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April 2018 - Threesomes, Foursomes and Unicorns, Oh my!

We want to hear about your hottest session with multiple partners! It might be the time you brought a friend home for your partner(or yourself!) Perhaps it was an out of control orgy at a swingers bash. Or maybe you found the mythical 'unicorn'. Whatever the situation, if there were more than the two of you involved and things got sexy, we want your story. The best entry takes home the cash award so the hotter the better!

Apr 2018 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Apr 06, 2018
We were having a few drinks one night and thought we had the house to ourselves. So my girlfriend wasn’t wear a whole lot (hot pants and a Lacey bra). When my housemate (who move in a week before hand) came home. My girlfriend quickly said sorry I’ll put a shirt on an immediately told her to sit down saying don’t worry.

Now we didn’t know much about her yet other than the fact she was very good looking double d’s and very slim and was dressed in her work out gear.

Getting to the point, we had a few more drinks and talked about different things we’d like to try and she mentioned that she’d always wanted to be tied up, suspended from the ceiling and all the things in between. Luckily my girl had a lot of experience and got some rope. After playing around a bit... read more
"I grabbed the rope, which was tied around her hands, went to the nearest door lifted her arms..."
Posted: Apr 06, 2018
Okay, I was spending the weekend at a friends house, with the expectation of a bit of fun with a male friend. As the weekend went on, my friend (female) became unwell and was unable to have 'fun'. This left me with two playmates. Not a problem I thought, she went to bed, we got down and dirty. In the middle of our session, the other housemate came home unexpectedly and walked in on us in the lounge room. With the crook of a finger I had all holes filled and finished with a biiiiiiig smile on my face, and three lovely guys to snuggle up to all night long. Needless to say there wasn't much sleep for any of us that night... read more
" In the middle of our session, the other housemate came home unexpectedly..."
Posted: Apr 07, 2018
A close friend told us of her desire to have a gang bang but was afraid for her safety - my girl also had a desire to part take in one but had thought of how.

I suggested I would do all the arranging and that I wouldn’t join just be there as the protector.

Everyone was on board...

I changed our RHP profile to reflect the ladies only and their desires! As expected huge interest -

After all these girls are hot!

We managed to get 6 guys to say yes but only 3 turned up.

I was so disappointed for the girls but they didn’t care and were grateful it was happening...

Everything was sexy as!everyone was having a great time and the guys super respectful!

I popped down to grab a drink for myself and was gone for 5 minutes tops!

As I walked back into the bedroom I couldn’t help but notice... read more
"It was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen..."
Posted: Apr 07, 2018
We met her last year in June and we thought was just a meet and greet. We were sitting having drinks with her and i went to the bathroom and when i returned she had asked if she could go upstairs with me. She was beuatiful young and exotic. She had never been with a woman before and was only our third time with a unicorn.

She was nervous but had a stunning body and sat on the bed making small talk until we kissed and it was so natural. We explored each others bodies and minds and it became almost animalistic in natutre two girls on a bed entwined as one. Hands lips tongues all together.

She smelt and tasted like honey and her skin was dark and perfect. her body was like a athletes but still feminine and beautiful. We kissed caressed and explored then lay in each others arms... read more
"We explored each others bodies and minds..."
Posted: Apr 07, 2018
We met at a bar in Sydney and as soon as she arrived i was captivated by her beauty and looks. She smiled and we cahatted for a while and she mentioned she had never been with a woman before but was excited to try. I went to the bathroom and when i returned she had asked my partner if she could come upstairs. We went to the room and i suggested i giver her a massage to break the ice as we were sitting looking at each other for a little while. When she undressed i was taken back by her exquisite body which was athletic firm and soft all at the same time. her breasts were pert and round and reflected her youth. Her ass was round and lookeerd perfect and i later found out was!

I started to massage her using a technique another female member had... read more
"we explored each other and became intoxicated with lust, desire and each other..."
Posted: Apr 08, 2018
I had been seeing a married guy for a few months and had asked him to help me tick off my kinky bucket list, haha. After a few meets we were in a hotel room and he asked if i trusted him, i said yes. So he tied my hands behind my back, blindfolded me, positioned me on the bed so my ass was in the air facing the doorway. He then let in his friend who i had never met. He came to give me anal, which i had never done, i had never done MFM or been bound and blindfolded. Being on my knees not being able to see them both in front of me was so empowering for me. I absolutely had a ball for 2 hours. At the end i got to see the face and body behind the 2nd man, definitely did not disappoint!

... read more
"I had been seeing a married guy for a few months..."
Posted: Apr 10, 2018
I met J and M here on RHP in November and although I'd been out to their place a few times for dinner and drinks, we'd never quite made it past the social side of things. They were sweet, friendly, smart and funny and we all had an interest in taking things farther. After some fun and flirty chatting we decided that, the next time we met, we'd take the leap.

If you've ever spent Christmas Eve alone, away from family, you'll know how I was feeling that day. Then the doorbell rang.

J and M stood there, smiles on their faces and bottles of wine in their hands.

In minutes we were back out by the pool and M was stripping down in front of J and I. Her skin was smooth, her breasts full and heavy with dark, pert nipples. She turned slowly around for us to admire... read more
"We positioned ourselves to stand in front of her, while she knelt in front of us..."
It was late on a friday afternoon, everything was done for the day and only one customers car left to be collected, all the other guys had left early and now the manager wanted an early mark too..

Cool mate, head off, I will settle the end of day..

Wasn't long before the last customer was here to collect her car. She was a gorgeous platinum blonde and wearing that short spandex dress she looked amazing, she had curves.. maybe she could have been a plus sized model if she wanted with that playful personality.. We exchanged some small talk while finalising the bill and she noticed a skate magazine on the counter i was reading while i waited for her so she mentioned "oh, you skate..? I bet you could show me some moves..?"

"of course, and after i could possibly take you out and show you some... read more
"they noticed me but did not change their rhythm..."
It was around 6 in the evening, I had just finished work when I found myself walking towards the Sofitel hotel in Sydney CBD, dressed in my work suit. My heart beating hard and loud enough it was audible to the person standing next to me. I had met a couple on rhp and had decided to meet up for a special evening tonight. I had booked a room in the Sofitel where they could spend the afternoon discussing the evening where I would join them for fun.

I walked in to the hotel reception where Mr.M was waiting to greet me with a lovely smile. We exchanged pleasantries before he showed me the way to his room. We were on the 15th floor and as he opened the door to his room, i could hear my heart pounding and could feel the nerves tightening. Mrs M was waiting for me... read more
"My heart beating hard and loud enough it was audible to the person standing next to me..."
Posted: Apr 18, 2018
My fwb and I have been seeing each other for a while now and are both interested in pleasing one another. On this occasion, he hired a hotel room for day use and told me to get there early. I arrived and we immediately disrobed and he took me nice and hard on the bed. Once we were finished he reminded me he had a little surprise in store for me. Three men were waiting downstairs. I was blindfolded and led into the bathroom, and then I heard the door close.

When it reopened I heard more voices in the room, and was led out to the bed. I lay down and felt the extra pressure on the bed as the others joined me, then I felt a mouth on my wet pussy and a nice warm cock on my lips. I took it in and reached out for the spare,... read more
"hree men were waiting downstairs. I was blindfolded and led into the bathroom..."

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