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We like bodies like we like our sex - very hard, sweaty and very, very hot! This month we want you to dish the dirt on that time you seduced a tradie! Or tradies, we want you to tell us about the time you were seduced by a sexy housewife/husband...We're talking builders, plumbers, painters, handymen/women. Blue collar sexcapades is what this month is all about, and don't ever forget that each month the best Sex Secret entry takes home the cash award!!! So get writing!!!

October 2019 Submitted Sex Secrets

Overall Winner
Posted: Oct 02, 2019
Myself and 2 apprentices started a job for a young single woman whole happened to be painting her fence in hot pants and singlet.....the job supervisor had told her the day we were arriving...So at that point I did wonder was this planned by her.

Each day she would bring us all a drink or pastry and compliment the great work. At the weekend we knocked off early so I left my number and a small note saying hope you are happy with the job and if you have any questions be sure to ring me. That night I received a photo from her having some red wine with a friend....keeping it professional I did not instigate anything at that point in time....some flirting transpired and i left it at that.

Come Monday she sent me a msg saying she had a couple of questions and could she drop by after... read more
"Without a care of anyone seeing or watching we fucked against the wall"
Posted: Oct 02, 2019
Over the past 15 years, I have enjoyed some really hot fun with some of my male work colleagues. When I think back to my very first sneaky affair, it was with a married man much older than me. He was a client of my bosses, married and not bad looking. I was 23 and had been with my boyfriend for 2 years. My boyfriend was everything to me but I just couldn’t help thinking about fucking other guys, and I had these thoughts a lot. I had already slept with my colleague long before I told my boyfriend. Fortunately my man was very liberal minded and he knew I loved him, he trusted me and even teased me about guys getting crushes on me.

A few years later he even lightly encouraged me to have some secretive fun with guys that turned me on at work if I felt... read more
"He knew how to get me off with his long pointy tongue"
Posted: Oct 02, 2019
I was working in north Melbourne about a year ago. I’m a self employed electrician and did mainly house calls then. This one day I was liasing with a man about some lights that weren’t working in his bedroom.

He got my details off a website for tradesman so he could see my picture, and he sought me out and was adamant it was me who fixed the lights, despite my schedule availablity being about 2 weeks later.

I was given a timeframe to arrive, as his wife was home between 9&11 on Monday’s. I booked in a date and attended one Monday. Upon arriving at this mansion, I rang the security gate which opened. I walked to the front door which was open and there stood the most stunning woman I’ve ever seen. I mumbled hello and I’m here to check the lights to which she smiled and led me... read more
"She appeared in the bedroom, wearing nothing but a sexy red g string and bra. "
Posted: Oct 02, 2019
I was on a quick trip to Sydney to check on an investment property while it was vacant. I noticed to my annoyance that the bathroom basin was leaking from the Waste trap...

It was 7:30pm and I was flying home at 8am the next morning. Calling a plumber was going to be extremely expensive for a simple job, but I was desperate. After ringing a few that declined, I finally found one that was willing to come over. As he worked he told me he didn’t have any reason to rush home as he was recently divorced. We talked about the Sydney dating scene and how he wasn’t looking for anything serious.

I suggested he go to one of the swingers clubs in Sydney. He said that he didn’t have anyone to go with with a wink. I smiled and let him know that I was planning on going down... read more
"I told him to go and clean up and meet me at my hotel in 45mins. "

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