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We’re all about the tunes in June! We want to hear about your rock'n'roll roots, your electro beat bangs and your crooning quickies! Anything to do with music is fair game in June; whether you hooked up with a hottie at an Aerosmith concert in 86' or you fell into a three way as the sound of Sinatra filled the air, we want to read all about it. So get your pen out and get scribblin' because the hottest sex secret will be taking home the cash award...and it could be you!

June 2009 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jun 04, 2009
Many years ago I played in a band and one year we played at Tamworth during the Country Music Festival weekend. We had an old bus converted into a motorhome and we were parked in the local caravan park with the rest of the weekend blowins. One night we decided to have a jam session beside the bus and quite a few of the other muso's came to jam as well. One hot young girl who was there with her parents and brother took my fancy and after demonstrating my musical talents for her I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk with me. We didn't walk very far, only around the other side of the bus and then slipped inside. She instantly reached inside my jeans and grabed a handfull. We started kissing some really big dirty kisses and soon fell to the floor of the... read more
"Only inches away on the outside of the bus wall sat her parents while I fucked their daughter silly!"
Posted: Jun 08, 2009
I went to c a live band for my 2nd time in a small country town in Northern Victoria, I was up the front screeming like most young girls do, just to touch them made me soooo wet it wasn't funny, To cut a long sory short a few of us were asked back to there motel room after the concert, my boy friend at the time wasn't interested in going and told me it was over if I went......well I went and what a gr8 night it was, one I still remember as tho it was yesterday. We started with light chat and a drink or two and slowly went into the adjacent room one by one....... even tho I was not very experianced, everything fell into place and I enjoyed the sex I had with the guitarist, him leading me into a multy climax and them wispered if... read more
"him leading me into a multi climax and them whispered if I would like to enjoy some girly fun while they all watched"
It all started when the missus decided that we should head out to a night club for the night. Dressed in just a short skirt, no panties and a little top, oh and the high heels.
We arrived at our destination and the club was pumping, music was good and the crowd was wild. we cruzed thru the club and found they had little podiums there where girls could jump up and dance above everyone else. She looked at me with a cheeky smile right there and then i new what she had in mind. She walks over there and gets 2 guys to help lift her up there. Am sure one of them would of got a glimpse at her pussy.
A couple songs into the night she is really starting to get into it, with guys in front of her begging her to squat and get down low. am sure... read more
"It was not long before the three girls were completely naked and were screaming with pleasure...."
Posted: Jun 10, 2009
I was in Barcelona on holidays, and although partying hard with my gay mate whose house I was staying in was great - I wanted some boy action for me!
I wandered through the city, eyeing some likely boys and ended up @ one of the largest clubs I've EVER been in - as large as a soccor field at least.
I was sooo happy dancing my way through the huge club, going from dance, to r'n'b, to local to bands.
I was on a mid-level floor which had a brilliant view of most of the club - including the entry door.
When, what did I see but a soccor team - just had to be - come in.
They were all fine and eyeing up the chicks as soon as they got inside.
I amped up my sexy moves and they were eyeing off my long legs & short skirt.
I crooked my finger and invited... read more
"The next one finally got my legs spread and fucked me up against the wall.... in nanoseconds I screamed out in ecstasy..."
Overall Winner
Posted: Jun 11, 2009
I stumbled across this Club by accident it had a cool sounding band playing inside. I had decided to go in to check it out, after being on my own for six months and getting increasingly horny I needed to see what was on the market. The next thing I knew I was inside and it was like being offered every possible combination of experiences: there were groups of guys, couples, single females, men s and so on. The one that caught my eye and sent a delicious shiver down my spine and right to my groin area was two men looking over at me they were hot. It had been a fantasy of mine for some time to be fucked by two men and been growing in intensity ever since.

Before I knew it I was up talking to them at the bar, the sounds of the rock band mixed... read more
"All at once I felt the most intense orgasm as they pumped me even harder!"
i sat on the bus after a hard days short skirt just covering my pussy,as i looked up at the last 2 passengers i noticed they were both hunky looking guys who i would let right into my pussy,i noticed the elderly bus driver watching me in the vision mirror i smiled and slowly opened my legs a little and pulled my panties across,he smiled so i moved up closer to him and wispered we should have some fun with these guys and they could all fuck me.The bus driver turned onto a dirt road and the other guys asked what was happening ,i stood up and let my nickers drop to the floor and slowly walked to the back of the bus and spread myself across the back seat and gave them clear veiw of me finger fucking my juicy wet pussy,the old bus driver stopped the bus... read more
"The bus driver turned onto a dirt road and the other guys asked what was happening ,i stood up and let my nickers drop to the"

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