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Have you ever had sex in public? Tell us about the weirdest or most wonderful public place you have ever shagged at. Did you get caught? What happened?

October 2007 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Oct 11, 2007
Well, well, well, it was about a month ago now, we were heading home from a business trip on Hayman Island and put out a community post to see if anyone could help us 'fill in some time' on our 4 hour stop-over at Brisbane Airport. Well we did find one such couple, with the girl of the couple being very adventurous indeed. So much so that she thought it would be a turn on to show up at a 'high tea' in a swanky hotel wearing the shortest white skirt you have ever seen and appropriately positioned herself at a table opposite putting us in full view of what was on offer. A simple note was passed to us saying, 'im horny, meet me in the lift.'With a glancing touch she disappeared into the lobby foyer. By then our hearts were racing as we followed her path with... read more
Posted: Oct 12, 2007
Sex in a public place yes... i once had sexy on a well filled train carrage, i had a small skirt on and was on my partners lap.. due to me being quite tight and knowing how to flex my pussy muscles and contract them... i had him moaning and pleading with me to stop.. i couldnt help myself... i kept going and after a while he climaxed..
Me being a cheeky woman i am i got up and walked away down the carrage.. with him imbarrised and trying to fix himself and catch up with me... lol it was so much fun... never been caught in public...(yet) i love doing it in public or not... i have the habbit of giving a guy a stiffy and then walking away and making him chase
Ive been single for a while and i need to get some soon or im gunna... read more
Posted: Oct 17, 2007
Several years ago my boyfriend at the time and I went to a friends birthday party. It wasn't much of a party, just a bunch of us sitting around together watching movies and drinking. I wasn't terribly interested in the movie, and as it was summer decided to wander outside for a while. My boyfriend followed me and suggested we go for a walk, so we wandered down to the local park. We got a little frisky and decided to be daring, we shielded ourselves from view behind a bush and had hot and horny sex, it was a big thrill knowing we could get caught. But I didn't enjoy the sand I had in bad places afterwards!!... read more
Posted: Oct 20, 2007
mant years ago before we were married my wife and myself were on holidays and went on a picnic in a national park, being young and horny all the time I suggested we do it on the bonnet of the car not expecting she would say yes but she did. couldnt stop the car fast enought. any way pulled over next to some tennis courts on the main enterance road and both of us got our gear off and did it by the court next to the road. when finished she need to go to the toilet which were 100mt away, of she trotted just as a car went past. 1 of the many public places we have done it... read more
Posted: Oct 30, 2007
Just yesterday my partner and I got up to a very naughty public shag. We had dropped the kids off at school and were driving around town looking for something to do when we decided to check out the beach. When we got there it was a little windy so we snuggled up nice and close, well as it happens the both of us decided we were a little on the horny side. We thought we should go home and give the bed a good workout but the other half needed to slip into the mens first. After a couple of minutes I got a little chilly sitting on my own so I thought I would sneak in and surprise my man with a bit of a quick feel. Well little did I know that he was thinking along the same lines and was waiting for me with a huge... read more
Posted: Nov 01, 2007
It happened at last years xmas party,previous year I was alway dared to not wear any underware which I always obliged and this year was no different. well as usual I drank too much and was flirting with all the guys including my boss. eventually everyone went home and it was just my boss and me the last guys standing. we waited inline for a cab and he kept rubbing my ass which I didnt stop. anyway cab came and were heading in the direct of were I lived and the office when he said, "which deck do you want to have sex on" I replied X's deck so we drove past my house to the office. its 2 in the morning he goes in open the office up I waited outside, once the lights were on in I went. I fucked him on 4 desks including my own. he... read more

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