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September is supercharged sex month at RedHotPie and we want to hear about your hottest hook-up of all time.. we're talking world beating bed sessions! It's all about the reward for hard work this month. The shags that came as a result of those long gym sessions or maybe it was that new dress of suit that scored for you. We've all had a little effort rewarded at one time or another so now it's time to recount your successes! And remember, the best stories each month win a sweet cash award.

September 2008 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Sep 03, 2008
after i seperated from my ex( call her sally) i got a chance at her closest friend one of the ones who said to dump me.I had heard stories that she was wild & i used to think how good it would be to fuck her.So i saw her out & she was drunk,at first she didnt want to talk out of loyalty but i brushed past her with my hard cock & she got interested in a hurry so after a chat i offered her a lift home,next thing you know after telling her i always wanted her & i wld not tell she leaned towards the drivers seat and started sucking my cock whilst i drove.In & out,her mouth was warm & wet & she sucked my shaft like her life depended on it.I was holding her down deepthroating her whilst i drove.Messing with her i... read more
Posted: Sep 14, 2008
My then boyfriend was known to cheat on me a number of times but i always took him back.
A few weeks later he was off to QLD for schoolies & promised he wouldn't do anything even though i said we'll have a break because i know he can't not cheat on me but he insisted this would be the big test.
Not even a week had gone by and i get a phone call from a guy he went with to tell me what he'd walked in on and apologised but said its wrong so he wanted to tell me. That was it for me!
I went to work upset but tried to put on a brave face because i'd only been working there a few weeks. Of course my eyes gave it away & it was noticed by one of the girls there and she come to comfort me & told... read more
Posted: Sep 15, 2008
a long time ago i had my eye on my mates girlfirend.... he often talked about their sex life and it had me exceptionally curious...we often socialised together and i always ended up in a very flirty conversation with her. anyhow one night we were out drinking together, we chose a quiet beach over 50kms from home, so that we could have a bom fire and a few quiet drinks on the beach. my mate was watching what he drank as he was the designated driver... big mistake because naturally his girlfriend and i were very flirtacious with a few drinks under the belt too. some time after midnight we decided to call it a night but low and behold the car wouldnt start.... we knew there was a caravan park nearby so we went back there and all chipped in for a caravan. now that my mate could drink... read more
Overall Winner
Posted: Sep 16, 2008
Id had a date one night and it was a complete dud. Was holding out a bit of hope that he would be someone special, but it just wasnt meant to be. So, I got home and logged on to my msn and a guy I had been chatting to from RHP was online. He knew about my date and asked after me, told him the dreaded outcome and as usual he offered to come and "make me feel better!" For about a month, I had been resisiting his advances, dont know why but because of my date disaster and being incredibly horny, I said to him, yes, get in your car and get up here now. Now I knew this guys name and had seen him on cam, but thats it.
But still, I gave him my address and told him to hurry and get here as soon as... read more
Posted: Sep 17, 2008
To my surpise i came home from work and my fuck buddy was there and so was my best friend, my fuck buddie never came over eles i was there, i soon found out that they where fuckinig behind my back while i was at work, she was my best friend for years and i know what she was like she had done it to one of our other friends as well but i didnt think she would do it to me, so anyways this best friend of mine just broke up with her boyfriend and moved in with me... after i found out that they where together, one nite they rooted next to her mum and he split her open cause he was hunge like a horse, when she was at her new boyfriends place for the nite i called up her ex boy friend and he came and... read more
Posted: Sep 18, 2008
I was on a business trip to Melbourne,had a really shit day,stressed out and couldn't wait to get to my hotel room and settle a glass of good red.I got into the lift and there was a woman in the lift with a lot of promotional material,she looked really glum. I said ,have a hard day,she said,total fuck up.I invited her for a drink and surprisingly she accepted.I helped her with her boxes and we went back to my room. It didn't take us long to finish a bottle and we chatted about the day. I said,stuff it lets relax, do you want a massage.She lay on the bed face down and I removed some layers of clothes and started massaging, she relaxed, I took off her bra and skirt and she had g string nickers on, I left them and massaged all over moved inside her thighs and she... read more
Posted: Sep 24, 2008
i was at this girls house to see her and watch dvd.we arranged to have a threesome with C and her frind Named N.we started to kiss and play on the couch when things got a bit hot and time to go to the room.
I said to c go get your friend N tell her to come join us,C came back and said she doesnt want too Just wants to and C got it on for about an hour.we finsihed and stayed for a about an hour then left to go home.N came racing out and asked me where i was going i said home coz nothing is happening like we arranged to have the threesome.N was saying that c is P***** at her for some reason.N asked me to stay she didnt want me to go.I Then said to N lets go beack inside and do waht... read more
Posted: Sep 27, 2008
I lived with my partner in an apartment block. He was really boring when it came to sex. His veeeery sexy mate lived downstairs and we always flirted with each other but it never went anywhere. One night we were all drinking and I decided that I would see if I could get my partner and his sexy friend to have a threesome. I put on very sexy lingerie underneath a very tight black dress with my knee high boots. If anything was going to get this going it would be this outfit!! We all went out to the pub and had a few drinks, I danced around with them both teasing them a little by dancing with one of my girlfriends. My partner did not even notice!! He was too busy playing pool and chatting to his mates. I decided that one way or another I was going to... read more
Posted: Sep 28, 2008
Mine was a quick in the gym, showers. I'm married and straight. I saw this guy go into a shower stall, and he kind of wave on the way in. So i went in and closed the door. I was nervous and then I got a glimpse of his cock. It was awesome. He just said 'suck my dick if you like' I looked at his cock as it grew from his fit as body. I actually got down on my knees in the shower and started sucking his cock, I tasted his big knob and kept going. He then grabbed my head firmly from behind and just pushed half his cock down my throat. I was getting into this, he was hard as rock. i sucked and licked and rubbed his precum all over my face. With no warning at all he started to cum, half in my mouth... read more
Posted: Sep 28, 2008
I was recently on holiday laying on a beautiful sunny beach. I am nor shy and enjoy sunbaking nude, (it also turns me on) I figured I was far enough away from home not to get caught out. I stripped off and lay down on my towel. I was laying there enjoying the feel of the windon my nipples when I realized a guy had sat beside me. I could see him looking at my nipples. I was instantly wet. I couldn't beleive how horny it was making me. I was having an effect on him too his cock was trying to burst out of the side of his speedos. I thought how hot would it be to fuck him in the bushes. Stuff it you only live once. I stood up and bent over to pick up my clothes of course I showed him my pussy and waited... read more

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