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This month we're celebrating the hot bodies, and of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We want to here about the time you bedded a killer body, the partner that made you harder/wetter than you ever thought possible. Tell us all about it, and don't spare any details as the sexiest entry takes home the cash award!

September 2017 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Sep 24, 2017
We were on vacation, staying at a resort on the beach. We had surveyed the scene, hoping to find someone suitable for socializing with, but there didn't appear to be much on offer. Allyn & I ended up relaxing on the beach, hoping for a decent sunset at least, a couple of bottles of red in hand,,,

A young villager, a beach boy, passed by offering the usual tourist things, snorkeling, see the Dolphins, etc. with a few glasses already consumed I felt some interest, well, he was quite handsome, well proportioned, so we ended up chatting.

He asked what we had done this day, we mentioned the usual eating drinking relaxing and of course, the obligatory massages one has while on holiday. "I do massage" he said.

Allyn & I glanced at each other, I loved the way he raised his eyes !!

I looked Made in the eyes, and requested a... read more
"His hands ventured closer, now grazing my lips each time he ended a stroke"

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