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This month we're getting back to nature friends. We want to her all about your sexual escapades in the great outdoors. Done it on the beach as the sun's coming up? We want to hear about it. Scored in the mountains on that camping get-away? Get writing! Whatever ever your fresh air scenario, send it on in. As always, the best entry will take out the monthly cash award! Good Luck.

August 2010 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Aug 01, 2010
well me and a couple of my mates went to the easter show and we may have been slighty intoxicated but it was all good going on the rides will buzzed was an awsome experience well i started talking to this chick outside of the showbag area and well soon we were both making out and one thing led to another she grabbed my hand and said lets go have a look at the dog arena i asked her why? and she said well i wanna show you something as she is saying this she has her hand on my rock hard cock rubbing it through my pants when we reach the dog arena weget into on of the white showing tents and she takes out my rock hard cock and starts giving me the best and most instense blowjob i have ever recieved as i cum in her mouthafter... read more
"i repay the favor by removing her clothes"
Posted: Aug 02, 2010
I was living on the South coast of NSW at a caravan park on the beach with some friends, including my boyfriend. Because there were always people around, my boyfriend and I weren't getting much time to ourselves. Whenever we went for a walk someone would come along, or see us as we walked and come and join us. We'd occasionally have a flirtive grope. One Sunday we had been to the pub for lunch and had a couple of drinks. We decided we'd keep walking until noone was in sight. As we walked we kissed and caressed one another and we stopped from time to time so we could embrace fully. Each time we stopped I could feel his excitement growing and he could tell I was getting aroused because my nipples were erect.
We had been walking for awhile, both of... read more
"He removed my bather top and started licking and sucking my breasts"
Posted: Aug 02, 2010
Me and my boyfriend went to a swingers party on my behalf because i was craving for pussy. Everything was pretty chilled and layed back and met some unreal people. Few conversations seemed to have led many people down the bottom where there were 2 spa's and a hot tub and a couple of tents. My boyfriend and i were talking by ourselves when i decided to take my dress off and jump in the spa with the others. It was unreal, every corner of the each spa was taken up by guys bending these girls over and just slamming away at them. The sound of the girls moaning was a fucking turn on. My boyfriend jumped in the hot tub and watched as i started kissing this young hottie, cupping her breasts and running my tounge over her rock hard nipples as if it were her clit. I kissed... read more
"Her moans got louder as she was coming over my face"
Posted: Aug 04, 2010
It was nice sunny day in Adelaide when me and my lady at the time were walking in town together when we decided that we needed a quiet place to talk. We decide to go to parklands near the zoo where it was quiet and we could. After a while M and I were pashing when she wanted me to fuck her. I slowly and discreetly took her panties off (it was good that she was wearing a mini skirt and not her jeans) Then i pulled down my shorts and underwear and flopped out my very hard cock which was shining in the sunlight with pre-cum on the head of my cock. Then i inserted my hard wet cock into her wet pussy. Without a care in the world we both took our tops off and fucked hard for about 30 minutes and in the process i dumped 1... read more
"Neither of us could care less if people saw us"
Posted: Aug 04, 2010
My girlfriend at the time and I were at a friends place for a party, his place overlooked a river and was perched on top of a huge cliff overlooking a river and valley.

I had been having a great time with some people and noticed my girlfriend had moved down to the fence overlooking the sheer drop so I went down to see her and offer her a drink.
As soon as we got together we both started to get very hot for each other and after kissing her and nibbling her neck from behind I looked down over the cliff face and saw a small tiny ledge about 20 feet below us.

I suddenly I had this crazy and overwhelming desire to fuck her on this ledge and put it to her that we should do so. She was excited immensely by the suggestion and dared me to do so. Panicked... read more
"we both came in a perfectly timed rush"
Posted: Aug 06, 2010
It was during a heatwave when i was asked if i was interested in going over to mates place and having a pool side barbecue. I said yes as i knew i would be seeing his hot sister (B) in a bikini. Every time i saw her i would get a hard on. I was desperate to fuck and she knew it too. I arrived there bringing a few beers and nibbles for the day long barbecue. I was the first one to arrive and as expected B was in the water jumping up and down. I got hard straight away. So i cracked open a beer and started to drink it. My mate then had to go and get more beer and other supplies for the other people turned up. So while he was away i went in the pool and started to muck around with B. Instantly she... read more
"Every time i saw her i would get a hard on"
Posted: Aug 06, 2010
I was up at Falls Creek sking one year when I bumped into an old girlfriend at the Fry Pan after a hard days sking. After a couple of drinks she got horny and wanted to do the wild thing straight away as the Beau was waiting back at the apartment for her. So we slipped out the back of the Fry Pan and started to kiss and grope til we got so hot we didn't care that the snow was freezing on our bodies as we sucked each other and fucked until we both came. Ahh love those snow bunnies !... read more
"we got so hot we didn't care that the snow was freezing on our bodies"
Posted: Aug 10, 2010
It was a hot and humid summers day, after some serious off road fun she whispered in my ear that the bumpy road
had made her eager to do some bumping of a different kind. We found a secluded spot just out of sight of the infrequent
adventurers driving past.

We moved to the front of my jeep, I could tell she couldnt wait to slip out of those clothes so I lifted her up onto the bonnet,
and looked deep into her eyes as i slowly sliped her shorts, then her panties. She gave out a little squeal when she sat back
onto the hot bonnet.

Before I could blink she had already removed her top and cute lacey bra. Her soft brown skin glistening in the sun shine.
The only things left are her rugged hiking boots and frilly pink socks.

She spread her legs and invited me nearer with a twinkle... read more
" She spread her legs and invited me nearer"
Posted: Aug 12, 2010
My Girlfriend and I were travelling on a small Greek island in summer and had been driving along the coast admiring the scenery and beautiful coastal towns all day. Late in the afternoon we decided to stop off at a beach for a swim to cool down. After getting out of the water I suggested that we go for a short walk. We headed up over the headland and found ourselves on a deserted stretch with nobody around.
As we walked along I grabbed my girl by the hips, leaned forward and whispered in her ear. She immediately looked around, and reached back and rubbed my groin. I pulled her in close and she turned to face me, our lips locking and our groins thrusting towards each other simultaneuosly.
Quickly we were naked & she bent over a large marble rock. We had a few minutes of fast furious sex on... read more
"Quickly we were naked & she bent over a large marble rock..."
Posted: Aug 13, 2010
It was a hot summers day in melb a few years ago and we were watching AUS v WEST INDIES in the cricket, i went with about 10 or so mates 6 guys and about 4 women...
we had been drinkin ALLLLL day and having a great time... all the boys were in shorts all the women in skirts.
The women to my left was drinkin and having a great time, the atmosphere was great as was the game... the mexican wave started and we all got involved and because i had also have a few i fell over on her lap.. I politley said " oh sorry hun " her reply " was def my pleaure so i said " its ur turn next time "
The next wave came around and she lived upto her word and sat on my lap but she placed her hands under skirt and her hand... read more
"she could feel the exposed shaft on her legs and i posistioned her so it would slide in"
Posted: Aug 14, 2010
We had been talking on RedHotPie for some time and finally decided to meet and make good of all the naughty things we spoke about; we met at the car park opposite the Big Pineapple and straight off (we'll call her cindy ) got to the point, i've never been with a woman who took charge before but i liked it.
She told me how her other boyfriends were all so conservative and she wanted to dirty, she asked me to take her from behind at the top of the Big Pineapple, its a fantasy i've had for years she said.
So we went to the top and no sooner had we made it up there her skirt was up and panties down . All i remember feeling was her warm hand guiding my solid cock into her already moist pussy, then to my suprise she pulled me out and jammed me... read more
"We had been talking on RedHotPie for some time and finally decided to meet"
Posted: Aug 17, 2010
I was at a workplace where 3 small companies shared 2 buildings and where the employees of all 3 companies used any door to arrive at work. As i started earlier than 90 percent of the other people i was already busy at work by the time other people rocked up. I always looked forward to about 9:20am when one the hotties from one of the co-tenants turned up (P). P always had a smile on her face when she walked in and saw me knowing that i couldn't have her as she was married. That didn't deter me as i always wanted to fuck a married woman behind her husbands back. One day i got the courage to write a note telling P my feelings for her and i stuck the note on her car window. P acknowledge the note and we arrange an after work chat. We... read more
"As we were enjoying our 69 we came at the same time"
Posted: Aug 17, 2010
I recieved a Merry Christmas text from a guy who had sent it to my number instead of his cousins number. I told him thanks for the Christmas wishes, but he had the wrong number. he appologised and that was that. then i recived a text from the same guy two months later saying 'Hi, how are you?' after several text mesages and explicit MMS's later, we were keen to meet up one day.

I was out in Melbourne, and had been shafted on a dinner date. So i messaged my SMS friend and said 'can you meet me tonight somewhere?' So we met on the Princes freeway, near Koroit Creet Road exit. He got in my car and we fucked hard and long, steaming up the windows on the car as thousands of cars drove by.

We never fucked again, but i wont ever forget the experience!... read more
"after several text mesages and explicit MMS's later, we were keen to meet up"
Posted: Aug 19, 2010
After I had been out with my (then) girlfriend for the day, & gone home for dinner. Neither of us were quite ready to say good bye for the night. we went down to the beach & walked a few k's up the beach out of site of anyone & put the blanket we took with us down on the sand & laid lown having a bit of a pash session. As we were laying out there under the stars she rolled over undid my belt & shorts pulled my hard cock out & gave me most amazing hand & blow job.
As she did that i slipped her top off & was massaging her supple breasts & stuck a couple of fingers up her now dripping pussy. At the same time i had noticed there was a rather large storm building up & heading our way. not letting that... read more
"As we were laying out there under the stars she rolled over undid my belt & shorts"
Posted: Aug 22, 2010
id aranged to meet with a dom who had intructed me to wear no underwear to the local park, just my cargo's and a tee...so i did as i was told...this was the first time i had met this man and my first experience with a dom, i wasnt real sure how well id go as a sub. But il try anything once.
We met at the park as arranged, he wasnt really what i was expecting but he gave me a big kiss and put his hand up my tee and squeezed a nipple. He told me id done well by doing as he instucted....we went for a walk and talked til he found somewhere he wanted to play...it was quiet and secluded but we could still be seen
I was told to get to my knee's and suck his cock, which i did....he dragged me back up by my hair... read more
"I wasn't real sure how well I'd go as a submissive. But I'lll try anything once."
Posted: Aug 23, 2010
I was on a date, and we'd decided to take a drive up to the Mt Cootha lookout in Brisbane to watch the city twinkle. The whole way there R could not keep his hands off me, but I brushed each attempt and coyly told him to keep his hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. I had been to the lookout at night before, but he was new to town and thus didn't know what to expect. He was hoping to find a nice dark corner to get a little privacy, but I knew this wasn't going to happen. Parking the car and getting out, we could hear other people talking nearby. I proceeded to tease him, slowly raising my dress up my thighs for a moment, then letting it drop again. Squeezing his hard cock through his jeans. Biting his neck and collar bone. Finally I... read more
"He was hoping to find a nice dark corner to get a little privacy, but I knew this wasn't going to happen"
Posted: Aug 26, 2010
Many year's ago, some friend's and i decided to go grape picking in Mildura.
After a very long and boring drive, we arrived there , a house was to be provided for us which we thought was great.
We settled in and were told we would be picked up the next morning by the tractor and trailor,next morning it was hot and muggy, so i put on a skirt and for a top i tore an old red checked table cloth into strips and tied one around my boob's with a smaller strip tied in the middle to seperate them, soon the tractor arrived and a quick look over the pickers already on it gave me an insight as to the talent available....my eye's rested on one especially and his eye's were on me...For 2 day's we picked grapes in stinking hot weather and then the heaven's opened and it rained... read more
"ST and I had got it on, kissing in the back seat. After awhile he asked if i wanted to go for a walk"
Posted: Aug 26, 2010
Well it all started through messages on rhp we had been chattin 4 acouple of days telling each other how hot and horny we were to fuck. It had to be kept on the low as we both had partners. We decided to meet down the estuary i followed him in my car to a partially secluded spot just off the roadside he got into my cars backseat as i jumped in beside him i had so many butterflies i was too nervous to chat so i undone his pants and took him into my mouth and sucked him until he was at the point of no return all while he played with my nipples n finger fucked my pussy i wanted him to enter me so bad that i pulled him on top of me as he pushed his hard cock inside me he couldnt get it all the... read more
"Well it all started through messages on RHP, we had been chattin 4 a couple of days telling each other how hot and horny we "
Posted: Aug 30, 2010
A guy and I had just been to the drive-in movies and of course had gotten a little (or alot) busy in the back if the car. On the way home, we couldn't help ourselves and a sports oval nearby has its lights on. We ran out and had wild sex under the lights in the middle of the football field. That was fun. :-) I wish someone has spotted us, though. ;-)... read more
"We ran out and had wild sex under the lights in the middle of the football field"

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