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Well we're going to kick off the New Year with a subject that is very close to our hearts here at RedHotPie... RedHotPie! This month we want to hear about the sexy skin sessions you’ve had with other Pie members, the hotter the better. So whether you hooked up a date through RHP or met at a Pie party, tell the tale! As always the best entry of the month takes home the cash money!

January 2011 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jan 13, 2011
We met another couple for the first time at the Gold Coast in December. We we're so hot that we could only stay at the club for half an hour before we rushed back to the hotel room and played truth or dare. Before long, the girls were going at it and we soon joined in. After 4 hours of hot sex in different positions we all fell asleep in same bed and did it again in the morning.... It was our first time and will definetly not be our last.... read more
"we rushed back to the hotel room and played truth or dare"
Posted: Jan 13, 2011
I tell the tale of my RHP encounter.I wont mention date or state. Loose lips,sink ships, u know how it goes. Fuck it, I'm telling! What started as a private chicken spanker session in front of the cam ( I think im addicted ) turns into my very surprised, hard, cock pounding some strange woman's arse in her front yard at 4.30 in the morning whilst her husband and kids slept.
Its a big front yard and we were amongst bushes off to the side with a faint streetlight to help me see her face as I fucked her as hard as I could.
I drive up slow with lights down n see her standing in front, my dick is so hard,she motions me to stop short and I do. She says park n I do. She was a nice looking woman,pretty face, big tits and enough curve to make me... read more
"I lifted her legs up on my shoulders and only hesitated for a second..."
At a beautiful beach penthouse whilst on our NSW trip this month....we were invited to a private party with 10 other sexy hot cpls...little to our knowledge we were the main coursel in more ways than words cld explain mmm lol...Entre was clothes kisses...subtle touches...fingers walking....caressing hands.....wet lips.....suggestive looks leading to a tasty buffet and an all-you-can eat smorgasbord. A warm naked spa....followed by US as a MAIN MEAL...served on a platter for all to share.OMG...speechless., breathless encounters had by all. Where was the night going as dessert became breakfast..warm naked bodies under crisp white sheets made us lust for more.....friends made & memories to last 4ever..we will do it again..Thnx to our hosts xx A n K... read more
"Entre was clothes kisses...subtle touches...fingers walking....caressing hands.....wet lips..."
Posted: Jan 18, 2011
The ladies wanted to replenish drinking stocks so i got to drive them ,so then they decided that it would be cool if we just drove around, so after doing this for a cpl of hours they needed to pee so i drove down to the beach front toilets. So after emptying the bladders they jumped back into the car,and we sat there and and all talked,maily the woman which i didnt mind(wink)lot of sex talk lol,so i excused myself so i could go pee,when i opened the door to get back into the car,here was my jane leaning over from the backseat into the front kissing the wife very passionately,im like wowwwwwwwwww,sitting down into te drives seat veiwing this,immediately i feel janes hand go onto my cock guided by the wifes hand,then after a few minutes the ladies get into te backseat where my wife positions jane in the... read more
"i got the wife in a doggy possition where her head was facing janes pussy wide open..."
Posted: Jan 27, 2011
I was sat on RHP on evening horny as hell just browsing through profiles and sending flirts to the ones i liked, shortly after i recieved an email from a couple not too far from me, the said they had liked my profile and where intrested in catching up for a few drinks.
I got ready and headed to their house and knocked on the front door, I was greeted by the female (who i will call lucy) who was wearing a sexy little red babydoll outfit with stockings and a garter belt, She had one of the sexiest bodies i had ever seen and once again my cock became hard.
I went inside and was led through to the lounge room where the male ( who i will call john) was sat and we all introduced ourselves and then went out the back and sat under the patio and had a... read more
"lucy moved inbetween my legs and guided her plastic cock too my ass"

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