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People of the RedHotPie nation - it's time to kick a few goals!

In this month’s Sex Secrets we want to hear about all your sporting conquests; it's sexy, it's fun and it's pretty bloody Australian!

If you ever jagged one of the footy stars, tell us about it, if you ever did some ball work with the local ladies netball team, definitely tell us about it!

Remember, the hotter the better and the hottest of the hot will be taking home the cash award, so pad up and get writing!

July 2009 Submitted Sex Secrets

Overall Winner
Posted: Jul 02, 2009
Many years ago I had a very sexy girlfriend who had an equally hot sister, Emma. There had always been quite a lot of sexual tension between me and Emma but we had never followed though with tearing each others close off because Emma had a fiance.

Emma and I started bumping into each other a the local gym and one day after flirting a bit with each other we agreed we would 'bump' into each other again for a lunchtime gym session the next day. Luchtime the next day came and I was off to the gym with an air of expectation of what might happen there. Emma arrived wearing the smallest, sexiest gym gear I had ever seen her in and the nevous sexual energy started happening between us immediately. After a half hearted attempt at doing a few weights I told Emma I was going to go... read more
"We started kissing passionately and feeling each other up and she quickly reached under my towel..."
Posted: Jul 25, 2009
The first time I ever had a Girl, well anyone other than myself, touch my cock was a saturday night at my footy club after a big win. I was in my mid teens and she was a year younger. After all the awards for best players for the footy and netball teams where awarded I went outside for some fresh air. We bumped into eachother and started talking. after a bit of flirting things got physical and she led me off the the netball courts.

She led me to the coaches box, dropped to her knees and took out my cock. i was already hard just from thinking this might happen. I sat back on the bench as she took me in her mouth. It was so warm and wet and inviting, it felt fantastic. i reached down and started playing with her smoo. she was so wet i... read more
"I sat back on the bench as she took me in her mouth. It was so warm and wet and inviting, it felt fantastic..."
Posted: Jul 27, 2009
A very good friend of mine plays hockey and i like to go and watch him play sometimes. There has always been a bit of sexual tension between us but as yet nothing had ever come of it.

His teem won that night so was thrilled and wanting to celebrate and i wanted to help him....

He was the last in the change rooms after the game and i decided to go in and see what was taking him so long. He was still in the shower and i stod for a while just watcing the water run off his amazing body...I had never been more turned on in my life. Then he turned around an saw me standing there i was so embarased to have been caught watching him, but he just smiled at me and asked if i wanted to join him, and how could i resist that body??

I ripped... read more
"I ripped my clothes off and stepped under the warm water with him, his hands were all over my body.."

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