- direct and intriguing. I pull away trying not to attract the attention of my surrounding colleagues and reply with "Sir, you have no idea" with a coy wink. Instantly he was hooked (I was hooked days ago) The... read more
"I moaned loudly with delight and as he slipped 2 fingers in my wetness"
Posted: Feb 04, 2012
I'm a primary school teacher and had always gotten along well with the principal of the last school I taught at. He was married with two kids and twenty years older than me but there had been a connection between us since we met. One afternoon a few of us stayed back at school for a drink. Eventually the others left and it was just he and I. We got ready to leave and like every evening, went to check that the classrooms were all locked. When we got to mine, we walked through my office, where he stopped, turned around and kissed me passionately. I was shocked but totally turned on and before we both knew it, our hands were down each other's pants and things were getting hot and heavy. We eventually stopped but knew it wouldn't be the last time something like this happened.
A few weeks later,... read more
"I gave him a blow job and he told me it was the best he had ever had"
Posted: Feb 04, 2012
In my last year of school I was 18 with a high libido but also a 'good girl' with only limited sexual experiences. I took a weekend job at the local bakery to earn a bit of play money. The manager was a blonde, thin, nervy woman, Corrine. The owner, Michael, was there sometimes to cook or to ensure things were running smoothly. Michael was in his forties - Greek, stocky, quiet - and I was slightly nervous around him.

As with the other girls, I wore a white uniform, similar to a nurses uniform. I worked hard and was never told off, aside from once being told by Corrine that if Michael was there I should say good morning. I had previously been quiet owing to my nerves and the fact he had never spoken to me.

One Saturday, a couple of months after starting, I... read more
"for the first time I experienced the pleasure of a mans mouth on my pussy"
Posted: Feb 04, 2012
I got an unexpected text from an ex one day, it asked if I would do a huge favour and go to this party for singles and ex partners to try hook up and move on. Reluctantly I decided I would go to try and get her to move on, get us both some space. After driving her car in and finding the right place, we got a few drinks and went our sellers te ways, after a few hours, I got a tap on my shoulder and a whisper in my ear saying how hard it was to find a decent guy, let's leave the noise and find somewhere more private. I turned around to find the hottest cleavage glaring me in the face. After following this amazing arse out the door and fown the street, we found ourselves in my ex gfs car, leaving the... read more
"It didn't take long before I blew my load deep inside her"
Posted: Feb 05, 2012
My ex girlfriend was a gorgeous girl, but i was first introduced to her when a group of my mates would chase her sister on a Friday and Saturday night at the local pub. Her sister was a blonde size 8 with beautiful dd twins.

After being with my girl for about a year we were away on a holiday with her family and extended family. There was about 20 of us and we were all out for dinner. I was sitting opposite my girl and her sister and i put my hand under the table to rub my girlfriend on the leg. I continued doing this for a couple of minutes rubbing my hands up her leg jsut under her skirt nearing what i thought was her pussy.

Later that night we were at the bar and her sister came up to my as i was ordering drinks and said... read more
"She walked in wearing her short little skirt and tight little singlet top and said "I wont tell if you don't"..."
I am 15 years older than my step son,he moved in with us at 17.I made him feel at home!I am a loving & caring person who was going through a very unhappy time.I would catch him looking at me,a lustful way I guess,the I wanna fuck you way & he caught me doing the same!I tried hard to ignore it & pretend those looks werent there!He had grown into a sexy tall & well built young man!It got me so excited that I'd catch him looking at me like that!The smell of his aftershave would make me weak and hungry!We became close friends, talking about everything! He told me I was amazing,deserved to be happy & treatedmuch better than I was. We had so much in common,the people we were,yet so much uncommon in reality!I am a deep sleeper!But one night,whilst asleep on the lounge I woke to find... read more
"he was wanking with a pair of my dirty knickers"
Posted: Feb 19, 2012
We had a hugely exciting 2 years together, fucking everywhere you could think of, indoors & outdoors! He could make me squirt in all of maybe 30 seconds with his fingers. He had a snail trail that drove me crazy.He had a foreskin which I hadnt had in years,Ive never felt better!It was like thats the way god planned it to feel!I was his first experience with alot of the sex we had, squirting, toys, a good head job.The danger was huge!If we were caught,can you imagine the heartbreak & destruction it would cause,the whole family!It is a huge & terrible thing to do!This is like Jerry Springer stuff, people could end up dead from this!I can not believeI gave into all his womanising words,he caught a vunerable woman at a very hard time in her life!He'd say you only live once,if it makes you happy how can it be... read more
"He could make me squirt in all of maybe 30 seconds with his fingers"
Posted: Feb 27, 2012
My handyman was a friend of my ex and we stayed in touch and even though he was married he always flirted with me. When my ex left he was the first to hug me and tell me he was there for me but being married and knowing his wife I didn't want to go there. After 3 years of flirting I decided what the hell I'd see how far he'd really go. I rang him with the excuse that I needed some work done around my house. When he was finished I asked him what I owed him, as usual he said nothing, that's when I pulled him towards me and kissed him. He was shaking all over but his tongue was passionately kissing me wanting more. I grabbed his cock that was hard as a rock and pulled his pants off and threw him on my bed. I... read more
"my tonge flicking his head and then swallowing his shaft as deep as I could"

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