Lip Service

This month, skin fans, we're honouring the art that is oral sex, and we want to hear about your best lip service sexperiences - Blowjobs, cunnilingus, guy on guy, girl on girl, 69 or multiple people! Did you give it? Did you receive it? Whatever the scenario, we want to hear about it in all its splendid glory. And remember, the sexiest story will get the cash award, so spare no detail.

August 2020 Submitted Sex Secrets

Overall Winner
Posted: Aug 12, 2020
She was a beautiful redhead, voluptuous, curvaceous and seriously sexy. We arranged to meet at the hotel, where we would not be disturbed. She wore a simple summer dress, accentuating her body, we passionately kissed in the elevator, and I knew this would be one hell of a night.

We what we both wanted... each other, so we kissed our way to the bed, where clothes got removed. She called me handsome, I called her ravishing. Our hands wandered, I lowered us to the bed with her under me where we kissed passionately further, then I took over her body. My lips rasped her neck, bringing gasps of pleasure from her, or maybe tickling her, either way she was enjoying my touch. My lips searched lower, to her very attentive nipples, my tongue danced around them, returning to her neck and lips for more passionate kissing, then returning back to her... read more
"Her breathing got shorter and shorter, her moaning got louder. She was a picture of sexual beauty"
Posted: Aug 12, 2020
I was working away in Mackay in Qld, late 2019, sitting in my motel room reading the local paper, looking in the classifieds, through the "Adult Relaxation" section, I was amazed at how many Transsexuals had advertisements. Secretly I'd always wanted to play with a transsexual, but never had the guts to move on this. After a couple of wines over dinner, bravery made an appearance, I called an advert in the paper, and made arrangements to go over and meet at her motel room in town. She had advertised herself as a "Porn Movie Actress" and to my surprise it was Marissa Minx, the Australian Trans Porn Star. She was stunning to look at, and even more so to touch. Sadly for me, she blew me in a minute, but it was good! I'd succeeded in my secret fetish to play with a transsexual, but it didn't stop there.... read more
"I'd had threesomes before with bi guys...but cock with tits two feet above it, what a difference!"

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