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Ever had a hot encounter where you walked away not even knowing their name? Anonymous sex is so hot because it's often dirty, sometimes a little dangerous and always naughty! Did you lock eyes with a stranger on the train and follow them to a dark alley for a quickie? Or organise for a stranger online to find you blindfolded and tied to your bed, ready to be used however they desired? Share your sauciest anonymous sex story with us for your chance to take home the monthly cash prize!

January 2020 Submitted Sex Secrets

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Posted: Jan 01, 2020
This happened at a kinky swingers party in Adelaide. I was fortunate to get an invite, even though I was alone. Met a few ladies out there and exchanged pleasantries. There was one lady who was in her red lingerie. She caught my attention and was really very hot and sensual. I was eyeing her for a while even when we were playing pool and she caught me staring at her. To be honest, she didn't give me a second look and moved on.

When the party started and couples had started playing, I could see this lady in red was blindfolded and being pleasured by someone. Didn't know if it was her partner or someone else, but I liked it and was standing next to them and watch them play. I was naked and my cock was in its full glory. Stroking my cock gently, I asked permission from the... read more
"She was lying naked in front of me, only her blindfold on being pleasured by a complete stranger.."
Posted: Jan 02, 2020
I have seen a woman on and off for over 8 months and the play is really good but I dont know who she is. She keeps her family life very much to herself and we have excellent sex, but at the end of the day I know first name and very little more.

The anonymity actually makes it more fun because we know each other very intimately but the relationship is about escape and pleasure.

It works for me because it works for her.... read more
"I have seen a woman for over 8 months and the play is really good but I dont know who she is.."
Posted: Jan 16, 2020
Porn, we all watch it.

I always wondered why a lot of the porn made didn't really do it for me. The loud fake screams from ladies, the posturing of men. It's all too scripted, not authentic. For me, I get turned on by connection, attraction, vibe. Hot sensual and in-tune. An analogy I've always liked is - you want someone tuned into the same radio station as you. No static.

I've been thinking about the different porn keywords I type on a regular basis and taking note. Think about it, it really helps to understand where you're at, what makes you tick. Just like an old Spotify playlist, it's interesting how you evolve and move on from things, while others make comebacks. That's the way I've been finding it. The buffet of kinks.

One of the porn fantasies I had was one that remained secret. One that only incognito mode of chrome... read more
"My stranger and I discussed the scenario, the safe words etc and a time/place, and we locked it in."

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