Friends With Benefits!

This month it's about that glorious new age relationship... the friends with benefits arrangement. As we get more and more comfortable with our own sexuality, the social love0in is getting hotter and hotter, so if you've hit the mattress with a buddy, tell us all about it... and if your entry is the best, you'll win the cash award!!

April 2013 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Apr 01, 2013
Fuck buddy seems too vulgar a word, she said. what about friends with benefits.
I gazed across at my beautiful younger Irish model girl friend; and nodded my head in agreement.
What more could I say; as madly in love with her. it was better to have her on these terms than not at all.
at 6ft tall she stood in my kitchen and smiled at me with that amazing smile that always melted my heart.
Well she said; its Xmas morning and I am here with your present. before i could answer.
She giggled and said IT'S ME.
In that case, I said. Here is my present a gorgeous sexy lingerie set.
I guess you want me to put it on, she laughed as she slipped in my bedroom.
Still in my bed shorts i stroked my large uncut cock already aroused and assured it; it would not have long to wait.
I am ready; she called... read more
"I am your friend with benefits she giggled, I like that."
Posted: Apr 01, 2013
Sally and I go way back, back to when we were in primary school together. But this happened in 2006 when Sally had our best ever fuck. Sally and I had been friends for years and always got together for sex (Protected) after our fortnightly dinner and drinks. A relationship never interested us as we were happy as fuck buddy's. This time was different as it was my 30th birthday and Sally had been teasing me that I was going in for something special for my birthday. After dinner we decided to skip drinks at a venue and decided her place was better. When we got back we got stuck into some hard liquor and got drunk rather quickly. Sally excused herself and after a minute or two she called into the bedroom. When I arrived she was completely naked (including her pussy which was usually hairy,but trimmed). Sally told... read more
"Sally excused herself and after a minute or two she called me into the bedroom..."
Posted: Apr 01, 2013
I once had a male friend whom was in the same classes as me.
We would hang out and play around on breaks etc.
On this one particular day I just so happened to be wearing a skimpy skirt with thigh highs and moderate heels.
I was feeling frisky from the start as I was receiving a bit of attention from the boys.
I was studying in the Library when my male friend walked by and gave me a come hither look.
I casually followed him to the toilet area towards the back of the room.
He pulled me into the nearest cubicle and hastily tore of my panties.
I was surprised by how confident he was as I was his closest friend. Though I didn't object ;)
I was already dripping wet with the anticipation of taking his already hard cock poking out from the top of his pants.
He continued to... read more
"I was thrown around and made to bend over my skirt lifted up around my waist..."
Posted: Apr 02, 2013
As a couple we have recently ventured into seeing what it would be like with another couple. Well, we finally bit the bullet, met a couple, and the benefits were truly amazing!!
We have not only made a friendship, but the benefits were beyond our wildest expectations. The F was a little unsure of her reaction, however the couple were great, a nude spa together got the mood set nicely, then as we moved to the bedroom I could see my lady's excitement growing at what may or may not lie in store.
When it was suggested that the boys go down on the girls as an introduction, she readily agreed, imagine her surprise when it was our new found friend who went down on her, not me!!
She soon lost any semblance of fear and uncertainty judging by her movements and moans of pleasure. To see another male licking her... read more
"A nude spa together got the mood set nicely, then as we moved to the bedroom... "
Posted: Apr 03, 2013
Well it all started about oct last year when my wifes boss was on holiday in Melbourne. I thought for the sake of it i'd send her a slightly sexual txt and see what response i got. Funnily enough to my surprise....the response i got was reciprocal. We sent each other a few more txts and pics and it was left at that....until she flew back into perth. I think it was that friday night when i came home from work she was there having dinner and a drink with my wife. Later that evening we ended up retiring to the bedroom, leaving the wife to watch tv hehe. It was an awkward 1st exp as i was her 2nd sexual partner ever, and it took her a while to get back into the groove. But you know what they say ....practice makes perfect. And practice we have been for... read more
"we ended up retiring to the bedroom, leaving the wife to watch tv hehe..."
Posted: Apr 10, 2013
We had been chatting to eachother online for quite sometime and there was a definite spark between us. Of course first time nerves and butterflies in the stomach were being experienced on both sides. But determined as we were, we couldnt deny the passion we both felt for eachother - we had to meet and it was today! I met him at the lobby of his hotel, he was nice enough to order me a latte and he had a cap. We went to his room to talk and get better acquainted - and so began my first, one of a few to come. I never play on first meet but so at ease was i, i threw caution to the wind and did what i wanted from the first time i realised i was attracted to him. He kissed me and i melted... read more
" hungry mouth and wanton pussy craves for much more from my newest FWB...."
Posted: Apr 14, 2013
It was a warm and breezy Sunday afternoon when I got a txt from a new friend "hey sweety, do you want to come n see me n I will blow your mind. Come n get it!" My new friend then txt me the motel he was at.

I had never done this sort of thing before, but it made me feel naughty n gave me tingles all over...I decided to meet.

When I got to the motel I was nervous, excited and felt dirty as Im sure I walked by a whore on my way to his room. I then thought, shit! Am I a whore? someone txt me for sex and I just come running...I then thought, shit! Did he just do her!

He opened the door, he looked HOT in his undone jeans showing his snail trail bare chest n strong tattooed arms, I... read more
"I should have been upset, but I wasnt, I was now ravishly horny."

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