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This month we want to hear about any carnal costume play! Did you dress up and do a little role playing? Or perhaps it's leather and latex? What ever you're dragging out of the wardrobe, we want to hear about your sexy-time dress up action! And remember, the hottest Sex Secret will be taking home the cash award, so get typing!

July 2015 Submitted Sex Secrets

Overall Winner
Posted: Jul 02, 2015
About a month ago, hubby had to have two days of training in the city. Rather than deal with traffic or public transport we took it as an opportunity to spend a couple of nights in a hotel. While he was at the training I went out a bought a sexy maid costume to surprise him when he came back.
We he got back to the the room, he found me in said costume "cleaning" the room. I kept bending over just enough for the skirt to lift up and show off the tiny g-string I was wearing. I then "accidentally" some water on his pants. Ever the helpful maid I took them off him to take them for cleaning. I noticed the water had got on his underwear so I removed it slowly whilst gently brushing my hands over his hard cock. I was on my knees in front of... read more
" He then lifted me up, took me over to the bed, laid me down, pushed the g-string to one side"
Posted: Jul 08, 2015
Finally there was a knock at the door,
It was our naughty slightly younger friend who had moved over East 7 months earlier!
She had a bottle of both vodka and orange juice in her hands,
My wife, I and our gorgouse friend had been planning this night since soon after she had left!
After a few drinks and a good chat we ended up all in the shower!
Girls kissing I was free to grab the double ender and put the girls to work!
They turned around, grabbed the hot steamy walls, arched there backs and both pushing back on it it slid deep in both their tight holes while I held it,
We played in their for a while and soon were on the bed,
The girls took turns tasting each other's wet pussys! While I fucked them from behind,
Taking turns to cum on their asses and the other lick it off!
This went on fo 8... read more
"Girls kissing I was free to grab the double ender and put the girls to work!"

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