The Beautiful BJ!

This month, skin fans, we're honouring the legendary blowjob, and we want to hear about your best one! Did you give it? Did you receive it? What every the scenario, we want to hear about it in all it's splendid glory. And remember, the sexiest story will get the cash award, so spare no detail.

February 2016 Submitted Sex Secrets

Overall Winner
Posted: Feb 03, 2016
After a long night out my wife and I ended up back at a friends house. We both knew he was a bit wild but things started quite normally drinking more wine and talking. After a while the talk moved to things of a sexual nature and shortly after that the other guy left the room and came back with a dvd. No surprise it was hard core porn with super hot girls and hung guys. After watching for a while my wife says if you guys need to get your cocks out and have a wank that is fine. Well neither of us needed any more encouragement and both released our already hard cocks and started stroking. Then she said she needed to have a bit of a play and eased her jeans down just enough to get her hand inside her panties and start rubbing her clit. Soon... read more
"Sitting next to him with her legs spread I could see she was dripping wet. "
Posted: Feb 04, 2016
I still remember the first blow job I ever got. Back when I was 17, there was a girl at school that I ad a very flirty relationship with. We'd always make very sexual comments to each other. One day during the school holidays she was over while my parents were at work. We we making our usual comments when the phone rang. I answered and it was my friend who I hadn't seen for ages. I'm standing there talking on the phone when my guest walks in and she's taken her top off, revealing a very nice set of tits in a very sexy bra. She walks over to me and gets on her knees in front of me and slowly pulls down my pants and underwear. I'd started to say I have to go to my caller when she shook her head. She motioned that if I hung... read more
"She then started sucking harder and faster."
There is a little organ in our brain, it collects amino acids and cocktails them into feelings and emotions, 'Arousal' in particular or Chen (Chinese for arousal). Turns out Arginine, Methionine and Lysine are the essential aminos that begin to flow into our system making us feel so fuck'n sexy and sharing these feelings together edging over good time spent, comes a moment with reaching an Altered State of mind, euphoria as the chemical 'Arousal, Chen' floods through our bodies and overwhelms everything and anything, one could never imagine the 'Legendary blowjob' could take course in such an intense journey intimately seeking the ultimate, a full bodied uncontrollable orgasm, sparks fly in all directions setting off muscle spasms throughout our entire body and 'kabaaaam'

'People come down too this tiny little town,
Settle in for the evening,
Just jump into our bed' n spread your legs,
Semen all over the... read more
" a full bodied uncontrollable orgasm, sparks fly in all directions"
I work as a nurse at a Sydney Hospital. I came to work and I was told i was looking after 8 people. Three of them had sports injuries. When I visited my round to meet my patients, I went into a room and found this handsome guy with awesome buffed body with a leg injuries. His blanket was covering his part of his leg. His bulge was clearly visible and some pubes was partly expose from the blanket. When I look at him closely as he was lying in bed asleep I seem to recognise the guy. Later on I was told privately that he is a famous rugby player.

I really wanted to see this guys cock so I decided to go into his private room and give him a sponge bath and massage. I walked in introduce myself. I am soft spoken, effeminate gay who is... read more
"After that I told him, I am going to wash his "naughty bits""
Posted: Feb 08, 2016
While at a swingers club one night with my man, we started our night in the spa like usual and as we got in there was another guy already in there. As a rule I wouldn't usually play with a guy before I see his cock but this one was pretty hot so I thought I would try my luck. We sat down and said hello. He seemed pretty interested so I started to play footsies under the water with him and he played back. I slowly made my way up his leg and thigh and eventually rubbed his cock with my foot. It was only semi hard and felt huge. After a few minutes of playing, he stood up so his cock was out of the water and it was rock hard and a monster! I leant in and wrapped my lips around his knob while tickling his balls.... read more
"I went harder and before I knew it my mouth was filled"
Posted: Feb 15, 2016
It all happend when I met this guy online who was Bisexual. I was a curious Bisexual as I wanted to feel like how other mens cum had tasted after tasting my own when having it shared in a kiss with my female manager at work after she sucked me dry. Let's call him "C" to hide his identity. After work I met him at my place after I left the door open for him. I was already naked and hard when he dropped his pants to reveal his 8 inch thick, cut cock. Even though I was jealous of his weapon once I saw it I knew I had to have it.

After a minute or two of licking his shaft and teasing his balls with my tongue I swallowed him whole. I could feel the precum on my cock too as I sucked on this delicious cock. I... read more
"After a minute or two of licking his shaft and teasing his balls with my tongue I swallowed him"

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