Winter Warmers

As it starts to cool down outdoors, we need something to keep us hot while we hibernate indoors! Share with us your sex secrets about that time you kept warm during the coldest months by shedding some layers and sharing some skin! Maybe you had a romp in an outdoor spa on a freezing cold night, dripped hot wax on your lover as they laid on a fur rug in front of a roaring fire...Whatever sexy memory gets you all hot under the collar, remember not to leave anything out - the sexiest entry wins our steamy cash prize!

June 2019 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jun 01, 2019
I had a friend. Her name was Kim.

We were fuck buddies. Acquaintances through our interaction in the local night clubs. And we had spent a few nights taking care of each other's needs. As I remember, she was a topless waitress. Kim had an unbelievable body. 18years old and flawless! And her profession was well suited because of her outstanding and perfect breast. So one particular night. I've ended up at Kim's unit. Winter had hit. But I didn't care I was snuggled up next to my goddess. In her warm an cossy single bed. Which was awesome cause there was no space or room. You just had to be all over each other.Kim holds many memories for me.She gave me the memories of her perfect breast, perky and flawless. She stated that you must always wear a bra. To keep your breast from sagging.Another... read more
"Winter had hit. But I didn't care I was snuggled up next to my goddess"
Posted: Jun 03, 2019
So many stars, the moon full and silver, the pleasant sound of nature, an orchestral accompaniment to the popping and cracking of the soloist campfire that lit the air and warmed its surroundings.

Becky and Sharon's eyes glittered on warmed rosy cheeks as they chatted cheerfully by the fires edge, shuffling back in their chairs as they paid heed to the wandering embers that sneaked cheekily, randomly, as Carl loaded the furnace with more chunks of red gum.

I followed his gate as I watched him purposefully stride to the rear of Sharon's high backed chair and placed his hands on her shoulders and began to squeeze and kneed her flesh in his strong tradesman like hands. Becky immediately turned to me as expected, her glittering eyes now fixed and summoning me without words to her side. "Playtime!", she uttered gruffly and huskily, as I rose from my chair I felt... read more
" Becky immediately turned to me as expected,"Playtime!", she uttered gruffly and huskily"
Posted: Jun 05, 2019
Years ago when I was a lawyer I worked with P. She worked in my team so we interacted at team meetings etc and the occasional Friday drinks.

She was tall (6 foot) slim and blonde. Her face was slim, angular and what struck me were her piercing eyes. As required by our employer the dress code was strictly business. P usually wore a skirt and blouse but nothing revealing. She did appear to have nice rounded breasts which were in perfect proportion to the rest of her.

As she was already spoken for I did nothing more than fantasise, fleetingly, about what it would be like with her.

Christmas saw us all out for a team dinner at a nearby pub. After a few drinks we had lost our jackets and ties and it was all very convivial.

After main course I had to excuse myself to take a phone call.... read more
" I felt firm and full bum cheeks and a surge of adrenaline in me."
Overall Winner
Posted: Jun 05, 2019
Continued from Part 1

I wanted to fuck her. I escorted her into her room and lay her on the bed hoping she wouldn’t pass out. She pulled me to her and kissed me urgently and for a long time. I withdrew from her mouth and began unbuttoning her shirt. She had a sheer black bra on through which I could see her perfect breasts and nipples on high alert. I kissed her nipples through her bra while sliding my hand up her skirt. Her thighs were milky smooth but I didn’t stop to linger on them for too long. I had more urgent business to attend to. When I slid my middle finger lightly along her slit I felt her wetness and she squirmed.

Her hand reached to my pants and felt my hardness. I paused on her cunt for long enough to free my cock then returned to pleasuring her.... read more
"She had a sheer black bra on through which I could see her perfect breasts and nipples on high alert"

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