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February 2019 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Feb 01, 2019
Quite a few years ago I was working in professional theatre... back stage in props and stage crew.

My partner at the time was a stunning tall blond ... I call her D., who always enjoyed herself, liked her girls as much as her boys, curvy with 36Ds, a slim waste with athletic long legs and she knew she was a head turner.

It was in December, we had finished the show we were working on and were having the end of show Cast and crew party at the Theatre. The stage crew were all male

...and M., was the Crew Boss. Great bloke, Mahogany black and built like a brick sh-one-t house. He was also hung like a horse. At various times we had all socialised so we all knew each other.

D was having a great time, we were all having a few drinks and had... read more
"'I took D backstage. I knew she was feeling horny...'"
Posted: Feb 01, 2019
It happened about 15 years ago when I was just an I technician at City administrative council, small city.

There was very young, 19yo secretary girl. Very shy and smoking hot with her innocent eyes.

One day I noticed she looked at me with.. very special signs on her face. That's a sign I decided.

I have contacted her in a corporate chat (I has an access to all of I things there) and we had some bla-bla chat about nothing.

At the end of that chat I said: "Zoe, I am about to go to archive room now as I need to take some old hardware for inspection to decide if we can write them off. What if we will use that chance to learn each other.. better."

That was shocking surprise for that she immediately said.. "well, yes".

I entered the archive room and left the door opened. Light was not working there.

I heard... read more
"I just moaned and started to take off her office dress. She didn't resist..."
Posted: Feb 01, 2019
I was busy attending to her pussy and really enjoying the "exhibitionism" when I felt her move slightly and gasp; in the wings watching us big smile on his face was M. I could see from the bulge he was enjoying the show. D looked at me with a raised eyebrow and that "look" that all of us men have seen at various times I knew what she was thinking immediately. I just smiled and went back to enjoying myself, whilst watching what she would decide to do next as best as I could.

She looked up at M, smiled and beckoned him over. She reached up undid his pants, pulled down his briefs and then gasped, he was huge; at a guess 9" and thick. Lying on her back with her head off the bed she took him into her mouth, putting her hands on his... read more
"'She reached up undid his pants, pulled down his briefs and then gasped, he was huge'"
Posted: Feb 01, 2019
I went to a co-workers Christmas Party. Very rarely do I go to work function. When I turned up about 15 work friends were already there but the BBQ had not started. I noticed co-worker was upset. I asked if she was ok. Her response was tears, I don’t handle them too well. Her husband went to the pub Friday afternoon, had a sesh, came home, fell asleep and couldn’t be woken. So yours truly stood up and cooked. Wasn’t that the best thing in the world I could have done? Co-worker was getting me beers while I cooked dinner. After we cooked and cleaned up I noticed my co-worker had a few under her belt. She was walking up the back stairs I noticed short black skirt with no knickers, mmm. Next beer she got me she smiled and whispered how would I like to be paid? I nearly... read more
"'She was walking up the back stairs I noticed short black skirt with no knickers...'"
Posted: Feb 02, 2019
I was working in the offices of a large agency in London when I started flirting with a cute, slightly younger girl (client relations manager) with a very pretty face, athletics body and gorgeous butt. She had been driving me wild with her figure and I knew I had to do something about it.

The office had a party - which were quite frequent and always good fun with plenty of drinks and enthusiasm. While the party was in full swing in the main lounge area (it was a great office building) and our coworkers drank and mingled on the large balcony of the 16th floor, we snuck off to the other, adjacent balcony - which overlooked Central London from 16 floors up - and started to make out. It was extremely exciting since we had only just started to flirt. She could feel me getting hard as we were pressed... read more
"'Within 2 minutes I had realised that she was in a naughty mood...'"
Posted: Feb 03, 2019
Well it all started with a harmless coffee but who would have thought it would end up in a full scale affair which would last for 3 months. We used to work in the same work place. She was around 15 years younger to me. She worked for the company where I visited as a consultant. We became friends and went out for coffee's and lunches.

During one of the coffee afternoon's, we started chatting about massage and I told her I was trained in sensual massage. I thought it was inappropriate but she said it was fine and asked me details. For fun sake, I told her if you are so interested, let me give you one and to my surprise she agreed. I was pleasantly surprised to be honest but couldn't let this chance slip by.

We made a plan... read more
"What happened next were the best few minutes of my life..."
Posted: Feb 09, 2019
Quite I few years ago I had resigned from a job, and on the last day, my boss (small family business) asked if I could keep my company car one more night and drop it off to his place the following morning (Saturday).

“No problems” I said, and the following morning when I arrived at his place, he had already left to go to golf. His wife answered the door and invited me in. By this stage it was nearing lunchtime, and she had an opened bottle of wine, which she offered me a glass.

We sat at the kitchen island bench talking about the last 9.5 years id been with the company, all the fun we had had at xmas parties etc, when she became quite emotional and started crying. As I mentioned it was a small family business and we were all really close, so I gave her a hug... read more
"'this sex starved housewife really knew what she was doing!!'"
Posted: Feb 14, 2019
My boss looked at me sadly. “We will be sorry to see you go. 24-hour support is taxing. If Hunter hadn’t stopped travelling, you would have kept his job. We better let the team know.”

I followed him out of his office to the team workstations and watched him glare at Hunter. Some sort of male pissing competition was going on between them. “Xanthea just resigned. Unfortunately, she will be leaving us next month. She much preferred pc support over being on call on the helpdesk.” Again, he glared at Hunter. “There is enough work for both Hunter and Xanthea for the next month, so that is what she will be doing for the duration of her stay.”

I was inundated with well wishes and hugs from everyone on the team – except Hunter, until I finally escaped into the server room.... read more
"'Hunter put his index finger to my lips and unzipped my dress...'"
Posted: Feb 14, 2019
Hunter must have known how much he had turned me on. He waited for my breathing to calm a little, removed his hand from my mouth and pulled down my panties. I stepped out of them, felt his mouth on my clit and slapped my own hand against my mouth, a little too loud.

“What was that?” I heard my boss say.

We both froze.

“Just a program I’m writing to simplify operations,” the programmer replied.

Hunter grinned up at me wickedly and pushed his face into my pussy.

Remaining silent as Hunter went down on me with my boss and the programmer talking on the other side of the door was the toughest thing I had ever done until…my legs almost gave out on me, I felt as though my entire body was contracting and I came hard in Hunter’s mouth. I just stopped myself from screaming out.

I grabbed... read more
"'Hunter grinned up at me wickedly and pushed his face into my pussy...'"
So, a few back I was in an intense relationship with this absolute stunner... She was everything you’d want in an absolute sexy partner. She wasn’t magazine sexy. Under cupped, as she called it, but could stare at you and in that moment, you’d know it was going to be wild...

So we’re driving home after I’d finished working at a club in the city. She’d was dancing all night on the floor. Grinding up on friends as she stared at me while I was playing tunes. We’d normally just go nuts in the car park, but she had friends with her that we had to drop home. So after the club, we drop her friends one at a time. All the way home, she’s telling them that she loves how I go down on her... and I’m hard as rock. Finally the last friend gets out and I can’t wait... read more
"'She doesn’t wait and mounts me in the car...'"

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