The Swinging Season

Tis the silly season and to celebrate we want to hear about your hottest, most erotic, most skin tingling swingers session in this month's Sex Secret's comp! We want to hear about that group love encounter that set your body on fire, the sexy encounter with some like-minded hotties that endeared you to the lifestyle! And as always, the most electrifying entry will take home the cash award, so make it cook!

December 2013 Submitted Sex Secrets

We were in London on holidays and wanted to check out the London swingers club scene so we went along to F Club. It was a Friday night and it was their Greedy Girls night with quite a few fairly good looking single guys present.

We had had a drink at the bar and were wandering around checking out all the different spaces inside the club when a couple approached us and invited us to join them and 3 preselected guys in a room. The husband of this couple was quite a bit older and she was an attractive slim blonde with good sized boobs spilling out of her top. We said, sure we'd love to!

As soon as the door to the room was closed the girls got straight into getting hot and heavy with the single guys. I sat down on a chair to untie my shoes and the husband... read more
"I looked over to my wife and she was already naked on her back with legs in the air"
Posted: Dec 17, 2013
Mike drops me off at the park, I’m wearing canvas little sneakers, thigh high black stockings, a short black shirt with buttons down the front and a black singlet with a zip down the front. We walk over to you and I give you a hug and stupidly introduce you two, not knowing that you’ve already met before to organize the day. Mike pulls me in and gives me a big hard kiss, lifts up my skirt to reveal my thing and smacks my ass. He tells me to have a good time, then you say ill make sure she has a blast”, with a grin on your face. Mike says he has to go and he says to me that he will see me soon,

You and I go play on the playground, just acting like children going down the slide and playing on the monkey bars... read more
"you stand between my legs, your fingers start to unbutton my skirt"
Posted: Dec 17, 2013
I sit up as I’ve heard someone approaching behind me , you kiss me so I can’t see mike coming with a blindfold in his hands, as you pull away from me he puts the blindfold on , I go to rip it off, but he tell me not to , and to trust him, I recognise his voice so I calm down, he’s standing at the head of the table pulling me down , so I lay back down , he bites my neck as he unzips my top, then his hands bring my arms up above my head and handcuffs them to the chain attached to the table, I hear you take a sharp breath in , and feel you slide my thong to the side, you see I’m already wet, and you give me a quick lick, before you grab a small ice cube and very... read more
"as you pull away from me he puts the blindfold on"
Posted: Dec 17, 2013
Mike pulls me down the table and pry’s my legs apart, he then handcuffs my ankles to the chain at the other end of the table, he puts cushions under my ass, as he inserts his fingers inside , he starts pumping me hard and fast I have no control of my orgasm’s , every thrust he makes , makes my cum , while he’s doing this , you unzip your pants, and cradle my neck just like mike showed you how, and thrust your hardness inside my mouth, I feel you throb and I lick and suck and roll my tongue around your rock hard throbbing cock, the site of me sucking you off is turning mike on , so much he can stand just having his fingers inside me , he pushes his member side my dripping wetness, and starts thrusting in and out , every time... read more
"mike asks me if I want something in my mouth and I nod"
The girls were our Xmas presents the Friday night before Xmas eve.
I received the simple text message as I sat in the nearby bar
Sipping on a red wine. “Cum”
I had earlier set up my lady with her long term lover L.
With a getting re acquainted session at the local motel.
She hadn't fucked him for over 12 months as he had been living interstate on a big business deal. I didn't mind it always turned me on to do the planning and organizing.
I had as an extra surprise as desired also by L sent S and D to their room to give my lady a naked massage and turn a twosome into a foursome.
Now I was about to turn the night into a five some; before her lover L, left to catch a plane.
As I walked into the room after being let in. the double bed was quickly... read more
"I walked into the room...the double bed was quickly turned back into an orgy of naked bodies"
Overall Winner
Posted: Dec 27, 2013
She went there with one thing on her mind. She was determined to find a playmate for them.She knew he was hot... They had sexual history and she knew that he would be perfect for them.She sipped on her drink while she prepared her body. Silky smooth all over she dressed in her most seductive lingerie and sensuously rolled the black lace top stockings up her legs and slipped into her stilettos. She did not bother with the black lace panties she had laid out. They would not be on long enough.

Her heart was racing and she was wet with anticipation.. It had been a while since they had played . How would be react to her request and the details of her new sexual adventure with her master.There was a knock at the door. Taking a deep breath that pushed be luscious breasts almost out of their restraints, she... read more
"She is writhing with need and silently begs him with her eyes to take her."
Posted: Jan 02, 2014
It was 11pm the Belgrave train was practicably empty as it was midweek and holiday time.
The train was a limited express. It stopped at Surry Hills before jumping to BoxHill.
I saw her as the train pulled in a dark haired beauty in her early thirties; I guessed.
She entered my carriage and sat opposite me. I thought as I looked a nice guy for security.
She smiled ; your name is ? Anton; I responded. Tonight is your lucky night Anton.
I shrugged and smiled my reply. Would you like a specially warmed cherry she asked? I nodded. She didn't even have a handbag?
She pulled her skirt up to display a well shaven pussy. She deftly extracted
Two cherries still attached to their stems. A treat for my boyfriend. But he stood me up. She popped one into my mouth; whilst enjoying the other.
Wow it tasted great; a fantasy fulfilled.
She said with have... read more
"She deftly extracted Two cherries still attached to their stems."

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