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Septembers’ Sex Secrets theme is very hard and very, very hot! This month we want all your blue collar sexcapades; the plumbers, the waitresses, the builders, the maids... whatever happened, however it happened we want to hear about it! Invited the milkman in for a little morning flesh romp? Tell us about it. Took the barmaid home for some boozy bedroom madness? Tell us about it. And don't ever forget friends, each month the best Sex Secret entry takes home the cash award! So get writing.

September 2012 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Sep 01, 2012
My story is a little backwards as i was the barmaid who was taken home

Another busy night at work but through the drunks i still spotted him the guy id had the biggest crush on Travis. Trav as he was known was the bad boy of the town always getting into some sort of trouble to me he was a god a 6 foot 5 gorgeous muscular god. As usual we flirted id give him free drinks not thinking anything would happen but a girl can always dream After close i went to my car to see a tall dark stranger sitting on the hood as i got closer the dark shadow was Trav my insides churned as he gave me a soft kiss on the lips & asked if i could give him a lift home of course i said yes We got into the car & before i... read more
"soft moans escaped from my lips as he pulled my knickers to the side"
Posted: Sep 02, 2012
it was very hot and i awoke with a major hangover, way up in Cooktown in a pub.After dragging my sorry arse out of bed to answer the door to the maid. She was there to make up the room that i was still sleeping in. What a stunner she was, with medium legth blonde hair tied back in a bun on her head,just a t-shirt that showed her great shape and pointy nipples,a very un flatteringpair of shorts that showed well shaped and suntanned legs.
I told her i would need a shower and she said she could give me a bit more time but would be back.
The showers in this pub were at the end of the hall in line with the outside balcony with a shower curtain for some modest privacy.As the steam was building during my shower i opened the balcony door and noticed the maid was... read more
"i turned and faced the open door and there was my blond honey sitting on a chair having a smoke and "
Overall Winner
Posted: Sep 08, 2012
I was in this chat room looking too hookup with a nice hot guy as I am bi but not out so still a major secret. We got chatting and things got to the point where we exchanged numbers and planned to meet the next day. I sent some txt and we managed to line up a time that was a bit tight as I needed to be home. Anyway I arrived at his apartment where we exchanged pleasantries and headed to his room. We got there and he said "shall we just get into it" is said yes as I had this 20 something student with a hot smooth body standing in front of me. We were only wearing our tight boxers and he grabbed me and started kissing me passionately whilst removing my boxers. I returned the favour, he then lay me down and started to kiss and... read more
" I panicked at first but then got excited about being found out."
Posted: Sep 09, 2012
It was another stinking hot Perth day and without the aircon I was getting uncomfortably hot on the sofa reading Fifty Shades of Grey. "How's the book going?" the electrician interrupted my flight in Christian Grey's helicopter. I looked up and, convinced the cover of the book looked innocent enough, murmured a noncommittal response. "There really must be something in it - that Mummy-porn is taking the suburbs by storm" he persisted. Fuck, he knew what I was reading! I blushed, but tried to shut him up with "how about you focus on your work before you electrocute yourself!" Now I was riled and finding it difficult to focus on Grey’s hotel room. My mind wandered as I noticed Ben was amused, and I suspected might even be flirting with me. He clearly had a gym fit body that his stubbies and singlet weren't doing much to hide. This... read more
"As he turned slowly around I could see he was already sporting a huge semi"
Posted: Sep 16, 2012
I was a young 20 yo apprentice plumber working for my dad's business.
Working alone on a reno iin a inner Melbourne suburb.
Just about to lock up for the day.

I was busting for a leak; the Porta loo hadn't turned up. there was not a working toilet in the place.
So ducking behind a strand of bamboo in the backyard, i yanked out my old fella and let go with a welcome stream of piss. It felt sensational with the hot sun warming my body, as i happily pissed on the bamboo.

Lingering, just as i was about to give it a final shake; l suddenly felt horny and found myself with a hard on.

Ahem !!! I heard.

Spinning my body around i saw this cute young girl in a red bikini smiling at me over the side fence.
Don't be embarrassed, I like what i see; she said licking her lips, with her... read more
"nice she said.kiss me or i will break it off."
Posted: Sep 26, 2012
I was working for a company that had a high turnover of staff, so getting to know people was difficult. So one night when we were farewelling a much loved staff member some of us went out for tea in the city. As per usual I got a taxi into to town so I could get on the booze. After tea when we said our goodbyes, I got a lift with one the accounts staff members. Mel was a mature woman who was divorced and had late teenage children. So when we got to my rented unit I said goodbye to Mel and thought that was that. 5 minutes later I heard a knock on the door. It was Mel again. This time she expressed her feelings for me. Mel was open and upfront that she wanted me to fuck her. I was gobsmacked, but I let her in. Under... read more
" I moved her up against the wall and entered her. Our bodies melted into each other."

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