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This month we're all about the big one! The biggest chase you've ever gone on and the biggest reward. We want to hear about that 10/10 that you pined over, dreamed about, spied in the crowd and made yours! It could be that curvy bombshell from the club, or it could be the hot mechanic that fixed your car. Whether it was a one time fling, or they're now your partner, we want to here about the biggest catch you've ever landed! And don't forget our winner takes away a sweet cash prize, so the hotter, wetter, sexier the better!

April 2020 Submitted Sex Secrets

My partner & I had made our 1st visit to a swingers club the night previous. Being our first time we had spoken of looking more so than playing. While at the club I saw a guy who I would have happily played with & there was a super hot “trophy wife” who I know my partner would have loved to play with also, but we had agreed to look & not touch. Instead my partner & I played in public & I sucked him & then he returned the favour licking & fingering me while several people watched. Back at our hotel we had incredibly hot sex. The next day we travelled a couple of hours away & on our return had planned to return to our hotel to decide what we could get up to that night, but my partner had other ideas as we spoke about... read more
"" I get fully naked & get on while my partner is still in the driver's seat giving instructions..""
Posted: Apr 23, 2020
So I’m a married guy who has had curious thoughts about hooking up with another man or couple. Over time these thoughts grew and grew and got more intense to the point I had to try it to see if it was real or fantasy. So I looked up the local gay bar in Melbourne and said I’m heading there to see what it’s like. I had a couple of drinks to relax prior and headed on in.

I walked up to the bar and could see a range of guys from 23-60 odd and various physical appearances. I grabbed a drink and turned around to find a table but there weren’t any available so I stood there looking slightly out of place. Quite quickly this masculine Latin man walked up and said hello and asked if I would like to join him and his friends as he saw me... read more
""I’ve never kissed a guy before and got instantly excited and started to kiss him back.""

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