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This month we want to hear about the RedHotPie hook-ups. We're keen to hear about all the hot sex you've had thanks to the good ol' Pie and exactly how it went down. Tell us about the young stud you boned after meeting in the webcam chat rooms, or about the blonde nymph that rocked your world after a few introductory messages on RHP. However it happened, we want the details, and we want to give you the cash award for best story, so don't leave anything out!

June 2017 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jun 01, 2017
So I've had a secret RHP account for a few years now.

My hubby and I swing randomly, - 3some etc..

I'd hook up with guys secretly sometimes when he is at work.

I can remember a few years back now around November I chatted to a hot kiwi guy, so after a few days I said lets meet, found out he was about 15min away working out of a warehouse.

So we arranged for a 'quickie' around lunchtime, he said he gets an hour so it was perfect.

He turned up one warm November day, a bit sweaty in hi-vis gear, we just smiled and said hello, and went straight for the bedroom.

He swung me around and pulled down my trakkies and undies in 1 go, and I basically buried my face into the doona with my ass in the air, I cheekily turned around (mainly as I wanted to see his moari... read more
"Then he realized the time for work, he sped up, and I could feel he was getting close"
Posted: Jun 16, 2017
So I was RHP chatting/sexting to a hot blonde, super slim, married chick (L) a few months back. She had a good set of tiny B cup tits and a rocking shaved camel-toe pussy.

She ‘finally’ decided to meet up after her hubby took his usual trip interstate for work.

I turned up at the nominated 12:30 lunchtime romp. We chatted for a bit, but the doorbell rang around 1pm?

Another dude turns up? I’m thinking what? L kinda blushed and tried to explain she made a bit of a mistake with days/times with another guys and tried to make it ‘an honest mistake’ type of thing, but the other dude and I knew what she was up to…

We sat on the couch, and she kept trying to feel embarrassed. The other guy calls her bluff and begins to kiss her and fondle the little tits through her tshirt.

She was up for it!... read more
"Other guy was tapping her on the head saying he’s going to cum, but she ignored it and kept bobbing"

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