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January 2007 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jan 02, 2007
It was the summer of 81. my mates mum had been showing a keen liking to me and called around to see if he wanted to come for a beer. Well there she stood, 25yrs older, a tight bra ad a g that wasn’t worth wearing. I barred up, straight to my 8 inches, well, I was in heaven. We went inside she took no time in getting my weapon out, could she suck cock. I went down how sweet; we both came a few times, and then fucked our way to a couple of more orgasms, still go 4 a beer with my mate. Looking for ladies older than me... read more
Posted: Jan 07, 2007
It was summer of ’85 and I had just turned 21 and out on town, regretably so was the US navy, 5000 horny sailors and money to burn. Finished up drinking with a few marines and then a group of ladies mid 30’s or so sidled up. I finished up going home with a great bodied 35 year old who sucked cock like there was no tomorrow, taught me how to eat pussy properly and took the time to really show me the ropes on getting the most out of sex. I think we fucked in every style, position and then some for the next two days.

We arranged to meet for drinks the following week, no strings attached, great I wasn’t wanting a relationship and this suited us both. We met at a bar the following Friday and she had another really cute 17 or 18 year old with her... read more
Posted: Jan 08, 2007
Had an old lover show me just how good having a toy used on me could really be..... there I was not innocent but not very experienced having this fantastic man cover my eyes with his hands pushing me gently back onto my bed and looking in my bedside table to retrieve my toy...

I had no idea what was going on until he started teasing me... I was very embarrassed at first but soon found it to be one of the most intense, erotic experiences ever. He pushed all of my limits and showed me how much fun it can be to let someone play, tease and push you until you scream.

Naughtiest part was my mum was in the next room which just added to the whole excitement ;)... read more
Posted: Jan 08, 2007
Well where should I start....I was only 18 and with a guy who was seven years older then me. Back then I had only just been broken in and didn’t know very much. Only being average at head he decided it was a good time to teach me. He pulled down his pants to show a 7 inch member poking thought his slightly moist boxers. He took it out and made me suck it gently before telling me to deep throat for the first time. I tried and nearly gagged but kept trying and before I knew it he was moaning hard as I’d perfected the art. I started using my hand as well and with-in five minutes I felt his warm cum in my mouth which I gratefully swallowed. Not too soon after he put his member inside of me and we started experimenting all types of positions.....Lets just... read more
Posted: Jan 10, 2007
It was a lady I worked with at a gym, I was 22, and she was 38 and recently divorced. She invited me over to her place for dinner, she showed me through the house, pointing out all the "interesting" rooms. When we got to the pool, she stripped off and jumped in, inviting me to join her. We ended up shagging in the pool, I also went down on her (my first time) while she laid back on the pool lounge. She then took me back inside, and we spent the next 2 hours shagging in her bed. When we had a short break, to get a drink. She then pushed me onto her couch, and mounted me for another round of shagging. After which we ended up back in bed, and went to sleep. Woke up a couple of hours... read more
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Posted: Jan 16, 2007
Was living on the coast and had been mucking around with a friend of a friend - nothing too serious, just hooking up when we were out on the town and horny! After a few months things died down and didn’t see her or her friends for a few months.

Just before Christmas with the temp on the way up I was out with a few mates and meet up with the group of girls. Thought beauty, haven’t had one for a while and the old fuck buddy was looking hot and horny. Much to my dismay she got shitfaced and went home early which was a good thing because after she left one of her friends (who was 5 years older than me) started dirty dancing with me and chatting me up!

After many dirty text messages to each other that night when went our seperate ways we hooked up the... read more
Posted: Jan 18, 2007
I was 20 years old at the time and met a lady who was an older sister of a mates girl friend who I heard liked me. I of course was keen to meet her and she turned out to be a stunning lady who was not unlike Wonder Woman in looks! She did indeed teach me a lot of things and liked to take control and give specific instructions on what she liked so I was her eager student and did as I was told. She was fantastic and we had many hot sessions together. One night I went to see her for some more fun and she told me the "timing was not right" so as a result she rang up a friend who I had not met, to see if she was available for a night of fun-lucky for me her friend was. She even took... read more
Posted: Jan 22, 2007
We met on the net and had not seen each other. We had had dirty chats and the only bare fact I knew was I was going to meet this woman- fifteen years older than me. I was twenty and a student and she, a divorcee with 2 children. I rang the doorbell as my fingers trembled and there she was, beautiful than I expected. She was tall and had a great figure. She had short red hair and was wearing a laced seductive pink top revealing her cleavage and a white frilled skirt up to her knees.
As we introduced, she pulled me in, closed the door and gave me a cuddle. I was a little surprised but held on to her. I reached for her lovely lips and passionately kissed her, my first one it was. We seemed to be kissing- what could have seemed hours. I opened my... read more
Posted: Jan 23, 2007
I was going out with a girl who didn’t want to tell her family she was gay, so they all thought I was just a good friend. We’d been going out for a while when I went to a party that her older brother was also at. He was quite a few years older than me. He got pretty drunk and halfway through the night he came up behind me, put his arms around me and started kissing my neck. He said he’d wanted to jump me for ages and asked if I wanted to find somewhere more private with him. I’d never been with a guy before, but I was curious. He was really hot and I was rather drunk too, so I ended up agreeing. We didn’t have sex, but only because neither of us had any protection with us. I told him not to say anything to... read more
Posted: Jan 28, 2007
Our family had a neighbour was a single dad, and often he and his kids would come over for a swim in our pool through a gate between our back yards. I had often noticed D discreetly checking me out. I actually enjoyed his attention, as it made me feel attractive. I found D really hot even though he was much older than me.
One day when my parents were away, I was checking D out in the pool, and he caught me, and he returned my gaze. I blushed, and felt an arousal as D allowed his eyes to roam over my body. "Care to come over for a drink?" he asked
"Yes" was all I could manage as a wave of nerves and arousal coursed through me, and I followed him to his place.
His kids were with his ex for the weekend, so we were alone.

D stood there looking at... read more
Posted: Jan 30, 2007
my current partner is 30 and i’m 23 beofre i met him i was very horrifed about anal sex going through that wouldnt be worth it, it was very painful with previous people and i was very shocked when we got together everything was perfect and anal being a thing that i hated in the past was and still is awsome, orgasms are explosive. This is my first time on this website and before we started on here we decided to go to a swingers club it was great not like what we imagined it would be and because of my partner i would never had done it if it wasn’t for him and i love the fact that we can do anything we want and exploration is my key excitement factor at the moment and really wanna see whats it like to be with another girl... read more

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