Marathon Month!

Yes this month we're all about marathon sex sessions. We want to hear about the epic shags that will be burnt into your memory banks until your dying day. If you banged the missus for four days straight in Mauritius, let us know, if you laid your first love for six hours after your third date, write in! And don't forget, the hottest submission takes home the cash award.

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October 2011 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Oct 01, 2011
I was checking my flirts about a month ago, and one in particular caught my eye, so I sent him a message. We started chatting, swapped numbers, and agreed to meet for a drink in Adelaide. When I walked into the agreed hotel, I felt like I was on show, as almost every man turned and looked at me...hehe, even some women gave me the up and down look! I am not a super model in the looks department, so was quite flattered , but embarassed. Anyway, it only took me about a minute to locate my date, who was chatting with some people at a table. He immediately came over, kissed me on the cheek, and directed me to a quiet booth...We sat and chatted for a few minutes, then he offered to buy me a drink, and off he went to the bar. When he came back with... read more
"I have an insatiable appetite for sex, and apparently, so did he"
Posted: Oct 08, 2011
It all began when a friend of mine in NZ set me up with her best friend (Z). We had taken in dinner / show and a visit to a few clubs. We then decided to get a few bottles of cheap wine and return to my $110 a night room. We then got stuck into the wine and became increasingly hornier. I suggested that we strip and continue to drink. As soon as we were naked Z liked my hard cock glistening with pre-cum seeping out. We both let go of the wine and embraced. I then lent Z up against the wall and lifted her legs so I could enter her. I then carried her to the bed where I put her on her back and her legs opened automatically. For the next 4 hours we fucked relentlessly in all sort of positions with both of cumming numerous... read more
"I then carried her to the bed where I put her on her back and her legs opened automatically"
Posted: Oct 20, 2011
well a little while ago me and the mrs got to indulge in the naughty sport of full couple/room swap we had dinner and drinks with the other couple and returned to the motel for more drinks the girls played oh god that was sexy then we swapped rooms and partners for the next few hours god that was good any way we reutrned home and the next day we kept teling the kids mum and dad need to have a talk and we went in the room for a "talk" by which i mean sex lol about seven times that day god it was a great night followed by an even better day carnt wait to do it all over again... read more
" the girls played oh god that was sexy then we swapped rooms and partners for the next few hours..."
Posted: Oct 26, 2011
I'd been chatting to M for a while - getting to know each other's likes and turn-ons, etc. We decided meet at a cafe as it it had a secluded beach nearby. The day came and it was very hot, so I went to the cafe wearing shorts and T-Shirt. When I saw M, she was wearing this well-fitting sundress. We sat at the bar drinking and flirting - her dress showed off her body very well - including her tight breasts; my shorts also showed off a few things unfortunately.

After a bit of flirting, we decided to take a walk and ended up on the beach. Thankfully, it was quiet so we took the flirting up a gear and started kissing. Quickly, her hands ended up on my cock and my hands on her pussy, so we stripped off and she bend down... read more
"We then decided to cool off in the water, but soon were kissing again and my we ended up having another session in the water"

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