Holiday Humpin'

It's the yuletide season, and we're celebrating the greatest holiday bangs of all time! Whether you bagged the hotel receptionist last Xmas, or you bagged your teenage love after a Boxing Day barbie, we want to hear about it! And don't spare us the details, the hottest entry takes home the cash award

December 2016 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Dec 06, 2016
Sitting in the ute I can't believe what I am hearing.. I turn to Phil, my current mercy fuck, ready to rip his head off. "So you're telling me that this Xmas party, is actually a birthday party for a swingers couple that you message on RHP and You have never met?" Watching his head nod up and down, made me want to slap him with the $100 hairdressers bill I got for getting ready for the night.

"It'll be fine ... Everyone's there to have fun.. Look you don't have to so anything ... No means no, and if you feel uncomfortable, we will give each other our safe word "Pringles" and we both go home. We leave together" even though his mouth is moving .. I still can't believe I'm actually going ahead with this.

Phil was a guy I met months ago, who saved me from... read more
" But a swingers Xmas birthday party that was something different."
The wife and I were newly weds spending our first Christmas together with my relatives on the Gold Coast. Sexy wife was in a sexy, slinky blue dress that zipped all the way down her back and front with 2 zips allowing you to unzip from the bottom and from the top. It was fun playing with her zips all day, having a feel, especially as she wasn't wearing any underwear.

Standing talking to my Uncle behind the bar while my wife is stroking the front of my pants; eating dinner one handed while my other hand is under the table cloth running up her inner thighs and fondling her lips and clit; sitting in the lounge across from my vixen trying to hold a conversation with some relatives while she is deliberately repeatedly doing her Sharon Stone Basic Instinct impression crossing and uncrossing her legs in my direction... read more
"Sliding into her hot wet pussy from behind was divine after hours of teasing"
Posted: Dec 23, 2016
It all started at a well known Adelaide hotel on a hot friday night where our small company had gathered to relax after a long year. When I arrived most of the group were there including my bit on the side (Anna) We had a sex a couple of times in the past, but never amounted to anything more than a sexy email or text message ther day after on how much we enjoyed the night. Anna is my manager and as usual she dressed in a tight top and a mini skirt showing her hot body at 46. Being more legs than anything a mini skirt shows them off big time. By chance we sat opposite each other chatting away Anna had to get up for a bathroom break. As I was appreciating the sight I got a signal she hadn't used in a long time. The one she... read more
"As soon as we got in our clothes were off and stood there appreciating each others body."

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