Naughty November

It's Naughty November so this month we want to hear about your naughtiest sexy time! We want all the steamy details about the dirtiest, riskiest, most mind bending shag you've ever had. Was it planned? Did it just happen? Was it a little dangerous? Did you go back for seconds? Get your entry in and be in the running for the monthly sex secrets cash award! Remember - Naughty!

November 2008 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Nov 05, 2008
I'd snuck to a "gentleman's" club. A man there I couldn't help but notice was from my gym. He had a long dangly foreskin and he was now naked in a dark steam room.

At first he wasn't talking to me, you see, he knows that I'm married and cheating on my wife but he was there for the same reason as me. So I didn't say anything to him. I just sat myself up on a bench opposite and got a lil bit excited. I did a bit of light stroking and I stared him down as I did. Perhaps a little bit of flexing will help.. lol. That man didn't stand a chance once I put the moves on. lol.

Other guys were parading passed, some grabbed hold of my dick pulling me. Some poking as they slid their stiff cock passed me. Some touching and some pinching.... read more
Posted: Nov 05, 2008
I got pulled up one New Year night for drunk and driving and they put me in the cell for the night. They didnt have the room to put me in by myself so i had to share a cell with a guy. We ended up full naked and doing it right in the cell the cop came in and told us to get dress but i reckon he was watching for awhile made me cum in seconds. ... read more
Overall Winner
Posted: Nov 08, 2008
After dinner at a club, a young man approached me while I was waiting for hubby to come back from the toilet.

We were still talking when my husband came back. Introductions done and cutie bought us a fresh round of drinks. When we finished, husband got up and said he's buying the next round. Cutie started rubbing my inner thighs under the table as my hubby left. I was scared but also feeling excited and starting to get wet. He removed his hand which was already rubbing my mound when hubby returned. Then hubby excused himself to go for a smoke.

I then felt his hands inside my panties and I could feel myself dripping. I leaned for a kiss but he stopped me. Took his hands out and licked my wetness from his fingers. I wanted him right there and then.

Hubby returned and told me he has booked a... read more
Posted: Nov 16, 2008
A couple of days ago I spent the morning on a construction site my firm was working on. That afternoon I had a business appointment in the city. I got home stripped down, then went into the kitchen to grab a glass of juice. While in the kitchen the phone rings, so I deal with the call standing naked in the kitchen. Just as I am hanging up I hear the front door open, and wonder who the hell it is, and then realize it is the day that the cleaning company cleans the house.
Shit here I am naked trapped in the kitchen, and I have to pass the front door to get to the bedroom. Just as I am looking for something to cover up with 2 ladies walk around the corner and catch me standing in the kitchen naked. I look at them and then they see... read more
Posted: Nov 21, 2008
Today he will surrender. Today he will get what he deserves. His arrival is imminent. My heart pumps with anticipation. He is a very bad boy.At the sound of his v8, dew begins to gather between my legs. “Hey, how are you”. “Excellent.” my voice
xposes a tremor of fear. He is dangerously close, I can smell him, my eyes feast on his firm chest and arms. I press up against him, kiss his wet mouth. I demand he strip. He complys. I order him to his knees.“Good boy.”I blindfold him, then demand he poke out his tongue slightly. He pokes it out fully and feels the first sting of the whip across his naked thigh.“I said slightly.”“Yes miss.”My robe hangs open allowing me to position my slit over his protruding tongue. I rub myself without mercy up against his hungry mouth. I lead him to the bedroom and order... read more
Posted: Nov 28, 2008
I was holding her breasts and pressing her nipples with my thumbs. She got very excited and got very fast. That was a wonderful experience. We fucked for about ten minutes and felt like if it's not going to stop. She got off and said "i've never ever been fucked in the ass, Please, put it inside my ass" She knelt down in a doggy position with her ass towards me. I said to myself "Wow, virgin ass" I open her buttocks and saw a very tiny hole. I asked her if she was sure about it and she said "Shut up and fuck me" At first I just inserted the head and she cried out loud with pain. "Do you want me to stop" she replied "No, not at all push it all inside' with a bit if hesitation I forced my way into her tight rather very... read more

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