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We're gettin' our freak on this month! We want to open the bottom draw and hear about your freakiest sex toy sessions, the dildos, the butt plugs, the nipple clamps, what ever you've wielded in the name of hot shagging, we want to hear about it. And remember, the hottest submission will take home the cash award!

September 2011 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Sep 01, 2011
this happened some years ago. it was late afternoon and I was feeling decidedly horny so since I had no plans for that night i made my own plans. it all started with a hot shower and a shaver.

once i was in the privacy of my room, still wet from my shower i went online and turned on my cam. then i got a can of aeroguard, and slowly guided it into my hot, wet, aching pussy. then the fun starts.

first it started out with one guy watching me fuck my very needy pussy and then as word spread, more and more guys started watching until i had about 7 - 10 guys who were focused on me and begging me for more!

i had aimed the cam right up close so that whoever was watching got a real birds eye view of my pussy all spread wide open. i... read more
"so there i am, cum dripping all down my legs and onto the floor and what happened next..."
Posted: Sep 02, 2011
As per my hot pics about 2 years ago, we hired a car Saab convertible to travel down to the sydney in.
On the way we just felt the need to stop near the beach at midnight one night and i had sex with the gear stick. Pictures on redhotpics to prove it ...
We called him "Sven"
Leesa... read more
"Pictures on redhotpics to prove it ..."
Posted: Sep 06, 2011
After nearly ten years of marriage and a very basic sex life i suddenly found myself single and in the casual scene , I formed a permanent casual thing a lady nearby that liked to try new things and push boundries including lots of toy fun all used on her . One night of exploring she was giving a fantastic headjob like she usualy does but started gently massaging my arse with one finger , it felt nice to my surprise and the feeling was intensifying quickly , but then the finger stopped and i thought that would be it and i concentrated on the headjob again . Next thing I felt was gentle but cool push on my arse , I quickly reasiled it was a vibrating wand thing we had bought a week earlier , it was feeling nice so I let her continue , once inside she... read more
"she normaly swallows but pulled it out and wanked me while still using the wand..."
Posted: Sep 07, 2011
As I sat outside enjoying a peaceful view of the stars, my sexy husband approached. He growls, "Let's get inside so that I can attack that body", as he fondled my nipples through my t-shirt. I happily agreed and followed him inside. I lay down on the bed spreading my legs as wide as I could so he could have full access to my waiting pussy. Shivers electrified my whole body as his tongue flickered the tip of my swelling clit. I moaned with satisfied anticipation thinking of what could be coming next. A low whirring sound filled the room as my hubby turned on a mini vibe and held it to my hot hole. The pleasure caused me to arch my back and wriggle as pussy juices drip out like a honey faucet.

Soon I felt the familiar smooth surface of our newest favorite toy. A curvy sexy glass... read more
"I am screaming so loud that I'm sure the neighbors are setting up camp and selling tickets..."
Posted: Sep 10, 2011
my wife works shift work, so quite often her friends call around to see if shes home. One afternoon her friend "c" call around to see her. C's hubby is 92, she is 46 so she gets nothing in the way of sex from him. Anyway I offered her a coffee and we got talking about sex. I told her about the stash of toys that my mrs had and she wanted to see them. I told her its no good just seeing them, and I immediately striiped off in front of her and told her to do the same. By the time i got the words out she was naked. I am a smoothie and she had manicured pubes. So i asked her if i could shave her pussy for her, the answer was a BIG yes. With that, i grabbed my razor and shave cream, plus a... read more
"she went home with my wifes duo balls bouncing around inside her pussy..."
Posted: Sep 14, 2011
Hi everyone! We are new here and thought we would share some of our interludes with you all. We first meet on another adult site and at that time we were just out for a little fun, I'll start with our first meeting which happened when I was living at my daughters .We started off just chatting on the net and then exchanged hotmail addies and ph numbers after getting to know each other and what we were both looking for we started having regular ph sex. One nite we were chatting on msn and I told my playmate that my daughter & her partner were going to the foot ball, he then told me he should come over (this was our first ever meeting) he told me I was to greet him at the door in a short slutty skirt no panties , a low cut top, heels &... read more
"he slid a finger inside and continued sucking and licking my clit..."
Posted: Sep 16, 2011
I met this guy on RHP about 2 yrs ago, we chatted online and then exchanged ph numbers, I had only seen body and gorgeous cock pics, when we talked on the phone he really made me feel great about myself, we tried to organise to meet many times, but something had always come up from end, so one day we made contact and i asked if he would come over to my place, and to my surprise he said yes, he had the whole afternoon free. I had a shower and as agreed, i would blindfold myself and wait for him in my bedroom, and front door unlocked, i was very nervous yet sexcited, I heard the front door so quickly stood naked except for the blidfold, facing the window, so he can see my outline of my sexy body. I heard him come into the room, undressed and... read more
"As he went down me i just let go and sqirted all over, i was flying high as a kite..."
Posted: Sep 22, 2011
When I was a young(er) bloke my girl and I were enjoy a swim at the local swimming hole. It was very popular and there were plenty of people around but it didn't stop me from suggesting that perhaps we sneak off for a quickie. She looked absolutely stunning in her bikini and I always found it hard to resist her in her bathers! Usually she said no, but this time she looked up at me, smiled and said: "If you can find some where we can't be seen, then sure".

Well, I couldn't get up fast enough to find a secluded little spot for us to get down and dirty. But it proved more difficult that I first thought due to the number of families and such around. So I walked back to where she was lying and said I couldn't find anywhere.

But obviously she had been thinking about it... read more
" So I stepped up the pace and before I knew it we were both cumming..."

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