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July 2018 - First Times

This month we want to hear about your first times... Not losing your virginity (although you can tell us that too, if it's a goodie). We are talking sexual firsts, whatever they may be. It could be your first time having a threesome, your first anal adventure, perhaps your first same-sex experience. Whatever your tale, we want to hear it and we're going to reward the best entries with a super-sexy cash award, so get writing!

Jul 2018 Submitted Sex Secrets

Overall Winner
Posted: Jul 02, 2018
My wife has fantasised about double penetration for some time. She isn’t a huge fan of anal but when I am lucky enough, she has ridiculous orgasms. A few years back I enticed her to agree. Finding the right guy is never easy, but after a lot of “research I found someone who I knew my wife would be attracted to.

After a fair bit of messaging, including having the guy have an STD check, of which we did same for his peace of mind, the scene was set. Being such a strong fantasy, my wife didn’t want to have condoms as part of the night. She wanted to have two guys blow inside her hot holes at the same time.

So, the time came and we met our guy at a club and headed back to the room, a lovely apartment in Brisbane. I let my wife have fun... read more
"I let my wife have fun with her new man for an hour or so whilst I watched..."
Posted: Jul 02, 2018
I was 17. Participating in “acting classes” it was a part time course that lasted 2 years. I had lost my virginity about a year ago and had formed a close friendship with a few people in my acting class. My best friend invited me to go hang out with her at another class members work. He ran a cinema. We would all sit up in the projection box, watch movies, make art and occasionally do crazy things like hook the big screen up to a PlayStation and play the hottest games when the cinema was closed... it was a lot of fun. One night when our male friend was dropping me home. He made a move on me. I accepted his invitation. He took me home and we had the most amazing sex! Years later I still remember him, as the best. Anyway, the next day, my best friend... read more
"That fateful night, I found myself in a surprising situation with both of them"
Posted: Jul 06, 2018
I have had an ongoing fling with a married man since my late teens, off and on.

My Husband knows about it (we have no secrets from each other. If we could give one piece of advice to couples on here, it would be that secrets kill marriages)

The gentlemen in question is quite a bit older, a policeman, a detective I met at a service job when I was younger. We have kept in contact and meet every year or so to talk about old times , have a few drinks and maybe fool around a little bit.

I’ve never met his wife, theirs is a loveless marriage for some time now. As swingers, we make a point out of trying to avoid men in relationships where the partner is unaware. We don’t like cheaters.

Perhaps that’s why my time with Luke (not his real name, but close enough!) is so sweet. Forbidden... read more
"I have had an ongoing fling with a married man since my late teens, off and on..."

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