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September 2014 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Sep 02, 2014
Back in the day when a well known 18 to 35's travel company had use of the Great Keppel Island resort I fucked one of the most beautiful women I have ever been with. It all started on the first day I arrived there and the usual "beautful people" were there for NYE celebrations along with not so beautiful people wanting a good time as well. We were greeted by Nikki in the reception area and did a quick run down of the rules and regs of the place. Nikki was unbelievable she was around 5'10 with blonde hair and had the perkiest set of boobs which were enhanced by the tight yellow tops the female staff wore. I tried to cover my hard on with my bag, but Nikki had seen and smiled. Over the period of time I had Nikki for a lot of the free activities on... read more
"I was in heaven and we kissed up against the wall."
Posted: Sep 02, 2014
Nikki then said that she felt more attracted to me as I wasn't up myself like some of the other guests and this was one reason she chose me. After a bit more fucking Nikki wanted me to fill her with my cum. I obliged by firing a big load into her now soaking wet pussy. I then exited her licked up the excess and shared our mixture in a tongue probing kiss. I then suggested having a 69er to clean each other up. Nikki and I quickly maneuvered and we cleaning each other up in a flash. After that we kissed again to share our love juices. This went on for hours until it was time for me to depart.... read more
"After that we kissed again to share our love juices."
I felt a "twinge", so I drove around a new estate, topless. I'd beep for the attention, and lick the nipples of my DDs or flick them through my window. They watched, but none came near. Disappointed, I sat in my car at the side of the road.
A landscaper drove past down the hill, looking at me. I did a U-turn to follow him, pulled up in front of him, and gestured for him to follow. We arrived at the local park. He hopped out of his van and came around to my window. "Hi," he said.
I replied. "Nice morning, isn't it?"
"It is now. Your tits are beautiful. So what are you up to today? Just driving around being naughty?"
"Pretty much."
I could feel him shaking, as he squeezed my tits awkwardly. "Put them in your mouth," I suggested. He started sucking madly on my nipples. I whispered,"Let's hop into... read more
"He pulled his shorts down. I grabbed his massive hard-on firmly."
Posted: Sep 04, 2014
It was a Wednesday and I had been chatting to a very sexy and interesting young male on RHP. After the texting to and fro and then upon hearing the voice I organised with my new friend that I was driving over. I drove 1 and a half hours to his place one way. So it was a 3 hour round trip. He greeted me with a very hard erect cock underneath his pants. We started off kissing, caressing, and undressing each other in his bedroom. Exploring every inch of each others body with our fingers, hands, tongues, and mouth. His kisses and his tender touch sent tingling shivers down my spine and goose pimples all over my body. His erect hard penis was to die for. He knew how to use his pleasurable tool. What positions to make me moan with pleasure and it was never ending.... read more
"Exploring every inch of each others body with our fingers, hands, tongues, and mouth."
Posted: Sep 05, 2014
The best sex session I have ever had with my partner was when he tied me 2 the bed and fondled me so much I thought I was going to explode and then he pulled out a vibrater and tickled me with it and then he put it in me and then he parted me as to get to my clitoris and he licked me soooo much on my little hot spot that I cum very hard against his tounge and it felt so hot it still makes me horny when I think about it and I still masterbate thinking about it till this day,and I don't think he realises how good it was but I sure do. mmmmmm... read more
"The best sex session I have ever had with my partner was when he tied me 2 the bed"
Posted: Sep 10, 2014
We were at a work farewell for a staff member who was retiring, there about twenty of us out and there was a mixed group of ages and sex. We had not that long ago employed a young single mum who wanted a change of career. She was quite easy on the eye and easy going, she worked along side my wife and was always open and chatty about her sexual exploitations, but we never thought anything of it.
On the night of the farewell we all sat at one long table and being the boss we sat in the middle my wife on one side of the table and me on the other.
My wife had said to our new girl she would save her a seat as she said she may be a little late, we had all been seated and had a few drinks when she arrived.
As she arrived... read more
"we ended up stripped and going at it like honeymooners in Vegas."
Posted: Sep 01, 2014
My secret starts on a very cold lonely night I was invited to a friends penthouse suite who I had known for a long time (but only ever as a friend).
He was pretty keen on me so I thought I would finally experience what I'd been contemplating doing for quite sometime, as curiosity has always gotten the best of me.

We started off listening to some old classic songs on his comfy couch and he cracked open a bottle of penfolds 1998 vintage wine... Wine is a loss inhibitor for most people and I certainly was content when he leaned over to kiss me passionately. He was so hard when I felt him that I felt bad that it had been nearly two hours like that, I'm positive he was modestly hiding it from me the entire time.

I got on my knees unzipped his jeans and watching his eyes roll... read more
"he used whipped cream on my nipples, belly and pussy"
I was home alone one night as my partner works away so I jumped on the laptop & got on RHP, I started chating with a couple & we were soon disscussing our sexual wants & needs. They then had to go as they were going out for dinner & asked me if I would like to meet them after they had finished their dinner date so we exchanged phone numbers.
A couple of hours passed when I got a message askin me if I was still "keen" well I had had a few drinks & been online getting horny reading stories so I said yes.
We sat on the lounge & talked for a while when she started to extract her partners penis from his jeans while I watched, she started to give him a blowjob & I asked if I could join, with my... read more
"she started to extract her partners penis from his jeans while I watched"
Posted: Sep 01, 2014
We are in the motel room and my wife is pretty hot so no time at all I've got on my knees and fingerd her tight pussy till there was cum all over them and in two minutes she was ridding them as if my cock was in it so I take her legs and opened them like it is the shop up the road and licked that nice tight pussy as if it's the last one on earth with my fingers going from the puss to the ass and that's sent her crazy any way she took my cock and licked and sucked it just like a lolly pop and Iv said stop im just about to blow I said but she just keeped going with it and just five min down the track I blew right down her throat and she just keeps on sucking and in... read more
"stop im just about to blow I said but she just keeped going"
Posted: Sep 01, 2014
Got lots of rhp dirty deeds :) & i'd like to start with my favorite wanking memory off ''the pie''.
It starts like most fuck sessions,looking for A fellow dirty single or couple & this night i found a couple & she was stunning.We made her squirt like a hose & she loved being double fucked & two cocks in her mouth & swallowing both our loads like drinking shots :-p it was a great night of fucking & it still continues to this day.i still remember the 1st time he watched me pound her hot ass until i came & it was fucking joy.Best thing is the sex is getting so much more kinky & dirty + the memories will last a lifetime of wanking.... read more
"i still remember the 1st time he watched me pound her"
Posted: Sep 01, 2014
there was a guy i met off a dating site years ago he was younger than me he was 19 years old and he was an amazing lover he pleasured me in every exotic way we made love 14hrs straight i kid you not he made me breakfast crumpets and honey on top and i was naked in bed and my lover feed me this crumpet as i took abite from the crumpet the honey dripped down on my nipple and his response was i cant let that go to waiste let me lick it off your nipple and then he kissed me and we had some hot sex he said lay back relax and he gently pushed my legs half way up in the air and he began licking my virgina and sucking my g spot he said u taste like sugar and he continued licking... read more
"he pleasured me in every exotic way we made love 14hrs straigh"
Posted: Sep 01, 2014
It was warm in the empty laundrette and the hum of the washers and tumble dryers and the scent of fabric softener lulled and comforted me…. I pulled my phone out of my bag, put in my earphones and selected random on my playlist then closed my eyes and relaxed against the washer in front of me.
I get lost instantly to music, to the warmth of the room and to the vibrations from the washer which enveloped me, my mind wandered…

The next song on the play list started. My eyes still closed I found myself moving to the rhythm, and I lean forward across the washer, legs apart moving my hips to the rhythm…
It was then that I became aware of the lightest of touches against my neck, and then another on my shoulder as soft hands reached around to the straps of my dress…moving against me, I... read more
"I moan as it is slowly dipped inside then back across its now slick target."
Posted: Sep 01, 2014
Date night it was. Always a night to look forward to. But this night was going to be different. I could just feel it. Perhaps it was the red, lacy and very sexy lingerie I chose to put on, just for him!! I wanted to show him how hot I was for him. But good things cum to those who wait right! So there was no funny business happening. Not yet anyway.
So i slipped on my dress and knee high boots and off we went for dinner. Little did I know that my suspenders were on show. I could see it in his eyes how much this turned him on.
We had a lovely dinner and a nice bottle of wine. You could just tell by the way we looked so deeply into each others eyes that tonight was going to be special. The way he... read more
"I took him in my mouth and i could feel his body shudder."
Posted: Sep 01, 2014
One saturday I noticed that someone was moving in to the house across the road. After the removalists has left I decide to introduce myself to the new people in the street. When I knocked on the door a gorgeous blonde with skimpy top and tight shorts on opened the door( let's call her "S"). "S" said "hello" and I struggled to say hello and introduced myself and welcome her to the area. I then asked S if she wanted some help. She said yes if it wasn't interfering with my day. For the next few hours we moved furniture into place. After this "S" offered me drink and I thanked her for it. While resting we talked and I found out she was recently divorced and her ex had their child for the weekend. "S" had noticed that I was looking at her C size breasts as the... read more
"we lost count how many times we came"
Posted: Sep 01, 2014
It started in Paris where I meet some female University students from Minneapolis USA, I was my usual horny self and tried to woo one of them (J) to bed but unfortunately it did not happen, so we made plans to catch up in London.
So a week passes and I meet them in London and I show them around the sights, we end up in Covent Gardens for a drink or few and end up at their Hotel, they (3 girls) say you mighht as well stay with us as it is very late (they were all sharing the same room), so I agree and organise a spot on the floor close the the girl that I was keen on (J) , I then give the girls a kiss goodnight the first (F) on was on the cheek but the second girl (S) made sure she... read more
"I kissed my way down to her boling honeypot and kissed the lips of her sweet pussy and......"
Posted: Sep 01, 2014
We tried our best to keep our love making quiet but when it is so sensual it is impossible and the other girl (F) woke saw what was happening and went back to sleep (I'm sure she thought she was dreaming) We kept the pleasure going until it was time to return to my spot next to the other girl (J), when we all woke up in the morning the other 2 girls did not suspect a thing had gone on that night but my mind was racing with the "forbidden like" pleasure that I had.
I exchanged addresses and said that I would pass thru Minneapolis and am I glad that I did as (S) and I really got into the shenanigans plus she introduced me to one of her girlfriends and we all had one hell of a time (but that's another story)
... read more
"We tried our best to keep our love making quiet but when it is so sensual it is impossible"
Posted: Sep 01, 2014
After a few emails we decided to meet for the first time at the local pub on the dance floor. For a while we teased each other dancing with other people until she made her way over to me and backed up against me for a wriggle. We hardly spoke to each other but I'm sure she could feel my cock about to explode as she rubbed her cute little arse up against me while we danced. After many drinks we grabbed a cab and headed back to her place. Ater hours of feeling each other up on the dance floor we finally got to remove some clothes. I was very pleased to see her amazing size 12 figure in some very sexy blue satin lingerie. I guess we considered the foreplay over with on the dance floor back at the pub. She sat straight onto my cock and started... read more
"30 minutes later I was in the midst of some of the best fucking I had ever been involved in..."
Posted: Sep 01, 2014
Let me tell you about one of the best fucks ever had ....mmm was so good. I got to use muscles I had forgotten about *EWG*
You have to understand that I had not had actual intercourse in 6 years - my Ex due to medical probs could not.
Had been talking to R for few weeks and was comfortable to organise a meet. He invited be over to his place for drinks to see if we clicked in person
I was so scared as actually met up at his house. I had informed a trusted friend the address and had an sms set up for safety. I parked at his place and sat out front for a little while to get the courage up. In the end I rang to make sure was at the right house. He met me at the door in just casual clothes and led me to... read more
"When he slid it in I was so wet already its was mind blowing!..."
Posted: Sep 01, 2014
I guess as I've got older, there has been a change in my preferences and I have decided to cast the net wider to experience different things.
With this in mind, I was perusing a site one night when I noticed a profile that mentioned using a strap-on on men. Being pretty much a vanilla hereto fella, I was surprised at how much the thought of this attracted me, and decided to send an expression of interest. It took a couple of days, but a chat request appeared, which I accepted. I asked about the strap-on and eventually, after a couple of hours, was even more turned on and decided to go for a meeting at her place. She prefaced that she just wanted to watch me being fucked by her - not the other way round. I felt like an elastic band inside me had just snapped.
The night of the... read more
"She was very keen to go, so I asked her if I could try the small strap-on "
Posted: Sep 14, 2014
In Sydney one weekend, my husband & i went to a club with a live band. after a cpl of drinks at the bar, the band started playing, we moved closer to the dance floor, but really packed, thats ok, we just stood there & i was moving to the rhythm of the music. suddenly, i feel this hand behind me brushing my leg, as packed as it was, it wasn't a bump.! thinking no more of it, i kept my dancing going on the one spot. i was wearing a mini, stay ups, & a very brief 'g' sting. again i feel this hand rub my leg & bottom of my mini, this time it felt sexy.
Now i'm really getting horny feeling his hand creeping up my leg to the top of my stay ups. I look at my husband & he is in his own world. this guy... read more
"Now i'm really getting horny feeling his hand creeping up my leg"
Posted: Sep 16, 2014
I am laying here thinking of you. An innocent enough act, if it weren't for the reactions of my body betraying my arousal just at the mere thought of you. My breasts become fuller as the blood flows to them, the tingling sensation of my nipples as they pucker and harden. The ache between my legs as even I "feel" the blood rushing to engorge my aching clit and my body develops a buzz all it's own! The pulsing, demanding, incessant and unassuaged hunger that my flesh seems to have developed for yours.

I remember the night you first bound and blindfolded me. Face up first, giggling and blushing and wanting you to do to me anything you wanted. You took my arms first and placed the restraints around my wrists then lifted my head from the pillow to slip on the blindfold.... read more
"I wanted to touch you so badly but could not free myself."
Posted: Sep 17, 2014
We met on line, chatted then phoned each other. It took as 3 days for us to make plans to meet interstate for a long weekend filled with hot steamy sex. We counted down the days, hours and minutes till we both flew out to meet in Melbourne. We both had families so we both made up stories where we were going. I was spending a shopping weekend in Melbourne, well it was a little white lie.
Our planes landed 10 minutes apart from each other, we had talked on the phone for hours planning every detail down to what we would be wearing and what we were going to do.
I was waiting at gate 24 looking at my phone waiting for his call, I was dressed in corporate black suite, black stockings, white blouse undone just enough to show my sexy bra and glasses. I looked up and there coming... read more
" I couldn't move from excitement, I wanted him, I was so wet and he was so ready to take me"
Posted: Sep 18, 2014
The best sex I ever had was with my besty and her partner, we spent the day at the beach drinking went back to their house after and all got in the shower clothed to get the sand off next thing me and my besty are making out and her boyfriend was touching me up we got our clothes of and went into the bedroom still wet from the shower, I went down on my besty and she on me, then we both gave her partner head he was in pure extacy, she asked if her boyfriend could fuck me I said yes of course he was a hottie, so anyways he was fucking me from behind while I made my besty cum with my tongue, after that night things got weird they wanted me to be their play toy everytime we had a catch up I had... read more
"I went down on my besty and she on me, then we both gave her partner head"
Posted: Sep 22, 2014
It all started a decade ago when I was on holdiays in Egypt. Due to a high profile event our tour group was small, which was great as then I could get to know everyone. When were at a museum I was looking at a display when one of the ladies starting talking to me. Her name was Dorothy and was from the USA. After we left the museum we started chatting on the bus until we boarded our train south. We were allocated in same sex cabins for the train ride, but before bed Dorothy wanted to tease me by whispering that she wanted to suck my dick. We ducked into the toilet while no one was around and after pulling down my pants around my ankle Dorothy was able swallow my dick whole. Now my dick is around 8 inches so there is plenty of meat to suck... read more
"When her room mate turned up Dorothy was in the cowgirl position"
Posted: Sep 27, 2014
There are some people you meet and instantly get a very distinct feeling that you'll soon be getting to know each other very intimately. I was lucky enough to meet such a woman on my last trip over seas. A fellow back packer, I spotted her dawdling through the communal garden surrounding the small rustic chalets we were staying in. Her green eyes and lightly freckled pale skin drew me in in a second and we enjoyed a casual but engaging conversation for the better part of a half hour. Having already made plans with some other travelers I said my good bye and suggested we grab dinner that night. As any traveler knows, plans are subject to change, and I did not return till 11:30 PM; hoping (but not expecting) that she'd still be around. Luck was on my side, I spotted her sitting and watching a fire twirler,... read more
"The hot night air saw us sharing a shower by candle light"
Overall Winner
Posted: Sep 30, 2014
We were on a short weekend trip. I'd asked him to bring a suit - I love a man in a suit. Super sexy! I was wearing my little black dress, breasts filling my décolleté, the fabric hugging my hips and flowing around my legs. The fanciest restaurant we could find was the local Italian. As we walked in, all heads turned. We were clearly overdressed, but we didn't care. We only had eyes for each other as we sat there and ate, talking about anything and everything. I couldn't take my eyes off this handsome man sitting across from me, and I could tell he loved the view of my cleavage.
After a delicious meal we headed back to the car. He loves building the excitement and anticipation, and we got in the car. I could barely focus on the road as his hand started sliding up and down... read more
"I love when my I have to beg to cum, and he knows it."

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