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It's the yuletide season, and we're celebrating the greatest holiday bangs of all time! Whether you bagged the hotel receptionist last Xmas, or you bagged your teenage love after a Boxing Day barbie, we want to hear about it! And don't spare us the details, the hottest entry takes home the cash award

December 2018 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Dec 11, 2018
Last New Year’s Eve we were in Darwin had a huge night drinking and dancing and about 230am we decided to head back to our hotel on the way home walking we would stop and have a kiss and a play and I couldn’t wait to get to get her home she looked so hot in a short black sequin dress with no bra on and enjoyed all the drunks perving on her all night . We got to the hotel and waited for the lift with another bloke a business man of some sort we were laughing and joking with him and finally the lift door opens and we enter with him we were on the top floor . My partner wished him happy new year while I had my hand on her arse he noticed and said that looks fun can I ? Being pissed I said sure... read more
"He noticed and said 'that looks fun, can I...?'"
Posted: Dec 16, 2018
I remember going to a Picnic Race Meeting in Western NSW and being asked by my Aunt if I would give a lift to someone. The someone was a girl who I used to go with to my Aunt and Uncles property in school holidays when we were younger. Then we in our early teens and just muck around helping out - we were like brother and sister. I remember her as flat chested but fit young girl who loved the outdoor activities on farm. No chemistry then.

Then 8 years later giving her lift in my car from Sydney to Western NSW well over that weekend the sexual tension developed. This young girl had grown into an attractive woman. When I picked her up both our eyes met for a momentary stare. It was one of those moments when you know there is a connection. The 5 hour car... read more
"'Over the weekend the sexual tension grew...'"

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