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August 2019 - Same Sex Encounters

Ladies and gentleman alike, it's time you opened up about your bi-bonks, your girl-on-girl or guy-on-guy indulgences, that time that you realised you might not be as straight as you thought you were or when you simply got caught up in the moment and it was anything goes! Give us your steamiest same sex encounter story and remember that the best entry each month gets a delicious cash reward, so spare no detail!

Aug 2019 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Aug 14, 2019
Back in my younger days i used to dress as a femmine cross dresser and one night a gay cpl spotted me at the glasshouse bar in richmond and ended going home with them and by then I was naked in a spa tub with the cpl giving them lovely wet blow jobs and 30 mins after i was on all 4's sucking his cock in front of me while the other was riding my ass as i was enjoying it and noticed he stopped riding my ass and started to lie under me and sucked my cock while i was still sucking the other guys cock, started to feel a 9 incher slide inside my ass wondering who it was and to my surprise it was a female ( must have been hiding ) as she had a strap on riding my ass. after all that i ended up... read more
"I was naked in a spa tub with the cpl giving them lovely wet blow jobs"
Posted: Aug 14, 2019
I would have always said I was straight as, but when I was 22 I was at a BBQ having a few drinks and a great time with mates any way, later on I ended up crashing in my room, when I have woke up to a mate and his Mrs fucking each other. I couldn't help but to get hard and started playing with my cock then she told me to suck her juices off my mates cock so I reached out and grabbed it and started sucking on his cock, that night opened a whole new chapter in my world... read more
"She told me to suck her juices off my mates cock so I reached out and grabbed it and started sucking"
Posted: Aug 15, 2019
When I first moved to Melbourne I would have a short ten minute walk to work. One day as I'm walking home I had to pee and swung by the public toilets that were enroute. In the toilet block was two cubicles and a urinal. I noticed a glory hole in the door of one cubicle and typical graffiti of a cruising block on the walls. Didn't think much of it initially but it woke something voyeuristic inside of me and so I would regularly swing by on my way home to see what was going on. A few times I saw some action going on in the cubicles and the odd wanker stood at the urinal but never had the courage to do anything. I just found it hot to know it was going on.

One day I went in and noticed the cubicle with the glory hole was... read more
"Without even thinking I reached out and began to stroke it."
Posted: Aug 16, 2019
I realised I wasn’t just into girls back when I was 16,17.

I grew up in a little suburb in Melbourne. There were heaps of kids in my area growing up. I had Afew brothers across the road and a girl next door. We all used to hang out and be kids together. One summers afternoon I was hanging out with out of the brothers from across the road, jack. We were swimming in his pool mucking around. Jack was wearing a light blue speedo, and I had my black swimming one on. I remember watching Jack every time he would get out of the pool. The bulge in his speedo was huge and almost transparent. I kept thinking fuck he’s got a big dick I wonder how big it is? Jack took notice and enjoyed the attention.

He brushed up hard against me so I could feel his bulge against... read more
"He brushed up hard against me so I could feel his bulge against my ass. "

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