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Ever hooked up with someone who showered you in gifts and good-times? Did you get down and dirty for the perks, the jewellery, the access all areas, the holidays? If so we wanna hear all about the sexy home runs you were hitting in the boudoir! Make it hot enough to take out best Sex Secret of the month and you'll be taking home the cash award!

March 2013 Submitted Sex Secrets

The gold Rolex watch looked good on my wrist. I like the way the limage on me wearing it; whilst naked reflected back from the mirror on the bedroom ceiling.I was a toy boy to a rich married but bored older woman.
"My darling Anton", she purred, so glad you like it.For the moment put it back in it's box. you have to earn it.
My box needs attention now. I looked at her pleasant but ample figure, barely covered by her shear; expensive Hermes lingerie We had earlier soaked ourselves, whilst drinking champagne in the out door spar bath of her secluded, hideaway beach house. I smiled and with a new found enthusiasm kissed her on the lips whilst; starting to finger her pussy. Yes wet it was, she grabbed my hard cock, already aroused by my wanting that Rolex watch sooo much.
Fuck me she commanded.I looked down seeing my cock... read more
"She certainly got her money's worth, I was shagged out for the rest of the week."
Posted: Mar 08, 2013
Im a very thoughtful sexy girlfriend... so when my new boyfriend had to cancel our friday night plans to work i decided to pay him a visit there. Id spent the arvo at the day spa getting plucked and preened and any girl will tell you the feeling of a velvety soft freshly waxed pussy gets your juices flowing. I wanted cock and i wanted it bad. He was a security guy on graveyard shift, very little action and he only worked with one or 2 other guys at that time of night... my plan was to go in wearing my winter coat buttoned up over my completely naked body... i did my hair in long loose thick waves strapped on a pair of wickedly high and sexy stilettos deep red glossy lipstick and collected myself and strode in expecting him to nearly die when he saw me. Instead some... read more
"i sat down and undid a few buttons"
Overall Winner
Posted: Mar 08, 2013
I'm not the sort of girl who expects and wants gifts but this was just too good to turn down. I met this guy out one night, we went home together and started off by getting in the spa. It was hot and such a turn on. I put my hands under the water and reached for his cock, I could feel it getting hard and it felt huge. I hadn't seen it yet because he got in before me. We were both so horny and I made him stand up so I could suck him. It was even bigger than I thought, the feel of it in my mouth and hands made me so turned on. I sucked it for a while and then he grabbed me and sat me on the edge of the spa and started licking my pussy. It was an amazing sensation. After a while... read more
"I could feel it getting hard and it felt huge."
id been dreaming about a threesome with a couple for months, having watched a porno about it and i decided id wait no longer! i started searching for eager participants. turns out they found me! the woman contacted me wondering if i wanted to meet her and her partner and so we caught up the next night. we spent a few hours getting to know each other before i asked them what fantasy's they wanted to try. the woman said she wanted us both to suck her fiance's cock so i got down on my knees and unzipped his pance releasing his thick cock, then grabbing her hand we both began to suck and tease him. soon we started to hook up with each other while still playing with him and we thought we'd move the fun to the bedroom (we were in their lounge room) we all undressed and... read more
"id been dreaming about a threesome with a couple for months"

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