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Have you ever had a horrible fight, only to find yourself shagging your way back to forgiveness? Tell us about a time when you have had a break up make up session!

August 2007 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Sep 05, 2007
My story is about the first time I ever went to a swingers club. My ex and I had at the time been together a few months, and we decided to go to a swingers club and see what it was like, we had been talking about it for a while. The fight happened a few hours into the night, because we both discovered that we got very jealous when the other got too flirty with anyone. We had gone into a small 'play' room to have the fight away from other people, and because we were trying not to be loud about it we were quite close together. My boyfriend suddenly kissed me hard in the middle of the fight, and the next thing we were making out like animals, practically ripping each others clothes off and had hard hot sex, I think the whole club heard me screaming... read more
Posted: Sep 05, 2007
I once had an argument with a girlfriend over a new couch we were going to buy together (ah yes the fun of living together!) she wanted a specific colour and I didn’t care as long as it wasn’t over a certain price. She saw her ‘prefect’ couch and demanded we buy it which I refused. We had always had a terrible time shopping together- she wasn’t normally a bratty kind of girl but shopping seemed to bring this trait out in her. It ended with her marching out of the store and me sheepishly following behind. We drove home in silence and when we got home I pushed her onto the old crummy couch we already had and told her as long as it functioned as a couch it should matter what it looked like. She agreed and straddled me saying, ‘well if that’s the case why cant we... read more
Posted: Sep 08, 2007
This happen to me four years ago, i had been going out with my girlfriend for fours years, in the fourth year things started to go awry between us, i don`t know why. She started to go out more often with girls from work and leaving me home to baby sit her six year old son,we get on well with each other. This had been going on for six months, things didn`t feel right. Then out of the blue i get a phone call from one of my mates i hadn`t seen in ayear, hed been overseas, he wanted to hook up and meet his latest girlfriend. So friday night came and i headed into the city to meet steve and co at a cafe in lygon st. It was pretty crowded, but found my way to the cafe as i... read more
Posted: Sep 08, 2007
I recently met a lovely girl from Rhp. We met near her place(ish) and a shopping centre, in a cafe. We had already established a great vibe so it was pretty academic, meaning there was no need to really "suss" each other out. Speaking for myself, I was sold! I reckon she was too.

We walked to the local park and sat by a lake. She's very shy so I touched her arm tenderly and she melted into my shoulder and chest...

As for the rest, I don't kiss and tell, unless I have her permission. :P

Needless to say, she was very soft and very tender.... read more
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Posted: Sep 15, 2007
Earlier this year my partner and I had been spending way too much time together and started to get on each others nerves. One night we had a huge fight and he went to sleep in the spare room. As we are both pig headed neither of us was going to apologise so we didnt talk and he kept sleeping in the spare room. About a week later we had another huge fight and stormed off to our respective rooms, but the fight had worked me up something awesome and I was as horny as hell. Ten minutes later I heard the bedroom door open and in come my man all barred up and ready to go, I was telling myself I was going to say no but when he ripped off the doona and just stood there all hard and hot there was nothing I could do. We went... read more
Posted: Sep 17, 2007
This is a little difficult writing this on Saturday morning following Friday nights escapades. After a flaming row we both stormed out of the house to go out and cool off. At Abode, James bumped into Olivia and found that she had taken every opportunity to use the girls bi night to its fullest advantage to break the bi cherry of a cute girl that was there. The chick in question was new to the lifestyle, as was her boy for the evening. They had been seeing each other for some time but neither of them was serious with each other. Within five minutes of being shown around the members’ area of the club, her escort was being asked by a girl walking around on her hands and knees, if she could give him a blow job on behalf of the slaves’ mistress. He said, “YES,” and off he went.... read more

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