August - The Quintessential Quickie!

This month we're all about the quickies! Those lightening shags, intense and manic, hot and heavy. We want to hear about your best quickies, it might have been the time you poled that hottie in the coatroom at a nightclub, or the lunch hour ram raid! Whatever your memory, if it was quick, hot and sextastic, we want to hear it! Remember, the sauciest Sex Secret takes home the cash award, so spare no detail.

August 2016 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Aug 02, 2016
A few years back at my current workplace we used to have a lunchtime walking group. One day on a mid 30 degree day about six of us went and over the hour people got separated. Towards the end of this walk I was with one of our products managers (Helle). Helle was a serious MILF, super fit and liked to talk dirty. She would always put a sexual connetation to an email between her and I. While walking with her she told me her husband liked women who wore no knickers while wearing a mini skirt and that she wasn't wearing any knickers today I instantly got a hard on. When we got back to work we went into the walk in fridge to cool down. As we were in the fridge Helle took off her T-Shirt and her nipples had become hard and were prominate through her sports... read more
"Our tongue probing kisses muffled any noise as I thrusted into her"
Posted: Aug 03, 2016
....her heart racing wildly, she reached for the pimply, bespectacled trainee technician and pulled him into the cozy confines of the server room. The airconditioned and HEPA-filtered environment agreed with her engorged, albeit flustered demeanour; lithe, overheating and overclocked body responding immediately with erect nipples yearning to escape the confines of her 95%/5% cotton/rayon blouse top...

Tearing Mr Pimply Bespectacled's varifocal glasses (adjusted for 44cm monitor viewing) from his still-stunned stubbly face, she grabbed his Pokemon Go-tuned hands to her breasts before lifting her skirt and backing firm, AnytimeFitness-toned buttocks (every 2nd day and twice on Thursdays but only after shoe shopping) into the welcoming and comforting clutches of a now very excited bladeserver that he attempted to hide behind....
... read more
"she grabbed his Pokemon Go-tuned hands to her breasts before lifting her skirt"
Posted: Aug 06, 2016
LUNCHTIME last Tuesday I didn't notice anyone on the beach while sunbaking naked, laying with my ass exposed to the elements and sipping on my icy cold champagne, I was listening to iggy on my headphones, totally in my own world....WHEN suddenly I was flanked either side by two sexy young backpackers from SWITZERLAND, (I THINK LOL) when I turned over and sat up I noticed both of them had instant hard-ons through their calvin kleins seeing my pink sunburnt ass, pussy and tits, (I had no idea how long they were perving) THE 6 foot One spoke little English, and the shorter blonde one spoke NO English, but you don't need language to fuck...that is proven right here, lol, I offered them both a crownie while I topped up my champas, they must have sensed my hornyness...... I couldn't help but have a huge skull, holding the... read more
"MY PUSSY was instantly wet and throbbing WITH ANTICIPATION"
Posted: Aug 13, 2016
I had been travelling for about 9 months across Europe when I met her.

Red hair, irish accent, great arse and tits that were begging to get out of the tight little number she was wearing. We got to know each other over the course of the evening, beers and a few whiskies to boot. The talk became more focussed on us, and before too long we moved up to one of the service corridors in the hostel for a few more whiskies from my hipflask.

About another half hour of talking ended when she kissed me... needless to say i kissed her back. I wrapped my lips around hers and our tongues exchanged intimate foreplay whilst our hands explored each other's bodies. Before too long she had her hand around my now-throbbing cock, and i had her top off in the middle of the hostel service corridor!

She asked me to... read more
" and glistening pussy. "
Overall Winner
Posted: Aug 17, 2016
You are driving. I want you so bad. I reach uncross and undo you. You are surprised but do not stop me. I insert my hand under the waistband of your jocks. Your cock leaps to attention and I flash you a saucy grin.

I am caressing, then stroking. He is demanding release. I reach my hand into my panties to coat it in my increasing wetness. I'm stroking you with my juices.

I cannot wait a moment longer. I move closer and take you deep into my mouth. You groan and gather my hair tightly in your free hand. You are having trouble concentrating.

I am sliding my mouth and hand up and down your hot hard shaft. I am so wet. I cup your balls firmly and take you deeper. You let go of my hair to tweak my nipple. I stifle a moan on your throbbing manhood. I can feel... read more
"I can feel you trying to hold on. You do not stand a chance. I want every drop"
Posted: Aug 17, 2016
I like to walk. If you do it for long enough you can feel everything elongating, smoothing, tightening, and flexing. Almost a delicious twang. I like that it gives my cheeks a natural glow instead of the perimenopause flush I can be prone to. My stamina is pretty good too and the whole thing just makes me feel quite sexy. It is very easy to give the odd passer-by a saucy grin.

A walk I like to do is from one headland to another where there is a nudist beach. I like to do it early in the morning. I strip off and dip. Partly to feel that electric charge that happens when my unclad form meets the wildness of the sea. Partly to put on a little bit of a show. The show is mostly for me but there is a definite titillation in not knowing who might be watching.

There... read more
"He's not finished. He manhandles me onto all fours "
Posted: Aug 18, 2016
We were on the way home from the gym one night when my 37 year old wife said that she wanted to fuck J again. J was a 21 year old she had fucked several months earlier. So the next day I sent J a text. He replied he could meet that night after work at 9pm. I messaged my wife to let her know J was going to fuck her that night. I got home after work and found her in the bathroom shaving her pussy before we headed out. We arrived in the car park outside J's work and he came out to our car. My wife sat sideways on the passenger seat, legs partly open. J & I could see she had no panties on. I asked if she wanted to jump in the back with J. They got in the back seat, and she released J's... read more
"I could see she had no panties on. I asked if she wanted to jump in the back"
Posted: Aug 21, 2016
After coming out of a relationship that had spanned from my teens to my now mid-30's, I was totally unsure of myself - but also totally sure that I wanted to be with someone purely for sex. I really wasn't sure if most guys my own age and older would look at me and run - I had a complex that mid-30's + curvy + stretch marks etc from having kids would make me undesirable. I put a profile up on an online hookup site, purely to gauge the response. Very quickly guys liked what they read and the pics they saw and I was totally surprised that it wasn't just guys my age and older - it was young guys guys. One of these guys totally threw me for six...he started sending me photos of his dark, rock hard 24-year-old abs & his amazingly HUGE thick cock -... read more
"the sex was totally mind-blowing, starting with me sucking him"
Posted: Aug 26, 2016
Admittedly, there was probably too many champagnes involved. It was a work function, what do you expect. A need to loosen up around people you wouldn’t be deliberately choosing to spend a Friday night with.

He was there. But we kept our distance. An unspoken agreement between us, since the last time something happened, that shouldn’t have. But the electricity between us was palpable. He made me shiver. So much so, that when it came that the company moved locations, I choose a different floor. He was such a distraction.
It’s not late. But… it’s a work function. I sneak out. Swilling the last of my champagne and indicating to a colleague the direction to the bathroom, I walk away, but change directions and sneak off to the elevator.
The door tings, and begins to open. A warm hand pushes me in. No need for words, I know. I... read more
"So wet, so quickly. His fingers enter my pussy"

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