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This month we're keeping things close to home, we want to hear about your neighbour nookie sessions! Whether it was that Brazilian exchange student living in the flat next to yours, or Terry Henderson from the farm next to your place, whatever the scenario, if you banged someone on your block, let us know because you could be taking home the cash award if you entry is deemed this month's best. Get writing!

February 2011 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Feb 02, 2011
It all started one late sunday night when the new lady from across the road introduced herself to me while i was unpacking from a day trip to the country. Let's called her "S" and she was recently divorced.
After S and I shook hands we started generally about things and S said that she would like to go out for dinner one night to get to know each other more. I agreed to do this.
Two days later when i was on my way to the post box to drop of some letters, i saw S being hassled by some local hooligans who were drinking in the park. S came to me as she was scared and we told the hooligans to get lost. After that S walked with me to the post box and on our way back I looked and S and kissed her on the cheek. S then... read more
"We both went down on each other and after we dried off I had S up against the wall"
Posted: Feb 03, 2011
When we first moved into our new house (next door to my in laws) we had a house warming party in the backyard, a nice BBQ with friends and family and of course my father in law, Rob, I was wearing a sexy summer dress, a little short and a little see through but it made my tits look amazing! My father in law was in shorts and a singlet, which showed, off his muscly chest. I found myself wanting to touch my pussy which was feeling a little hot! I excused myself and went upstairs to "make the salad" and went to the bedroom for a little pussy play. I had gotten myself off and decided I better make the salad so off to the kitchen I went. When I got to the kitchen Rob was there, he said he had been sent to see if I needed help... read more
"Rob took that as his queue and slowly from behind moved his big manly hand up my thigh and into my pussy"
Posted: Feb 05, 2011
Next door to us is a barely 18 year old who is a little naive but lovely tender body. One day while my wife was out, this girl came over to look for her dog who normally roams the neighbourhood. I had shorts and singlet on, and seeing her in tight shorts and small top, I had an instant hard on. I said she should come in and I will phone around to see where her doggie was. After making a phone call, I turned to her to say I couldn't find her doggy. She looked sad so I comforted her with a cuddle. She looked up at me so innocently and so I couldn't help but kiss her beautiful lips. She liked that so my hands started to gently explore her body. She kissed me more pasisonately and obviously liked my attention. She put her hand on my chest... read more
"She slowly stroked it, so I gently slipped off her top, revealing her beautiful breasts."
Posted: Feb 05, 2011
when i was younger and still living at home i had an amazingly beautiful neighbour K, she was incredible an amazing body and incredible boobs, i had been given an invitation to use K's pool when i wanted so one hot morning i went over and jumped, in K's bedroom window backed onto the pool, and while i was in there she woke up and striped naked, she didn't notice i was in the pool, i was so hard i stood there and stared at her she turned around and noticed me with a cheeky smile, her pussy was amazing waxed and wet, i jumped out of the pool and went around to the side door, and knocked, she came to the door, still naked and i was still extremely hard, she opened the door, and said come on in, i took my boardies and underwear off so i didn't... read more
"i was about to cum so she got on her knees and let me explode"
Posted: Feb 05, 2011
when i was done she took my load in her mouth and kept sucking for a little while, then she swallowed she then stood up and jumped on me and wrapped her legs around my waist, at that moment when i first went inside, it was the most amazing feeling i've ever had, we then jumped on her bed and had the most amazing sex, it lasted for hours, we tried so many positions, she even gave me a footjob (i have a thing for legs and feet) after hundreds of orgasms we lied there staring at each other, i was still inside, but we werent moving we were just lying there we kissed each other for ages, by the time i was about to leave the day had passed and the sun was setting, it was so romantic, she was an amazing woman. after this day we had... read more
"it lasted for hours, we tried so many positions, she even gave me a footjob..."
Posted: Feb 06, 2011
It all started when we got chatting on a site and we found out we both enjoyed the same thing, so we made plans to meet in my backyard in 20mins, where he had his way with me. He licked my pussy good while playing with his cock, we had the best fuck that night. After that we meet out the back late at night after the kids were in bed where we would fuck and i would suck his cock and he my pussy. Then when kids arent home we move inside to the lounge or my bed where we watch ech other play with ourselves then when we are both wet we fuck. He has been one of the best fucks i have had over the past 10yrs. We do this quite often either at night or during the day. Lets hope it doesnt stop......... read more
"we made plans to meet in my backyard in 20mins, where he had his way with me"
Posted: Feb 08, 2011
Recently i was on the hunt for a new rental place and went to an inspection. After a while i found that i was the only person at the inspection, so when i was let in to look by the very hot agent (E), I went straight to the bedroom to adjust my cock in my pants so she could see my hard on. As soon as she saw my large cock erect in my pants E lifted up her tight mini skirt and asked me to fuck her on the bench. I dropped my pants and slid inside her pussy. After i entered E I undid her top and started to kiss her tits. Her nipples were hard and erect and after a while we changed to doggy style where i came inside of her with an explosion of cum in the middle of the lounge room. E... read more
"Her nipples were hard and erect and after a while we changed to doggy style"
Overall Winner
Posted: Feb 10, 2011
It all started when my husband and i had a huge argument he left for the country for a week and i stayed home still boiling and feeling depressedd so i went to the local bottle shop and got a few drinks to drown my sorrows feeling lonley i decided to invite my long time friend who just so happens to be my sister inlaw who just lived up the road so she and her hubby turned up a few hours later that evening now she and i go way back and we've done naughty things in the past but thats another story so anyway there we were in the living room listening to some music playing in the back ground while the three of chatted as the night grew older i i got more and more drunk and every now and then sex would come into the... read more
"it was so huge and fat, his knob would of been bigger than my fist at first"
Posted: Feb 22, 2011
I was a little disenchanted with online dating so when I got a photo message from a guy and had one of those "oo!" moments, I was keen. He and his gf were looking to try a 3some and I was up for it so we worked out a time to meet. We were a bit shocked to discover that not only was he in the same suburb but also in the same street! At this point we both kind of hesitated - I mean you don't always want to give away your address this early in the game but in the end the possibility of having a regular fwb so close by was too alluring and he just said "you know what, I'm at number 33 (only a 2 minute walk down the road) - if you want, come over for some drinks Friday night and even if it... read more
"We took off her bra and he and I both sucked her luscious firm breasts "

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