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Have you been caught buck naked? We want to hear all the juicy details, where, when, with who and BY who? Perhaps you were somewhere you weren't supposed to be, or with someone you shouldn't have been, was it embarrassing or did it make the deed all that more exciting? As always, the spiciest story takes away the cash, so leave nothing out!

February 2018 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Feb 07, 2018
When my partner and I first started dating we were playing the alphabet game; where you try to fuck in a place Beijing with each letter of the alphabet.

You didn’t have to go in alphabetical order and you could knock of two letters at a time so we planed to drive my van (V) to the park (P) whilst no one would be there and have some fun.

We arrived at the park and as we hoped the only people there were with their dogs very far away from us, and were adults so we didn’t have to worry about any minors copping an eyeful.

We started to fool around and just as I started fucking my partner a water truck drives past, obviously here to work on some water system used on the footy oval. As he passes I’m almost certain he looked into the car window.

We were pretty sure he... read more
"The three of us made eye contact and my partner and I froze like deer in headlights. "
Posted: Feb 07, 2018
I have many “caught in the act’ stories. I'll start with one that still makes both of us laugh many years later.

The night we first met I was on a work trip to Melbourne. It was the week of my birthday, so I decided to come over and stay at crown for the weekend to celebrate. I'd been spending a lot of time there so one of my friends decided to set me up with her friend from work on a blind date. We met at the bar in the casino and the connection was instant and electric. I spotted her from across the room, and while everyone there was dressed to the nines looking to pick up, she stood out the most in jeans and an elwood tshirt. The conversation was fun and easy, and very direct. I think we made it through one round of tequila shots and... read more
"Curious neighbours must have heard our rather noisy performance and come to see what was going on"
Posted: Feb 09, 2018
True Story.....

Myself and my 2 Scottish friends are on vacation in Miami in 2003 while we're young and single at 23!! We're in a bar having a few early drinks to get us in the mood for our night out, across from the hotel we're staying at.

We've all went out dressed in our Kilts, and we're up for our usual fun night out while on holiday!!

In to the bar come an English couple in their mid 30s, The wife is very pretty with blonde hair, and has a short denim skirt on with a white vest top which instantly gets our attention. They walk over and sit on the bar stools at the bar next to us. I get chatting to them, and find out they're staying at our hotel.......they've just arrived and we have some small talk about the UK etc. Then the wife looks down and says... read more
"This is her sign to be naughtier than before. She moves her hand back under my kilt..."
Posted: Feb 15, 2018
So basically my girlfriend of 8yrs has discovered my dirty little secret it just so happens to be that I don’t mind goin a bit of both ways if ya know what I mean the thing is that I’m very discreet about it also don’t mind a hot trans girl too you know like the very passable ones most people wouldn’t even know they were trans that’s how hot I’m talking.... well anyway just last week while I was asleep my girlfriend picked up my phone (which I dont keep locked) ????? And she has opened it up and bang right in front of her was my messages on another dating up I won’t name the app but let’s just say it’s 99% gay guys and the occasional trans she then wakes me up going off saying what’s this blah blah blah and... read more
"basically my girlfriend of 8yrs has discovered my dirty little secret"
Posted: Feb 21, 2018
It started with a chat on RHP where we discovered we lived close to each other... we are both married... and only two doors apart... I was dogsitting for our immediate neighbours at the time so we agreed to meet in the middle, in the neighbours house, for our first playdate. hehe, superhot and so naughty... just a quickie whilst our respective partners were both next door... i could make up a getting caught story to fit with your theme but it wouldn't be true so i wont... but just imagine the possibilities.... :D... read more
"we agreed to meet in the middle, in the neighbours house"
Posted: Feb 23, 2018
So my caught in the act took place whilst in the discovery faze in life shall we say! I was starting to enjoy wearing panties and would at every chance raid my sister's draws and try on pretty much everything before the excitement took over and I'd masturbate away all that excitement.

One afternoon with the house to myself I was trying on the favorite panties and got excited so started masturbating while still wearing the panties. Before long I could feel the orgasm build and just as that first gush shot out into my tummy, the door pushed open to show a very shocked look on my sister's face! Caught masturbating, on her bed, wearing her panties and mid orgasm! Couldn't get any worse!!!... read more
"One afternoon with the house to myself I was trying on the favorite panties"
Posted: Feb 25, 2018
True story, I was dating a chick for about 2 years an we lived with her mum, she loved to party a lot, so I came home from work 1 Friday afternoon and she wasn't anywhere to be found, the next morning she stl wasn't home so I called around trying to find her, 1 of her friends that I spoke to said they were at a part and she was all over her ex then they left together, couldn't get hold of her all that day well Saturday night I sat out side having a couple of drinks when her mum came out and sat with me saying how sorry she was etc, so we both sat there till about 11 drinking when I got up and went to bed, about 10 mins passed and the door opened it was her mum she walked in and closed... read more
"her mum was pretty hot so I said it's fine, she sat down and put her hand under the blanket"
Overall Winner
Posted: Feb 26, 2018
We had agreed to meet this guy at a room early in the day, almost as soon as my beautiful wife and i arrived they started kissing, and you bet before the minute was up there was three sets of clothes on the floor..

We finished soon after, and they stayed on the bed kissing and stroking each other while i hit the shower..

well, as soon as I was done in the shower i heard them both moaning and panting loudly so i quickly returned to the room, yep.. caught them in the act. It was so sexy to see them so close to orgasm i had to join, this time we all took a little longer but eventually all came.

Buuut, now i have to leave the room again to move the car, may as well have a quick cigarette as they are only chatting now and... read more
"It was so sexy to see them so close to orgasm"
Posted: Feb 28, 2018
We sat chatting outside, the balmy breeze cooling us down, as we had a glass of wine and got to know each other better. After a while my guy said, Ok, Im gojng inside with "***". I waited for around 10 minutes, then wandered into the bedroom. The boys were on the bed naked, stroking each other, lust in their eyes, cocks hard and oozing precum. I sat and watched, then slithered over the bed and started to play with both cocks. I took both in my mouth, relishing the groans and shudders of the guys. They got into the 69 position, and I almost melted with lust. I made them lie alongside each other and stood over them, squirting all over their faces and torsos. That got them rock hard, and I lay on the bed and instructed them to cum all over... read more
"The boys were on the bed naked, stroking each other, lust in their eyes"

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