What's the wildest sexual experience you've ever had a party? Did you get nude and naughty in a upstairs bedroom while others mingled downstairs? Did you bump and grind it away with a hottie on the dancefloor before taking her back to your place? Tell us about the wildest night of your life and you could win $100 cash!

March 2008 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Mar 30, 2008
It started one hot sweaty night in a crowded 'Mansions' night club in Adelaide. My hot girlfriend(now wife of 20yrs) was dressed in a sexy short open backed custom made denim dress with no bra. The club was going off this night, sexy girls & guys everywhere enjoying load music, lotsa alcohol and each other. My girlfriend had to go loo so i grabbed a couple more drinks. When she returned she gave me a tongue sucking kiss, (i thought oh oh somethings going on ) she then sat, jumped rather seductively on my lap, wiggled a few times, leaned back, opened her handbag and said 'wat u see'. Dumb ol me took a good 30 seconds to click 'it was her silk G string - yes thats right NO PANTIES OR KNICKERS. With an obvious rock hard cock she proceeded to grind me into the ground (to... read more
Posted: Mar 31, 2008
Once when we went to a party togther we snuck off into the bedroom together. Only problem was, it was my partners dads 40th!!! We snuck off into the old bedroom where we first sealed the deal, and had one of the quickest and hottest interludes we had had in a long time!
Would def advise it to anyone... the people walking past an possibly walking in on us just added to all the excitement!!!... read more
Posted: Apr 02, 2008
my crazyest time was when got with a guy and then got with his best mate after.... crazyness ... read more
Posted: Apr 16, 2008
It was in the Caribbean on a rum cruise day trip on the good ship Jolly Rodger. Aptly named as it turned out. There were about a hundred people on the cruise. I was with a few friends including a cute Canadian woman I'd met a few days before. We all got a bit hammered on the rum punch and were having a bloody great time. All great fun in the sun.
After lunch, our pirate ship caption gathered everyone around. Suddenly the crew hauled my Canadian friend and I forward. Apparently we'd been dobbed in by our "mates". The captain, (complete with parrot and eye patch) declared we were to be married then and there. And so, resplendent in our swimming cosies, we were thus bound in holy matrimony (which the caption assured us was only valid for 24 hours). Great fun. Especially the wedding kiss to the cheers of... read more
Posted: Apr 18, 2008
Hmmm I have very fond memories of the night my partner and I got VIP status at our local nightclub. Hubby doesnt dance very often so to get him up on the dance floor was a very nice treat indeed, a treat that made me very horny and wet with all the bumping and grinding going on. After about 3 dances I was fit to bust and so was he, it was a busy Saturday night at the club and the dance floor was packed as we tried to make our way outside to relieve some pressure. After about 10 mins of trying to push our way out we were feeling defeated so sat down on the step to wait out the end of the song. It only took me 30 seconds to realise that the place was that packed no one would see us, so I unzipped his pants... read more
Posted: Apr 19, 2008
I was at a party at a club one night & spotted the hottest guy i'd ever seen. I told my friend that i'd have him by the end of the night... & sure enough in a while we were chatting & dancing. We decided to go for a walk outside, where he started kissing me & i started melting. But then he said "well why dont you kiss my friend, he's missing out". What could i do?? 2 hot guys !!! Next thing you know we were all going for it in his car, my first 3sum ever & i was loving it. so after a good hot, steamy hour or so we all collapsed... with me only to find their other mate was in the back seat watching us all!!! ... read more
Posted: Apr 19, 2008
Was at the Soho bar in sydney on a busy Saturday night and had was enjoying some of the dance music, which I love to do. A very dark brunnette dressed in black started dancing close in front of me. So I imitaited her dancing and she came in close. She moved in close her nipples standing out of her loose black clevaged dress. The smell of her sweat and ylang ylang made me almost delriorous with excitement and i licked her neck to her ear and blew on it. She started to ride my leg with people dancing around and bumping into us. She pushed me back untill we reached at wall. My hand finding the long slit in her skirt as i stroked her inner thigh sending the passion of the moment to euphoric bliss. She grabbed my hand... read more
Posted: Apr 19, 2008
Me and my boyfriend were at his friends get together of about 30 people. it was a good night with lots of music and dancing and playing... it all started when we were sitting around a table playing the drinking game circle of death and i was sittin on my mans lap... when i felt some fingers start to slowl rub my pussy through my undies under my dress... i turned and looked at him and he smirked at me and i gave him a deep passionate kiss, of course to the disgust of his friends hehe... later that night i "had to go to the toilet" where my boyfriend followed and i blew him in the toilet.. it was sooo good i love the rush and feeling that we could be caught... later that night when the party was wrapping up the host asked us and a couple... read more
Posted: Apr 20, 2008
This night i had come down to the coast to suprise my girlfriend for her birthday. As I was working that night and wasn't going to be able to make it. She was OK because she knew had an early start the next day. I got to her place and there was nobody there. I called to find that they had gone to the local beer garden to hear a live band, dance and play a little pool. I get there and there was a couple of her friends there that i hadn't seen before. A few game of pool and a lot of drinks later i found myself on the dance floor trying not to make fool out of myself. It is at this point i notice one of my girls friends making her way towards me. She got basically nose to nose with me and then started to... read more
Posted: Apr 20, 2008
on a windy quiet weeknight around 10pm, i took my girl to the end of the harbour mole. in the moonlight and lights we did eachother. i recall doggystyle sex withme standing buck naked out of the car, her sticking her sexy ass out at me, grinding her wet puissy back and forth onto me. as i came, i was looking at a big containership going past me 100m away. my cum dribbled down her leg... read more
Posted: Apr 20, 2008
Going back to my late teens, I visited my ex-girlfriend's house to get some of my things back after we split. Knowing my ex was working, I called in on her mother. She and I sat down for a chat about how things had gone etc, and the next minute we were kissing. We pulled away and after staring in disbelief at each other, she led me to the bedroom. As a relative rookie to sex, she taught me so much. She gave me a wonderful blow-job, which has still to be beaten even now, and instructed me on the ways of successfully licking pussy. Something which quite a few ladies should thank her for! She lay me back on the bed and slid her wet, trimmed pussy down my eager young shaft, and we fucked for ages. When I eventually came, we held each other and she questioned her... read more
Posted: Apr 20, 2008
Our wildest experience was a mild summer night on the banks of the Yarra west of the tennis centre on the bench with picnickers on the opposite bank fitness junkies jogging by and 1 shit hot oral session followed by the hottest hardest public fuck we could perform..resulting in a explosive climax for us both. ... read more
Posted: Apr 22, 2008
It was new years eve 1999 and a group of friends(with their partners) had booked suites at a beach side resort where the new year is king. I was a single man so decided not to spend the $600 on a room for the night, which I soon regretted. Unknown to me, an auburn haired stranger was lurking in the shadows. Maybe my friends felt sorry for me? Maybe her? Fate, who cares, all i know is that i spotted her across a sea of faces and there was no-one else that I wanted to share a tin of beans with when the doom struck at midnight! Obviously the feeling was mutual as we worked the room as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, as much as buddies were keen to see me enjoy their surprise, they also took joy in seeing me suffer as I pleaded and offered ridiculous bribes in... read more
Posted: Apr 22, 2008
last weekend with my wife wearing her very short skirt,our doorbell rang at 400pm a young french student male selling his art works to fund his stay in aussie.I walked him thru to our family room to find my wifes face light up Claude,the frenchmen,attractive,well dressed,wanting to show us his various paintings,he proceed to show us paintings he had produced,The scenes,colours,amazing.My wife settled back on the sofa opening her legs just enough to give claude a full view of her lush pussy this caught him by suprise,my wife stared directly into his eyes,she asked would you like a glass of wine?yes,yes,my wife walked to the fridge bending over to exposing her full nudity under her skirt.ON walking over with two glasses of wine Claude stood up to recieve his glass of wine ,well he had this huge bulge in his trousers he sat next to my wife she asked have... read more
Posted: Apr 22, 2008
It all started one night at a party for a friend of mine.my girlfriend and I had been playing with each other all day so when a group of us went out clubbing it was a chance for her to tease me, needless to say after a couple of hours of her grinding her gorgeous body against meI was ready to take the party home.We all piled into a few taxis and we scored one by ourselves, no sooner had we started moving and she had my cock out and in her mouth.This went on until we got home where everyone was already dancing and drinking. I went to the toilet and when i came out my girlfriend jumped me in the bathroom, pulling my trousers down and grinding her already juicy pussy on my cock before she turned around and begged me to fuck her up against the wall,... read more
Posted: Apr 23, 2008
it was just the other night me and my boyfriend have been together for over a year now and were befor that too... we hadnt seen eachother in 4 weeks so there was a high sexual tension between us. we got home from his parents and into my room as he slowly pushed me up against the wall holding my waist next thing i knew he was pulling my top off.. i could feel his rock hard cock threw his pants rubbing my leg he got my top off and kissed allthe way up my chest till he got to my lips he kissed me so passionatly i got a shiver.. i started to undo his button up shirt as he took his belt off.. i lay down on my huge bed and he undid my bra and stripped me naked. i was so horny as i lay there.. i... read more

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