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Have you ever struck a sexual fantasy off your list? Maybe you managed to wrangle that threesome, or perhaps you finally tried that same sex hook-up, or got your partner into that costume you’d been dreaming of for years. Whatever the details, if you fantasised about it and made it happen, we want to hear your story. And don't forget, the hottest story will take home the cash award!

October 2014 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Oct 01, 2014
A fantasy of mine was to be the subject of a married woman who was looking to take it out on her family. This was fullied by a wonderful woman called Christine who I occasionally caught up with when either picked up or delivered for a major client of the company I worked for. Christine would always use me to vent her frustrations that her family would give her. One day she was telling me that her sisters were going to take advantage of her brother who was very ill. After listening to what Christine said I gave her a hug. As I was giving Christine a hug my cock became very hard. Christine was imrpessed and took down my details and said she would email her details so we could catch up. Later that night I got her details and we agreed to go to a hotel midway between... read more
"So I slowly took of her lingerie piece by piece untl she was naked."
Posted: Oct 01, 2014
We met online and he soon confessed to me his secret fantasy,to meet a woman for the first time in a shower.It took me a while to organise but finally, early one morning he arrived.I was waiting in my bedroom and he sent me a text....'I am here' was all it said.
I had left the back door open and from my room I could hear him come into the house and go into the bathroom, I made my way to the bathroom as agreed I had left some written instructions on the cupboard 'Hello here is a mask please put it on, climb in the shower and I will join you soon.'
'In the shower was a naked man with his back to me, he was indeed wearing a mask. I took off my sarong , climbed in behind him and without saying a word began to soap his hard fit... read more
"I just climbed on top of him, put his cock in my very wet pussy and began to ride him"
I had lusted after her for a long time and had fantasized about seducing her. We worked together and socialized with our partners as part of a book/dinner club every month or so. I found her husband very attractive too and we had all flirted and teased each other over the course of previous dinners. This evening’s book club dinner had been hosted by this hot couple and we had all been dressed in theme - wearing togas…well that had to be dangerous!!! Lol The rest of the guests all left and we stayed behind enjoying another drink with our friends. Things soon became very hot and sexy indeed....

My friend and I sat next to each other on the sofa, chatting and giggling, our feet and legs entwined. She got up to go to the kitchen and her husband moved over next to... read more
"We pulled each other’s togas off and began exploring each other….touching, kissing and licking"
.... (cont)....

The boys watched as she lay on the floor on her back and I began kissing my way down her body, until I reached her pussy. I began licking her pussy gently, tasting its sweetness, pushing my tongue between her lips and teasing her clit. She was groaning with pleasure and writhing beneath me. I moved back up towards her breasts licking and sucking and kissing her beautiful brown nipples. She ran her fingers through my hair and pulled me up towards her mouth, kissing me with such sweet passion.
Soon our partners could take no more and began to join in. My partner kissed me while she moved her hand down to touch and caress my pussy. He began licking my pussy as she played with it with her fingers. He then started licking her pussy but she was soon begging... read more
"She and I moved to a 69 position with me on top, each savouring the exquisite delights"
Posted: Oct 01, 2014
my wife and i tried it a few times. But she never was into it. I cum like crazy but not her. So one night I licked her pussy till she was so wet and ran my finger on her anal. I gently pushed it and wet it. fter some time I rolled her over and licked her anal till she moaned deeper and deeper, finally she pushed her hot wet ass back and fourth to my face demanding my toung to go deeper. After she was really cuming I lifted my cock in to her and said she had to be the one to make it happen. SHe slowly pushed and pushe till my cock was dep in her she was so turned on groaning and loveing it just before she came she had me fuck her pussy. I still perfer to come in her ass but she... read more
"finally she pushed her hot wet ass back and fourth to my face"
Posted: Oct 01, 2014
Have you ever become addicted to a voice,someone you have never met whispering in your ear,erotic and explicit instructions to pleasure yourself.This is my secret,a man I have never met calls me everyday and whispers in my ear.As soon as I pick up the phone I am wet,weak at the knees,begging .No matter what I am doing I follow his instructions,firstly he asks if I am naked and soon I am,naked lying on my bed ,my dildo in my hand,my thighs spread wide and then he begins,'you are my slut,I want to mark you, leave small bruises on your skin where no-one will see,now put your fingers in your juicy pussy and your dildo in your arse,'By now I am so wet,his soft voice hypnotic ,it melts my bones and dissolves me completely.I can feel his mouth on my clit sucking me his tongue and fingers inside me,'I want you... read more
"As soon as I pick up the phone I am wet,weak at the knees,begging"
Posted: Oct 01, 2014
The mobile phone lit up & told me the caller was indeed my darling Maria ( a married woman)
My face broke into a smile,my voice trembled with emotion,as i poured out the words of love,tempered with lust & desire.Bottled up inside my sometimes feverish mind; when I have longed for her call.
Her voice as usual was soft and sexy and the words spoken eagerly.
I could feel her hunger for my body;as I for hers.
As usual, that was breathlessly expressed to each other.
We both settled down into a state of contentment.
In Touch Again.
I imagined her warm inviting body,her passionate kisses,breasts to fondle and suck & that ever juicy pussy, that my lips yearned to drink from and quench my thirst for all things , uniquely my Maria.
On cue my 9 inch cock almost burst out of my jeans; seemed to be responding also to her voice.
I quickly released it,marveling at it's... read more
"I quickly released it,marveling at it's huge engorged size"
When at a local furniture store showing my Partner Adam my girlfriend Sam and our friend Jess the lounge I had picked out the other day

A man asked me "do you have leads for them?" to which I always reply "Yes they are at home with the other whips and chains." always with a cheeky laugh. Then a lovely middle aged sales lady came over to see if we needed some assistance. She commented on their beautiful collars and asked where I had bought them as her daughter would love one. I wrote the shop on a card along with my name and number and a website im on for her daughter to have a look at is she was interested. The sales lady smiled blushing and said "I think I may be very interested in that myself. May I give you a call later?" before I had even gotten... read more
"she laid in the spa and brought her arse up out of the water so that I could have access to her pussy"
Posted: Oct 01, 2014
I met her on the phone one day quite by accident and we agreed to meet for my birthday 3 years ago. She was tiny and had a body I wanted to kiss all over. She was shy but I was patient and persistant,had to be very patient and very persistant! That first time we met we made love for three days and two nights before I had to fly out. The most erotic part of our relationship is that we cannot keep our hands off each other. We go to shopping centres and she wears skirts so I can sit down at a counter for a coffee and slide my hand up her leg. Then quite openly I put my hand into her panties while she looks around to see if anybody notices, hoping they do. Nobody has come over to say hi yet, but if they did... read more
"The sexy devil then gasps, goes quiet, and starts to lubricate as she melts into my arms"
Posted: Oct 01, 2014
I had been curious about how it would be feel to be with a woman but never game enough to actually make a move on someone myself.One night I was out with some friends dancing & had sent my friend a text asking her to join us for a few drinks. A few hours later she arrived & we all were dancing on the dance floor & having a graet time. As the night wore on my friend & I began dancing together touching eachother & putting on a real show. We stepped outside for a while & she said to me "You know you & I are going to do it don't you?" I looked at her for a moment unsure of how serious she was. Then we kissed eachother & I felt the excitement from within.After a few hours we were at her house where she led... read more
"for the first time I felt her soft naked body against mine"
Posted: Oct 01, 2014
I had always got on well the the two sisters (J and A) on the same floor as me in the apartment block that where we live. We rarely got together as they worked odd hours in the medical industry. When we got together one night things changed forever. It all started when we were having wine and nibbles and we decided to have more wine. Then we started talking about sex and our fantasies. When it came to me I said I had always wanted to have a threesome with sisters. By this time I was a little horny and I had J started to rub my thigh. After a toilet break I was summoned to A's bed room. A and J were both naked. My jaw dropped with the beautiful sight that was in front of me. Two very hot ladies telling me to strip.... read more
" I was ready to explode, but still held on"
Posted: Oct 01, 2014
It starts with a text message you send me. “Come to the following address at 9pm”. I ask if you want me to bring anything with me but you do not answer.

It’s 9:05pm. I arrive at the address and knock on the door. “Come in, the door is open” I hear you say. I open the door and step inside. “You are five minutes late.” I close the door behind me and begin to apologise as I turn to face you. You step out from the next room and I freeze in my tracks. You stand before me dressed in a tightly laced leather corset, shoulder length leather gloves, matching thigh high boots but no knickers. Your hand grips a black riding crop that you are tapping impatiently against your thigh. “You have been a very naughty boy.” I try to reply but you hold up your whip to stop... read more
"You let out a low moan so I tilt my head back and push my tongue further inside your delicious pussy"
Posted: Oct 01, 2014
Hubby surpised me at 9.30 got this young man 2 call around he walked in and with in 5min we were on the table and here I was this big fat cock in my cunt and hubby going 2 town with this 10inc dildo and all I no was I was loving that cock in my cunt than hubby turned me over on my back and I was like hubbys going 2put it in my ass but no that fat cock just went to town on my ass and I cumed all night and loved it can't wait till hubby surpises me next time... read more
"he walked in and with in 5min we were on the table"
Posted: Oct 01, 2014
Was mid winter in 2005, My partner (at the time) and i went for a week of relaxation to nelsons bay, we arrived early morning to check in and do a lil sight seeing. When we returned to the room we herd multiple screams coming from the room next door. My partner was curious and decided to try peak over the balcony to see what was happening. Couldnt see a thing however to the mood it set my gf was really toey and dragged me to the balcony for some hot sex as we normally do like it outside. after a night of fun and pleasure we travelled the next morning to the marina where we saw 3 couples laughing and having breakfast . we sat beside them and ordered when a young girl asked what we were having. the mrs explained and started talking mid conversation i caught on... read more
"Everyone got a turn with everyone even spit roasting. "
Posted: Oct 07, 2014
One day while catching the bus home a lady got on who's face I was sure I had seen before! She noticed me looking at her, and then I saw the look on her face that must have looked just like mine! After about 5 minutes of trading looks at each other she got up out of her seat and come and sat down next to me, I had to say to her that she looked very familiar to me and see said the same. We started talking trying to work out from where we had seen each other when she got a message on her phone, not meaning to look over her sexy shoulder but I noticed it was that she had recived a message on red hot pie! That's when it all clicked for me, so I got my phone out and started to try and find her... read more
"soon we will be in her room both naked about to unleash massive amounts of sexual tension"
Posted: Oct 11, 2014
I had talked to this guy now and then for over a year just occasional chats,he always asked if i needed any odd jobs done and he would do them naked,i always use to laugh and imagin this guy coming around and doing it,lost contact for over a year and out of the blu he text asking do you want any jobs doing naked . My windows look rather dirty so i thought bugger it yes you can do my windows so we arrange a day and he had got all his stuff ready and the day came, he was a nice looking guy a bit shy looking but was his first time doing this and his fantasy to wank while washing them and i watch. So i wore something sexy as i could a nice black sexy cut out boob number black stockings and a gsting i greeted him... read more
"I got on my knees and licked and sucked"
Posted: Oct 15, 2014
We meet in his office after everyone else had left for the day. I had dressed in a corset with silk stockings and a suspender belt. Covered in a long red coat and six inch heels. He knew where and how I wanted the scene to work. Although it was him whom decided how exactly he would act it out.

He walked towards me and ask me not to speak a word until he said to and to do exactly what he instructed. He stood behind me and slowly took off my coat and ran his hands down the length of my arms. While licking and kissing my neck.

He cleared his desk top with his arms in one flowing action everything went flying into the air. He bent me forward over his desk. Tied my hands behind my back and then walked around to the other side. Where directly... read more
"Again and again pounding, I can feel myself climaxing already."
Posted: Oct 16, 2014
I was out at the public bar with a friend who is an absolute Casanova, and I watched him work his game and I thought to myself "look you just have to try" so we parted ways and I mustered up the courage to go and chat to a very nice girl and low and behold we were back at her place in no time. We were at an intermission stage of the hot sex as I needed to pee, I moseyed off to the bathroom in a robe and as I exited her roommate was walking past from her night out, she said that she had just seen my bits dangling out of the robe and she gave me a very sexy/funny look, the girl I was with came out and we were all chatting...This bit is still a blur to me, within a minute or two they were... read more
"3 hours later I still hadn't cum I was so excited, switching and swapping"
Posted: Oct 18, 2014
On my run along the waterfront, I see lots of striking ladies.

One day I was running along and caught up with a blonde lady. I realised it was L who I knew from other runs. We decided to run together as we were heading the same route and chatted. After a few minutes we were laughing and starting to flirt a bit. I could see L's nipples were hard through her tank top and she saw I was hard too. We started nudging each other gently when she asked me if sex during running ruined the run. I said I didn't know but would like to find out.

We decided to see if anyone was in the changing rooms at the nearby park: thankfully nobody was there at all so we quickly undressed each other and fondled each other. WE were both horny so I... read more
"As soon as we were in the door, the clothes came off and the passion started"
Posted: Oct 21, 2014
I was traveling on my motor bike when up ahead I saw a car broken down. I usually don't stop when I am riding, but something said do it, I pulled up behind the car and viewed two women and a man sitting in the back seat. I asked need a hand one of the girls said you look fit, I laughed and said thank you. I looked at the car motor, and said you need water, the other girl said I need you. I said sorry what did you say. She said your body looks great, I started to feel a bit nervous she walked over to me and started stroking my cock from outside my tight jeans. I really didn't know what to do, I keep thinking of the bloke in the back seat. then the other girl came over saying how tanned I was, it was like... read more
" I layed both girls on the bonnet of there old car"
Posted: Oct 25, 2014
It was a few weeks into Spring and the clouds of winter had begun to give way to the ebbing summer sun. Each morning I’d sip my coffee and peer over from my paper toward her. Never did I stare, only fleeting glances towards her slim figure and silky black hair. But as the weather warmed and her skirts drew shorter, it became harder to look away.

Several months this lasted, till she caught my eyes fixed on her thighs. I looked away as suddenly as I could, perhaps too obviously, I wanted to get up and leave but I was not about to stand in a busy café whilst hoping no one noticed the indiscretion south of my belt. Thankfully she got up herself; I kept my head down as I felt my face reddening I feigned interest in my paper. A moment later came a breathy voice in my... read more
"By this stage I was getting quite close to orgasm myself, I was so worked up by the visuals"
Overall Winner
Posted: Oct 27, 2014
My husband and I had tried the MMF threesome a few times and found we both really enjoyed it.
I told my husband one night after a few hours of being fucked by two hard cocks, that the MMF could only be made better if he would be willing to assist me in giving the other guy oral instead of watching me and I was shocked when he agreed and insisted that the next guy we hooked up with had to be willing to try some bi action, he didn't have to ask me twice.

We found a nice guy through RHP who was experimental and we caught up him with while holidaying at the sunny coast and invited him back to our hotel room.

At first my husband just sat back and enjoyed watching us kissing, touching, licking and exploring each other, but he couldn't sit back for too long, while I... read more
"At first my husband just sat back and enjoyed watching us kissing, touching, licking and exploring"

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