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We want to hear about your fulfilled fantasies! We want to know about your wildest imaginations come to life. Maybe it was a BDSM kink you finally got to explore. A gang bang? Dogging? Whatever the situation, if your fantasy came true, we want your story! The best entry takes home the cash award so the hotter the better!

May 2018 Submitted Sex Secrets

I have been a male escort for 20 years I'm now retired. Three months ago I went to Brisbane to work with a girl named Kandi. My god she was stunning only five feet tall with dd breasts, black hair and blue eyes my god she was a goddess! On our first night we went to her work and borrowed a room her shift had not started yet. Kissing her down her neck slowly to her breasts I gradually approached her sweet tasty pussy. Kissing her warm wet flower till she came in my mouth she begged for me to as she asked to fuck her slowly. Rubbing the roof of her built idyl pussy until the lumps rose as she stared her orgasm . I pulled out then went down again on her dripping pretty pussy. She came again as I came in her I slid my fingers in... read more
"dd breasts, black hair and blue eyes my god she was a goddess..."
We met at a conference, she was classy, attractive, married and in her mid-30s. After some casual flirting over drinks we agreed to meet up and go rock climbing sometime.

The climbing was good fun and as we were finishing up she suggested playing a game – taking it in turns to ask questions that the other had to answer. After warming up with some playful questions, I took the opportunity to ask whether she had imagined sleeping with me, to which she replied yes, so I asked her what the fantasy had involved. She replied that in her dream, I had tied her up with the climbing ropes and carried her off into the forest to have my way with her…

At that moment I decided to make her fantasy a reality, grabbing her wrists and tying them together behind her back. I then slung her over my shoulder and carried... read more
"She replied that in her dream, I had tied her up with the climbing ropes..."
Posted: May 05, 2018
Man I could not stop imagining myself pounding my girlfriends sister. She always wore the short skirt with a very naughty but very sexy g underneath, and a bra about 12 sizes too small so her tits were more than in view. One morning I woke up and gave the girlfriend some wild passionate sex made her breakfast with her coffee and then she left for work. I have walked out to have a smoke. When I walked back in i could hear what sounded like hair clippers. I have walked down the house only to then hear the girlfriend sister moaning ever so quietly as if she knew I was still home. I quietly opened the door a whisker only to see that she was wearing this one short skirt that made me so horny. It was like she knew what it did to me.

So as she is... read more
"I know you want to remove my g with your mouth..."
Overall Winner
Posted: May 05, 2018
As I neared the nude section of the beach I was disappointed to see that it was completely empty

I removed my clothes. The sun felt amazing against my skin and I could feel my cock swelling with the excitement.

I found a spot between trees and laid my towel so I could get naked. I was amazed at how turned on I was.

I noticed a flash of blonde hair, a white singlet and short tight denim shorts. My heart started to race as she walked slowly along the edge of the beach no less than 30m away. I did not now what to do! I was naked, she was gorgeous and fully clothed and walking straight past me.

As we got eye contact I managed to stutter "hi beautiful day for it!" (wishing I was not such a shy, verbally challenged person) She spoke back with a... read more
""You are getting burnt" she whispered in my ear as I stood frozen looking at her amazing body..."
Posted: May 11, 2018
I messaged a girl, was nice chat surprisingly. We flirted for a bit and decided to meet up for drink. I was super nervous, all i saw was one face photo and few body shots. I actually walked up to wrong girl thinking it was her ahah. Anyway finally saw her, she was brunette, about 26, flowery skirt above knees. Super cute. She was even more nervous than I, which boosted my confidence. After casual chat, i suggested to take her home, later i found out at this point nothing was guaranteed. As we walked to my car i kissed her, that's when she mentioned she wasn't wearing any underwear. I suddenly got super hard, and super excited. Inside the car, i caressed her leg moving up, yep ...nothing there. We got to her home, which she was house sitting, another tick for excitement. I could not believe it... read more
""that's when she mentioned she wasn't wearing any underwear...""
Posted: May 16, 2018
A few years ago I met this lady in a nightclub, we talked for a while and we started kissing but that night nothing happen but we agreed to meet up next day near my place , that day we talked again and nothing happened before she left she asked me what I was doing the day after “I said nothing, why?”!she said you want to come over for dinner and sleep over, I was like ok I guesss she wants to talk about something sexy, I realised she had her kids that night so we had dinner and she put her kids into bed I was sitting in the couch waiting so when she came she sat and she started kiss me very passionately I got erected so quick we got into her bedroom and I just ripped her clothes off literally!! We were all naked and I just... read more
"I told her I want to do something that I haven’t done before..."
What started as a sexy chat one Saturday morning soon got hot and steamy.

I found my first chat on RHP with an inexperienced guy who I found and enjoyed his profile.

We agreed to meet initially in a pub but he was rushed after work so I agreed he could just come to my house as we chatted and spoke on the phone and I was confident by his tone he was in fact quite innocent.

He had a fantasy that I greet him at the door in lingerie heels and suck him at the door.

Well I had done that before so I agreed.

So he arrived and I did as he asked and was in my knees sucking him to his delight and to my own satisfaction. We then landed on the couch quickly becoming naked. Kissing wildly and him fingering me as I lay back enjoying the moment .... read more
""What started as a sexy chat one Saturday morning soon got hot and steamy...""
Posted: May 26, 2018
I love to train most days in the gym- today was no different except I was even hornier than usual and all I could think about was sex. I wore my little gym shorts that showed off my butt and a cropped top that I knew pushed up my firm tits - I was horny as hell as I walked into the gym- my partner and I had an early morning fuk before he went to work-& I hadn’t showered yet-nothing beats the scent of our sex! Knowing I have my mans cum still dribbling out of my pussy. As I walk in I’m full of confidence as I start to train- I catch the eye of a few guys who pretend they’re not perving but I know better-& yes I love it. Oozing sex- I finish my workout and walk to the changing rooms. It’s a Sunday so only... read more
"I was horny as hell as I walked into the gym..."

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