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This month we want the closet doors flung open, it's time to let the skeletons run free! Yes, that's right, we want to hear about the shags you kept secret, whether you banged your mates ex or you humped your teachers daughter, if it happened and you've kept it a secret, it's time to spill your guts! Feel free to change the names here and there but be sure to keep the heat! The best sex secret will take out the monthly cash award,

May 2011 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: May 01, 2011
when i was 17 i played footy in a local team, all our parents used to come and watch and one of the guys mums had recently been through a divorce and was hanging around the footy club after games alot. It all started when i tured 18 i was the first out of all my mates to start goin out to the clubs, when one night at the end when the lights came on we were some of the only ppl left so we started drunken rabble about everything and then surley it all tured to talking about sex. when it finally came to our turn in the line to get a cab she suggested i get one with her caue she didnt want to go by her self! but once in the cab she went on to tell me how she always wanted to fuck a young boy... read more
"she stood over me and slid off her g-string whilst grindin along my shaft"
Posted: May 10, 2011
About 3yrs ago I started chatting to this woman online, we exchanged phone numbers and I gave her a call. As we got talking she mentioned she had seen me somewhere before but couldn't think where (she did not have pics of herself on her profile). It took a few more minutes before she finally blurted out your Chris's cousin I met you at the last family get together.
I was gobsmacked but thought what the hell as Chris had told me he had recently broken up with his girlfriend. I asked her what she was up too and she said she was busy during the day but if I wanted to pop over that night I was welcome too.

I was horny as since it had been a couple of weeks, so I said ok. When I got to her place that night she was in short shorts and... read more
"I got her into a 69er and we went at it like crazy..."
Posted: May 15, 2011
I was 29 years old and fiance and myself went to his sisters wedding in Sydney. A great night was had by all and many of us headed back to the motel where guests where staying. We invaded the bar and the drinks flowed, my fiance was overtired and went up to our room but I was having fun so hung around.

Another hour or so of drinking and dancing I thought it was time to head to bed so off I went and lucky my fiance left the door unlocked because I didnt have a hope of getting the key in the door. Stripped off and climbed into bed i burrowed under the covers until i found his cock and started licking and sucking till he was hard as a rock. Easily I climbed up and straddled him letting his cock slide inside and i rode him slowly and knew... read more
" i rode him slowly and knew immediately how successful i was as i felt him shoot inside me"
Posted: May 16, 2011
Being in a long distance relationship has many drawbacks, especially the lack of sex. But when i moved into a new apartment block things changed. I had organised with the people on my floor a get together for drinks and nibbles. After a few too many wines, I commented on my neighbours dress. Let's call her "A". "A" had a tight set of denim shorts and tight top on. We flirted with each other and then she left (or that's what i thought) An hour later after everyone had gone, i got knock on my door. I looked through the peep hole and saw it was A. I opened the door and "A" asked me to come over her place. I did without hesitating. As soon as I stepped into A's apartment my rod was standing to attention as "A" had taken off her top and shorts and was just... read more
" As soon as we were naked I was inside "A's pussy"
Posted: May 21, 2011
I had been in a relationship for 8 yrs with the man of my dreams...But I had allways thought that another woman would be so beautiful to have..Anyway I met this woman, and we became friends, she had the nicest set of tits. I asked her over one day to help me delete some dirty pics i had of myself on the computer..I was so scared that my man would stumble upon them, they were all over the place, i had pics everywhere due to trying to hide them so well. So she came over and I was watching her checking out my pics, and she was saying how nice they were...A few days later it was my birthday and she came and picked me up and we went to a national park, it wasnt until we got back to my place that she told me that she cant stop... read more
"I pulled her jeans off and pushed her legs back so far and just dived into her smoo"
Posted: May 23, 2011
A cold wet stormy night, the sounds of water spilling from gutters, the winds knocking at the windows. Inside hungry lust, a first encounter. Bed sheets thrown away in the frenzy. No need for heating we are generating plenty of our own. We begin to explore our boundaries, I move down on her, wet and moaning she grabs my hair and directs me. Yummy so tasty I take my time, slow and gentle. As a natural tease I bring her close. Oh she gives me a off look.

But lets set of again, and out comes a toy. A small sliver little vibrator.. brrrr in my hand I move it between my tongue and her clit, into her lustful pussy. I listen carefully to her moans, follow her wants as her body moves. In her ass gently the little hard working toy adds to her joy. Im so horny im... read more
"In her ass gently the little hard working toy adds to her joy"

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