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This month is all about our swingers! We want to hear about your hottest, most erotic, most skin tingling swingers session in this month's Sex Secret's comp! We want to hear about that group love encounter that set your body on fire, the sexy encounter with some like-minded hotties that endeared you to the lifestyle! And as always, the most electrifying entry will take home the cash award, so make it cook!

April 2019 Submitted Sex Secrets

Overall Winner
Posted: Apr 02, 2019
Myself and my wife have had a friend for years that has known about our "secret" lifestyle. She always said that she didn't think she would personally go, but was interested hearing stories about what went on. One day she sent me a text that said she would like to try going to a club.

I called her and spoke. She said that she was happy to come along but wasn't sure what her level of involvement would be. She said it might be just walking around and seeing what goes on and nothing more. We were fine with that and respected her for wanting to come and visit to experience what a club could provide.

We entered and the place was already full of excitement. People in sexy costumes dancing on the dance floor. We checked our drinks at the bar, taking a drink with us and gave her... read more
"'My wife laid our friend down on the bed and removed her panties and started going down on her.'"
Posted: Apr 18, 2019
My best friend in my early 20s just happened to be a man who identified as gay and we had planned to catch up in the evening. He would often try to shock me into speechlessness but had never managed it....until that night. I was excited to go as I knew a mutual friend I had a crush on would be there. I’d been asked if I wanted to sleep with him in the past but had a partner. The curiosity and want to see him was always there though.

As I knocked on the door my jaw almost hit the floor. In front of me were at least a dozen men in various states of undress getting very friendly. Apart from my friend putting on gay porn while we watched tv in the past I’d only ever been with my boyfriend and hadn’t had sex in the flesh shoved... read more
""Standing in front of the chair they began to kiss and undo each other’s belts, then zips...""
Posted: Apr 18, 2019
Once at the foot of the bed my friend took the lead and lay on his bed. He pulled me down toward his hard cock until my face was centimetres from it. Knowing what he wanted me to do I obliged and slowly slid his cock deeper inside my mouth, running my tongue over the shaft as it went. The other man positioned me into a kneeling position and stood behind me. Wasn’t long before I felt his decent sized cock slide almost full length inside my pussy. The guy I was sucking saw my eyes widen and I felt him harden even more in my mouth. I knew this wasn’t going to last long for any of us.

With each thrust places inside me my boyfriend could never reach were beginning to feel incredibly good. Before I could come I felt my friend explode at the back of my tongue.... read more
""Once at the foot of the bed my friend took the lead and lay on his bed.""

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