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This month's Sex Secret topic is a tasty little treat to say the least! We're getting positively gastronomical in August and we're inviting all you master chefs to describe your hottest cuisine based hook ups. We wanna hear about the candle lit dinner you whipped up, and the whipping sessions that followed. We want to hear about the meals you've come up with in order to get into someone’s pants... and most importantly we want to hear about the smoking sack sessions which resulted! As always the hottest entries will take home the cash award... so get cooking.

August 2009 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Aug 03, 2009
A few years back we had gathered at a mates for our anual hottest 100 barbie! The beers were flowing and the good music was crankin! As usual I was in charge of the barbie and the cooking duties. I was half cut by the time we got the hot plate going but I was stright enough to notice a blonde that kept giving me sideways glances. She wasn;t one of our normal crew and after asking a few mates I found out she was the sister of one of their girlfriends.

As we started dishing up the meaty goods everyone made their way over to eat, as she was filling her plate she said how great everything looked. I said I was just thinking the same thing! Smooth enough to get myself into the conversation and a few beers later we were making out around the side of the house.... read more
"It took all of about twenty seconds before we were both starkers"
This basic trick blew my mans mind. First of all I tied him to the bed, I only wanted him to not peek at what I was about to do, but this added to his thrill. Then I went down on him slowly, dragging out his pleasure, stopping when he was about to peak - but I was alternating between piping hot coffee & freezing cold ice in my mouth. The change in sensations drove him wild. Prior to finishing him off, I made my excuses to leave the room, then brushed my teeth, followed by the stronges minty mouth wash I could find - then began pleasing him again orally, and the prickliness of the minty toothpaste & mouth wash, tingled his manhood in all the right places & he went off like a rocket. It was the best oral... read more
"Then I went down on him slowly, dragging out his pleasure, stopping when he was about to peak "
Posted: Aug 23, 2009
Last year my girlfriend and I spent the day at a ladies race day. It was a beautiful warm day and we were giggly and horny watching all the young men cruise past in their trendy suits. There is something about the races that just gets me so horny, maybe its all the pretty girls in their dresses and high heels.
We had planned to have a meal with our partners later in the evening. Town was buzzing with people happy from the days events. We made our way to our table that was outside and ordered some drinks. I was very flirty and I couldnt keep my hands off my man. After we had ordered our meals I sat back and took a sip of wine. My man kissed my neck and very inconspiculously put his hand up my dress. I felt the... read more
"I quickly spread my legs as he pulled my panties to the side "
Posted: Aug 25, 2009
Last summer me and my ex-girl..(love, we're home, bored, sunday summer arvo, chillin at home, hot as,no shirt, just boxes on...she got this cheerleader-looking skirt on and a light loose shirt with no bra on.... she was watchin t.v., i was listenin to my music on the laptop, when i went to have a nice juicy mangoin the kitchen... im eating it standing up next to the kitchen bench, with my back to the lounge..she comes from behing and start touching my body and runnin her hands all over me.... then grab my dick and start strokin it..she goes around me and on her knees starts suckin on my dick.... as she sucks on my cock i can feel the drops of mango juice as i eat it fallin and drippin from my mouth and runnin down my chest towards my hard cock and her mouth.... when im... read more
"we start kissing and rubbing each other with mango juice..."
Posted: Aug 26, 2009
Okay, it was a cold winter's night, and my man was working overtime when I'd decided to cook him a nice hot dish, complete with a warm red Merlot. I was dressed in a short black dress and high heels, with my hair up, looking pretty sultry. I'm just getting it out of the oven and onto the plates when I hear his key turn the lock. He comes over to me and puts his hands around my waist, sliding them up to cup my breasts and play with my nipples as his lips kiss me passionately, sliding his tongue in my mouth. "mmmmm, I can't wait to eat, I'm starving baby" he murmurs in my ear as he's running his lips down my neck. His hands slide down to grip my butt as I go to put the food on the table. As... read more
"His hands slide down to grip my butt as I go to put the food on the table."
Overall Winner
Posted: Aug 28, 2009
Some years back my g/f and I were staying at a mates house. We were just getting worked up one morning, trying to be quiet as my mates family was starting to get underway for the day. I had just had a marvellous feed on the honey-pot when a call went out that we were heading into town in half an hour. That was it; I'd come off the boil and would clearly have to wait until later that night to get my reward. Anyway, we headed out to go to town and on the way we saw a camping store, as our jobs at the time involved quite alot of living under canvass we decided to go in for a browse. Inside there was a large ground floor over which, for part of the floor space, there was a raised split-level platform. There... read more
"she's kneeling in front of me playing the flute like a demon while trying to get her belt undone."
Posted: Aug 31, 2009
My boyfriend needs lots of love, attention and sex. I told him he needed to find a second girlfriend as I wasn’t always available to see him. That very night he took himself off to a singles club, met a girl, took her home, shagged her and arranged for both of us to meet her the next night. He was very excited when he rang me the next day and asked if I would meet Lena with him. He told me she was a blonde, small but curvy, large breasts and a nice lady. By the time I got off the phone I was wet between the legs and excited about the night to come.
We met in a small pub. I felt a little nervous but when I met Lena she was as beautiful as I had been told and the three of us felt... read more
"I ran my hand down Lena’s back and caressed her arse cheek"

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