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Well this month we've got a spring in our step, sure it's a common saying but we're all about the literal interpretation in October so we want to hear about your hottest swinging experience. Yes indeed, it's time to throw the car keys into the bowl and get sexified! We want all the juicy details, who, when, how, where! Get your typing hat on and get your entry in. And don't forget, each month the best entry will win an awesome cash award!

October 2008 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Oct 06, 2008
So my man and I had been talking about a foursome for a while. We'd been looking on RHP for a hot sexy couple to unleash our fantasy upon. There was one sexy couple that we were extremely attracted to, but msn just didnt seem to be getting us very far, although our fantasies of them drove us wild during our raunchy sex sessions. One night we are out at a local bar and we had to do a double take when we saw the hot couple we'd been chatting to on the other side of the room. All of a sudden we feel a tinge of anxiety as we realise our fantasies may become reality. Its obvious that they had already noticed us as the female (lets call her f) met our eyes with a cheeky devious smile. My mans phone rings and he had to go outside... read more
Posted: Oct 19, 2008
31 years old male- concrete labourer, met him at the bottle' o when i was buying a bottle of wine to take to my f buddys(26) sisters place, cos we were going there for dinner. Saw K ill call him examining the reds and not knowing much about wine asked him his opinion on the shiraz, cause i was out to have a good nite and needed something special, he glaneced at me, and then took a long look, i had short hair at the time red and black and my dd breasts were spilling out of a black lace bustier, tight black jeans hugging my arse, well actualy he said, if your after a good nite you need something really special- ive got an 1989 reisling at hoe that you can have- for a special occasion such as this. so i said, tha'd be great mate and hopped in... read more
Posted: Oct 19, 2008
the continued saga......, when i could feel he was really stiff i rolled off him onto my back a,d he grabbed my arms, pushing them down as he slid his thick hard prick into my slic folds, ramming into me hard, pushing himself deeper, as i pushed my pelvis up into him, grinding myself harder impaling my dripping cunt further onto his engorged shaft, he slammed into me hard, faster and faster pumping his cock deep inside my wetness until he came inside me filling me with his hot load, just as i arched my back and strted screaming and moaning in orgasm, my cum spraying his dick and balls with sticky wetness, he pulled out and kissed me, but i wanted more, turning top to toe so i could slide his cock into my mouth tasting my own essence on him, sucking hard, while his fingers and tongue explored... read more
Overall Winner
Posted: Oct 30, 2008
We met “Brad & Magenta” through RHP, exchanged hot photos and spoke on the phone. Brad’s voice down the other end of the phone was sexy as hell & I was keen to meet them both. For our first date we arranged to meet for a drink. I noticed Brad’s lovely eyes & smile & Magenta’s gorgeous blond hair but I could not take my eyes off Magenta’s beautiful cleavage. We chatted, laughed & relaxed over drinks. Soon I was feeling quite horny & wondering what it would be like to get intimate with these two. We did swap partners for a hot passionate kiss in a dark corner of car park, but it was over all too soon & definitely left me wanting more.

Our second date was at our home. After the meal, we dimmed the lights, lit some candles & put on an adult DVD. Seeing Magenta... read more

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